Some DIY Durga Puja Decoration Ideas for a Dazzling Home this Season!

Durga Puja is an important festival rejoiced with joy all over India. The festival is an auspicious celebration signifying the victory of good over evil. The festival is also renowned as Navaratri, dussehra, or Durgotsav. When we consider about any celebration or event, the first thing that strikes our mind is the decoration of our houses. Durga Puja decoration( isn’t all about renovation & new paint, but some thoughtfulness to endow the home a revamped look. With just a few Durga Puja decoration ideas you can add elegance & charm to your space and make it suitable for the festival.

Durga Puja Decoration Tips:

For home decoration for Durga Puja, utmost significance is given to cleanliness as Goddess Durga is welcomed to home during this festival. Simple home decoration ideas can bring a huge difference in your homely environ. Some small adornment planning beforehand will aid you in big way. The decoration of home during Dusshera can be done in many traditional ways. Below given are some of the tips by which you can add sheen to your home during this celebration.

• Diyas for Durga Puja: Diyas are traditional lamps that are especially lit for decoration purposes on festivals. You can come across elegant adorned diyas and simple diyas which can be placed in home for a more gorgeous look. Different types of earthen lamps are suitable for different purposes. With the commencement of festive season, markets and shops get flooded with decorative diyas of various designs, patterns and colors. You can buy diyas online for a more vivid range.

• Floral Decoration: Fresh flowers of various colors endow the living space a tranquil and soothing effect. They are soothing to eyes and lift up mood. A bunch of untied blooms in the exotic bouquets give the impression of being fresh and novel. For Durga Puja you can decorate your home with fresh flowers and endow a fragrant look to it. You can place flower vases, bouquets in your living space at different places and enhance the interiors.

• Rangoli: Well, this is made often to welcome the Goddess. In every household, during the festival of Durga Puja and Diwali, rangolis are made in various geometrical designs, ornamental designs and religious themes. The raw materials used in making rangoli include flower petals, colors, rice, pulse, and so on.

• Floating Candles: they serve as a functional item as they offer light, pleasant fragrance and cool look to your house at the same time. You can put a floating candle centerpiece in your indoor garden, on dining table or as a focal point in living room. You can place it at the space you like and add to your home’s beauty.

• Endow your Home a New Look by Rearranging Furniture: Incorrectly placed furniture makes the living space cluttered and messy. If possible, do not position your chairs, couches, desks, or dining tables against walls. When you rearrange the furniture of your home, ensure the corners are not close to the door or obtruding into high traffic regions. Do not opt for an arrangement that gives you stress. Before repositioning, make a sketch in a paper so as to get an idea.

Be it a religious celebration or community festival, decorations always play important part. Do not go for cleaning of your home in one day, it will leave you fully tired. Do it gradually, just a few days ago the main festival.

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By arranging lighting of your home, you can give it a traditional look. Add new curtains, wall hangings and door hangings to give your home a really renewed look during Durga Puja.


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