Flowers & Gifts to Symbolize your Feelings this Friendship Day

Friendship is hard to define, but surely it’s the medicine that cures not just pain but do away with our sorrows. A true friend is someone who supports you in all walks of life and makes it beautiful like heaven. Someone has aptly said that “Friendship is an invisible bridge between two persons”. 

This day is due on the upcoming 3rd August 2014. Hope you would be planning to make the day sheer special for your buddy. Have you thought of a wonderful gift to give him/her on this special day? If haven’t, consider these gift ideas for friendship day ( 

Think of the Things that make them Really Happy: 

Companionship is a heart-to-heart association that gets nurtured by love, affection and care. Any gift made or bought with affection will add to the joy of the friend. 

Fresh Flowers: Flowers and friendship seem having a congenial connection. There are numerous blooms famous as Friendship Day Flowers. The color that stands for this beautiful connection is yellow. As the color is said to bring cheer, it is aptly fitted with this day for the most important parts of our lives as mere a sight of them we forget our sorrows, isn’t it? 

Here are a few flowers for friends to choose from like yellow roses, daisies, lilies, orchids and more. If you couldn’t be together on this very day, send flowers for your friends online right at his/her place to remind him/her of your friendship. 

Cake: A customized sugary treat is what your friend will cheer utterly on this very day. Get a pic of you two perfectly customized on it to cast a magical spell on your buddy.

Photo Collage: A collage studded with your good old days snaps will revive the treasured memories of amity. 

Think of something Quirky yet Creative: In order to completely sweep your buddy of his/her feet send a witty yet lovely voice message letting him/her know how they make a difference in your life. 

Sending voice mail along with a gift is really going to make your friend’s heart fill with joy!


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