5 Unique Bhai Dooj Gifts for Brother Because they Worth It!

When it comes to bhai dooj gifts, it’s not only girls who have all the fun but boys! Nowadays, it’s a proven theory to provide gifts to brothers on Bhai Dooj- a celebration that is observed on the fifth day of Diwali. The festival rejoices the bond of sharing, love and sometimes fun-filled fight between brother and sisters. Sisters put a tikka on brother’s forehead and pray for their well-being as part of this celebration that signifies the importance of long-standing rituals. 

How to decide on the ideal bhai dooj gifts for your brother?

On the day of bhaidooj, you need to pamper your brother the same way he showers his love onto you all through the year. Instead of choosing the traditional basket of treats, let your souvenir resonance the love and affection you feel for him. A gift with personal touch reflects your thoughtfulness and shows that you have put best efforts.

Below mentioned are some Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas you brother will find truly peachy, amazing and exciting. Take a look……

A unique pocket watch: There is nothing quirky yet stylish than a pocket watch. Send a unique watch which your brother is able to keep elegantly in his pocket. With the accessibility of known international brands in the nation, you now have a much wider option to choose from. So, think of getting your brother something that show his personal style. Sporty timepieces are excellent for a style-minded young guy and those who are passionate about exhilarating outdoors, while leather & metal timepieces are ideal for sophisticated men. Whichever his style or personality is, a watch is befitting gift to signify your affection for him. Why stick to customary wristwatches? A unique or antique style watch with chain can make an outstanding yet unique gift. 

Tools and Toolkits: It’s not an easy task to think of a single man who is far away from too fetish, whether it’s out in the open or covered under the layers of classiness. Screw drivers, hammers, wrenches, pliers, brothers irrespective of their age like to fiddle with these tool toys, specifically if they can take things apart & put them back collectively. Whether your brother is excited about home repairs or loves to do DIY woodworking or craft works, a set of tools or a toolkit is definitely a peachy bhaidooj gift idea.

A café coffee day themed goodies: Okay your brother isn't a coffee addict or tea addict, but he probably still develops a dream of having an awesome café coffee day like cafeteria at home. You can help him to do so, by giving him tea sets or a set of personalised coffee mugs. It would be really surprising to gift him something like this.

Memorabilia or Collectibles: This is where sisters can show their brother how deep their sibling bond is and how well they are familiar with their hobbies. If your brother is a movie aficionada you could get him a poster or get printed it for him, a comic fan would like to get a set of comics of his favorite characters, or limited edition of novels, sports enthusiasts will love novelties related to sports and so on. really anything from a set of comics to robotic toys is perfect. It may seem lame to others but it’s for his interests that you know better than anyone does. 

Electronic Gadgets: While it’s an excellent idea that has helped many sisters to find gifts for their brother on bhai dooj, it’s still the best gift idea for your brother. The latest yet coolest gizmos are ideal since they remain a perfect choice for boys or any age. If you have a younger brother, give him video games or cool speakers in the shape of a teddy or something else. Even you can get him mobile accessories like chargers, headphones and others as bhai dooj gifts.


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