Top Five Decoration Ideas to Give a Festive Look to your Home this Diwali!

The festival of light has arrived and just a few days are left to this grand celebration! Is your home up to the mark to rejoice this festival? Have you spruced up your home to welcome Goddess Lakshmi this auspicious day? Is there anything making your decoration( incomplete? Worry not, if you come across any such situation. Here I’m gonna help you out to make your home quite peppy for the celebration of Diwali. Just buckle up and continue reading……………

As we all know Diwali is the most awaited celebration in India as it brings happy days in one’s life. You just have to make the festival as beautiful as ever. Making your Deepawali days very special and rapturous can be done by creating an ambiance that unleashes divine, joyous feelings. Our home is the place where we spend the quality time of our lives. How to jazz up your home this Diwali? Here are some ideas which will help you out.

Diwali Decoration through Diyas and Candles :  Diwali means the festival of lights, so decorative diyas and candles are the major attractions of this festival. Either you can make decorative candles or diyas at home or opt for the designer ones available online. Place these Diwali decorations in your living room or the exterior wall. You can place these in your patio to sparkle light. For a more sensuous decoration add some aromatic candles at your living space.

Rangoli : Rangoli is one of the major attractions of Diwali. People love to draw images and figures on floors with the help of flowers, colorful sawdust or other materials. Do up the entrance of your home by making a beautiful rangoli and place a diya at the center to further jazz up its look.

Flowery Decoration : Decorating various nooks and corners of your home with flowers not just make your home look beautiful but also makes the ambiance soothing with pleasant fragrance. Take some flowers to make a garland, now use this garland on stair railings, handles and at the entrance. Put some rose petals as well as flowers in a glass bowl filled with water & place it at the dining table or in your living space. It will add to your interiors.

Decorative Lights: Pep up the interiors and exteriors of your house with decorative lights. Either you can choose a string or hanging light or go for customary one to add sparkle to your home.

Showpieces and Accessories: If there is no brightness in your interiors, and you don’t have time to get a new coat of paint onto it, give your interiors a sparkling look by repositioning furniture and adding some elegant showpieces. Wall hangings, door hangings, etc. can better be used to enhance the look of your home.

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