Some ideas to give a new dimension to Bhai Dooj festivity

Bhai dooj is one of the festivals that predate Rakshabandhan because both of these two festivals commemorate the immense love and bond siblings have with each other in India. Among these two, Bhai Dooj and is more widely celebrated in Northern India. This is a day that brings together brothers and sisters who are split by distances and social obligations. As per the ritual, Sisters apply Tika on the forehead of their brothers and this is considered very propitious and is the main connotation of the fiesta apart from bhai dooj gifts and sweets.

Bhai dooj is generally celebrated in the month of October - November, just after 2 days of Diwali. Although the appropriate date is not fixed when it falls but as per the astrologers it falls on the new moon night. This festival strengthens the brother and sister’s bond and is vastly sacrosanct by Hindus. There are numbers of legends attached to this festival.

It is said that Yamraj who’s the god of death once paid a visit to his sister’s home, his sister Yamuna, to welcome his brother applied the vermilion Tilak on his forehead and also put a garland around him and wished him for his wellbeing. They both exchanged gifts with each other. Legend says that, Yamraj got so happy with this and Yamraj announced that anyone who gets vermilion Tilak on this auspicious day will never be thrown to hell after death. And, this is also the reason we call Bhai Dooj as Yama Dwitiya.

The festival is celebrated by full gusto by all Hindus across India, especially in North India. This auspicious Puja of bhai dooj is performed at the same place where deities are placed during Diwali Puja. Sisters arrange a fully decorated Bhai dooj Puja Thalis along with all sorts of required stuff. Sisters draw a Bhai Dooj Tilak on their brother’s head, perform Aarti, offer sweets and pray for their long life and prosperity.

In order to perform Aarti, Puja thalis are accompanied by an amazingly adorned Puja Thali that comprises roli and rice in specific Katoris. And, thalis are also decorated with colored grains, petals, leaves, pepper, buds, beads and sequins. Apart from this bhai dooj sweets are also the important part of Diwali celebration.
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