Top Ten Flowers for upcoming Valentine!

Flowers have been considered a century old gift for Valentine’s Day. February 14th, best known as Valentine’s Day is one of the most excellent days on which people endow their loved ones with flowers. It’s the day when flower selling goes the extra mile. It really doesn’t matter what type of flower you pick out to send to someone on V-Day, however some flowers have a status for being extra romantic than others.

 Below listed is a top ten list of the most romantic valentine flowers.

Valentine Flowers & Chocolates
 #10 The Iris (stands for Faith & Hope): This flower has been a perfect choice by many people. This flower is classified into three groups- the Arid Irises, Beaded Irises and the Beardless Irises. Each flower features its own quality as well as beauty.

#9 The Sunflower (stands for Loyalty): The magnanimous sunflower is one of the fastest budding plants in some parts of western countries. Though the flower is best used for oil, it still makes a favorite flower for valentine owing to its beauty and hidden meaning.

#8 The Wildflower (stands for Adoration): There are more than 5,000 species of this flower. More than 20% of this flower belongs to the family of sunflower. They are known for their exotic gorgeousness. These flowers have been given on V-Day as far back as time can tell.

#7 The Lilac (stands for – Do you still Love Me?): These flowers were first grown in the Middle of the last century in Europe. Most of its varieties grown are still popular today. You can find them in white and lavender color. Lilacs go expensive during valentine.

#6 Carnations (stands for Fascination): These flowers are known best for their excellent cut and long lasting quality. After being cut, carnations last up to three weeks. There comes a palate of colors in carnation out of which pink is associated with a woman’s love.

#5 Orchids (stands for Love, Beauty, Seduction, & Refinement): With more than 25,000 naturally occurring species in the world, orchids make the largest family of the plant kingdom. They are native to tropical or semi-tropical environs of the world such as South & Central America and Asia.

#4 Lily (stands for Beauty): One amongst the first descriptions of lily dates back to the Chinese middle ages. The plant bears flowers until late autumn & there are three types of lilies- yellow, red and purple. In Greek poetry the flower stood for compassion & referred to as the voice of muses.

#3 The Tulip (stands for Perfect Love): In the Victorian lingo of blooms, red tulips are referred to as the declaration of love which makes them perfect Valentine flowers.

#2 Daisy (stands for Innocence, Love, Loyalty and Purity): This flower is known as a ‘weed’ of the lawn. The upside down bloom looks like a single flower, however it consists of a number of tiny, tightly packed single flowers or florets. In Chaucer’s writings, daisies are described as the “day’s eye”. It makes perfect valentine flower.

#1 Rose (stands for “I Love You”): It’s a much beloved flower for romantics. When Valentine’s Day makes an entry, people flock to the market to buy valentine roses for their beloved and significant other. It’s a symbol of love and the most preferred flower given on V-Day.

Now you got an idea of top ten valentine flowers. So, don’t waste time and choose any of them to depict your love, but don’t forget to add Chocolates for valentine day to make a complete gift.


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