Peachy Tips to De-Clutter & Decorate your Home this Diwali!

Diwali is just a week away and with most people the pre-festivities have already been kicked off. But, before you hop to buy new clothes, new jewellery and other essentials, consider that surprise guests are sure to visit almost next day during the celebration. And in such a circumstance, exploring your home as a nasty mess is not going to put a good impression in any way.

Take a sneak peek look around your house, isn't it messy and full of toss-able stuffs? How embarrassing would it feel if your doorbell rang and your cousins & friends appear like ghosts to pay you a surprise visit from nowhere? Would you invite to your messy house? I don’t think that’s cool!

Also, if you decorate your living place to hide all the mess around, it won’t make it any good. Imagine kids visiting your home find a stack of broken glass etc. hidden behind the flower vase. Discomforting as it may sound, it does takes place in people’s life. So, this is only one of the many reasons why decorating your home before Diwali is a must. Here are some tips on how to decorate your house for Diwali 2014.

De-clutter the Entrance: The entry way to your home must always be clutter-free & organized. Get rid of all the unwanted stuffs and move the furniture to clear the space. Also replace your old and dirty doormat with a new one. Make sure there is enough light on the doorway that helps to attract positive energy.

Decoration idea: Put a few strings of diwali lights or put Diyas on your doorway. Make colorful rangoli to add to its beauty. 

De-clutter the Living Area: During festivity maximum chances are your guests are going to spend their time mostly in the living area, so make sure you keep it clutter free. Don’t try to hide the clutter tossing it away behind the sofa, instead collect it in a garbage bag and throw out. Chuck out all the old newspapers, telephone directory, notebooks, hangers, broken showpieces, broken umbrellas, and dead batteries. Change the sofa covers and cushion covers with the new.

Decoration Idea: Hang a few store-bought or handmade lanterns from the ceiling at this place to enliven it up. Adorn your windows with t-lights or diya. On the center table put a flat bowl filled with water and rose petals and a floating candle on it.

Rave up your Kitchen: Don’t go on a hiding spree to throw everything you get behind the cabinet doors. If there are useless things, get rid of it immediately. Empty bottles, old spices and stale food need to be get rid of without any doubt. Make use of cane baskets to store fruits & vegetables as they look cool. Keep your kitchen counter clean after you’re done with your cooking.

Decoration Idea: Because your food factory has most flammable elements, don’t put diyas but decorate it with rangoli and flowers.

Tide up the Library or Study Room: If your house has a library or a study room, ensure to keep it clean and worth sitting. Nobody feel relaxed at a place which if full of mess and garbage around. Donate old books & arrange rest of the books neatly. Don’t let any stuff lay on the table with no use.

Hope these Diwali Decoration Ideas will help you spice up your interiors to welcome positive energies on this auspicious day.


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