Online Rakhi Gift Ideas for Children

The bond that exists between siblings is always special, be it wrought with complexities or flowing with simplicity. It comes with its own set of quirks, lessons, strengths and weaknesses. Indians have been celebrating this bond for ages on the day of Raksha Bandhan.

Sisters and brothers express their love and affection on this day marked with tying of the sacred rakhi thread on the brothers’ wrist, prayers and vows and exchange of gifts. Generally a rakhi puja thali which consists of rakhi with sweets and a lamp is arranged by the sister. Some households include roli-chawal too in the thali.

During earlier and simpler times, brothers and sisters usually lived in the same household but nowadays it is natural for brothers and sisters to be living in different states, even different countries. But Raksha Bandhan is still a long way from losing its relevance or importance. People have found a way to reach out over the distance through online rakhi stores and websites. You can now send Rakhi to UAE free shipping advantages included, buy online rakhi gifts ( and avail even same day delivery options to most places.

Most of these stores have a large number of rakhis in their collections in a wide range of variety. Rakhi puja thalis are available, as are rakhi with sweets combo and rakhi with chocolates.

They have sections dedicated to gifts especially selected for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. You will be amazed at the different kinds of items available for sisters, brothers and kids if you ever decide to search for online rakhi gifts.

Some of the most interesting rakhi gifts are for kids and this list includes some of the best rakhi gift ideas for children.

Soft Toys

Who has ever had the heart to throw out a soft toy? Soft toys are underrated when their importance to children is brought to light. A companion, a guard, a play mate, a consoler- soft toys play various roles in a child’s life. Children crave warmth and gentleness. A pink baby elephant or a giant panda will never disappoint a child.

Outdoor Games

Anybody here who thinks that children these days are becoming a little too hooked to gadgets? Taking the initiative and gifting outdoor games is an excellent way of inspiring a child to go outside and play. Roller skates, Badminton rackets or a football makes for a great rakhi gift to a young brother or sister.

Indoor Games

No space to practice outdoor sports? Worried about children watching too much mindless TV or staying too long in front of a computer or a smartphone screen? Get an interesting indoor game. Not only will it encourage the child to think and communicate with other members of the family but also be a great asset on a quiet day at home with siblings and cousins.

Utility Gifts

There are some items which are always required in a child’s life. Pencil boxes, notebooks, lunch boxes, schoolbags- to name a few. All of these make excellent rakhi gifts from a sibling.

Baby Gifts
Have a new-born in the family who is going to be participating in his or her first Raksha Bandhan? Though he or she will not be able to appreciate a rakhi, the baby will definitely be thrilled to have a singing doll or a wind chime to hang above his/her cot. The child’s mother will also appreciate something like a new baby basket.


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