Rakhi – A Festival That Joins Hearts across Time and Space

Life indeed is very funny and strange too. No wonder whosoever said that “fact is stranger than fiction” must have been a great philosopher. Only few years back, there was a time, when as boys, our entire gang was scared of this day. It was like a day of great mourning, when we had to avoid girls in college. My little sister practically blackmailed me, threatening to tell my parents the real reason behind my house arrest. God! I hated her for doing this. I envied my friends who didn’t have any sister.

Today, as I sit on my work desk, decoding  financial data in some obscure corner of a huge IT park in Hi- tech city,  I realise how blessed I am to have a sister in my life. She lives in New York, with her husband. Today she is a responsible woman with a kid, but on this day, I decided to pamper her with the latest range of rakhi gifts of 2015, available with Rakhi.Giftalove.com.

Naina, my sister is basically a very colourful person by heart and she seems to have a special fascination for the yellow metal. Every year, since she moved to New York, she has been sending me fancy rakhi(https://www.giftalove.com/fancy-rakhi). She seems to have found her perfect confidant in my wife, who seems to share her passion for fancy rakhis and is planning to send her a Lumba rakhi, along with my two chosen rakhi gifts of 2015.

After my son was born, the event has become all the more special for both of us. My son Sekhar got his first rakhi, on the very year of his birth from Sakshi, my niece, when he was barely 6 months old. Since then, Sakshi along with her mother has always made it a point to send rakhi to Hyderabad for her little brother. It fills me with great joy and happiness to know that Sekhar will have an elder sister to be his friend and guide, when he grows up.  Even though distance might be a big factor for both of them, but I strongly believe when hearts are entwined together, distance hardly makes a big difference.

Technology indeed plays an important role in our lives and I have noticed a subdued excitement in Sekhar’s eyes, every time Sakshi comes online and speaks to him. Children have a unique way of recognising their loved ones. Love as they say doesn’t need any medium to travel. Naina has given me a big list of things she wants me to order for her as return gifts, starting from jewellery to perfumes and even potted plants. Sakshi on the other hand has mentioned that she would send a rakhi to Hyderabad, along with a surprise gift for her brother and once Sekhar grows up and starts earning, she will make sure, he gives her the set of entire return gift with interest.

Every time I hear or watch these two kids together, I feel children are in fact the most beautiful thing on the face of this planet.


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