Save on Bucks with these Diwali Decoration Ideas!

“The festival of lights” that sparks not just homes but lives, is round the corner. Soon we will be busy sprucing up our homes for the celebrations to come! While we scuff our feet between day to day home chores, kids, and work, why not involve our kiddos in this festive spirit? 

Try these easy, fun yet educational DIY Diwali decoration ideas with your kids, guide them and what more, you’re gonna save a lot of bucks on Diwali decorations! You can let your kids use some household Diwali Decoration Items to bring their sheer creative side. 

Table Lantern: Collect some old glasses cover them with tissue paper using a tape. Make sure the coloured paper you have chosen is taller yet wider than the measurement. Fold the paper in half & make cuts along the folds. Cover it around the glass with cut folds projecting outwards. Before sticking the colored paper, allow your children design it with glitter, paint and crayons to make it even more beautiful. Now, just put a lit candle inside it and enjoy the soft festive glow! The same magic can be obtained through out designer Tea Light Lamps.

Door Hangings: Take red colored felt and cut into mango leaf shape as many as you need to cover the width of your door. Cut the red felt again in small heart shapes. Now paste the tiny heart-shaped cutouts on mango-shaped cutouts. Take glitter and paste it along the border of the hearts. Now glue a sequin right in the middle of the heart-shaped cutouts. Now you get the customary betel leaf and nut shaped door hanging. Cut the colored paper in any shape you like and stick it over your door. Now your door decoration is complete! 

Kundan Rangoli: Definitely your kids are going to enjoy it a lot and also you will save on time that you put in a Traditional Rangoli making task. Take a thick plastic sheet which is transparent. Cut out a 12 inch x 12 inch square. Apply glue in a desired pattern and stick kundan or stones over it. Let it dry. You can use this idea to make any design of your choice. Now your rangoli is ready!

Diya and Diwali Puja Thali: Pick an old plate from your kitchen and take some diyas. Beautify the diyas with sparkles or sequins making an elaborate design on them. Now decorate the plate in same way using motifs. Once they dry up, glue the diyas at a corner of the thali. Now the beautiful Puja Thali For Diwali is ready. 

Homemade Diwali Greeting Card: Take a cardboard and ask your kids to cut it in a designer way. Let them design the card with sparkles, crayons or sequins. Now write down Diwali wishes in it and give it a final touch. Your kids can give these greetings to elders or grandparents as a token of their love.

Hope, you enjoyed these diwali decoration ideas that cost nothing but time spending with your kids.


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