Top 10 Lucky Bamboo Plants That Can Change Your Life!!

Home decoration has become a common trend because every individual like to decorate his/her home with different kind of attractive objects and unique centerpieces. Good lucks plants are one of them. They are not only attractive but also consider bringing positive energy in the house.

There are a lot of online lucky plants are been offered by eCommerce portals. These includes Bonsai plant, Peace lily, four leaf clover, Boston fern, & many more. However, bonsai plant is the most popular good luck plants found in household & offices. 
Kind of luck associated with lucky bamboo plants is linked with the number of stalks bunched together in an arrangement. The number of bamboo stalks determines the type of energy attracted into your home as well as life. More number of stalks in the bamboo arrangement ensures greater chances of receiving blessings & good luck from the universe.

1. Two Bamboo Stalks 
Two stalk bamboo plants are often send as an expression of love. This number also is known to double one’s luck.

2. Three Bamboo Stalks 
The bamboo plant of three stalks arrangement is one of the most preferred numbers of combinations to have indoors. It brings three kinds of luck that are happiness, wealth & long life.

3. Four Bamboo Stalks
In the Feng Shui language, the term used as “Four” sounds pretty similar to the term used for death. The number four has been considered to bring negative energy in one’s life. Thus, a four stalk bamboo plant is not found in Feng Shui and never ever gifted as a present. If somebody does so it would be interpreted as that person is giving the recipient a death wish.

4. Five Bamboo Stalks
Five bamboo stalks is consider to bring overall energy in term of health. These are healthy body, healthy mind, healthy relationship, healthy career and healthy life. The five stalk bamboo reinforces each of these 5 areas of your life.

5. Six Bamboo Stalks
The term “Six” in the Feng Shui language sounds similar to the word luck. Six stalks plant of bamboo brings prosperity and luck to accumulate more wealth.

6. Seven Bamboo Stalks 
Seven stalks of bamboo plant are known to bestow good health to the receiver. It also improves the overall aura of surroundings.

7. Eight Bamboo Stalks
In terms of Feng Shui belief number eight plays a very positive role in working of laws of attraction. Eight sounds similar to the word used for flourish or thrive. Eight bamboo stalks can also improve fertility. Therefore, if you & your spouse are planning to extend your family, have 8 stock bamboo plants in your indoor.

8. Nine Bamboo Stalks
This number of stalks is the symbol for good fortune and bestows good luck to the receiver of a nine stalk plant.

9. Ten Bamboo Stalks
If someone has a 10 stalk bamboo arrangement then his/her life will be pretty stable and satisfied. The gesture behind giving 10 bamboo stalk plant is wish for a perfect life. This means the sender wants you to have everything in life as per your goals and desire.

10. Twenty-One Bamboo Stalks
If you have been gifted a plant with this number of bamboo stalks, then the well wishes for you are being strongly delivered in form of this good luck plant. 21 Bamboo stalks bring an overall blessing for great health and enduring wealth.

So, these are the popular significances of different numbers of bamboo stalk plants. Log on to buy good luck plants & bring lady luck in your life. 

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