8 Enticing Rose Arrangements for Valentine’s Day!!

Roses are the most popular flowers that are given on Valentine’s Day. Boyfriend buy pretty red roses for their beloved girlfriend, husbands buy bunch of red roses in 12, 50 or 100 for their wives and yellow roses are given to close friend. Roses look enticing and appealing. The beauty of flowers is so eye catchy and eye pleasing.

Here are some special rose arrangements as follows:

1.     Heart Shape Arrangement

Red Roses arranged in form of heart shape bouquet looks the most romantic. You can use 24, 50 or 100 roses (depending upon the size of bouquets you want) for making a breathtaking heart shape bouquet. Other variations are placing a cute teddy bear /soft toy on the centre. Get Ferraro Rocher chocolates decorated around the corner of the bouquets. These types of special rose bouquets are available at online stores.  Buy Heart Shape Flowers Arrangements for Valentine @ Giftalove

2.    Crescent Arrangement

This kind of rose arrangement comes in crescent shape of the moon. Because of its specific shape, crescent curved shaped roses stems are used for this type of bouquet. Arrangements like these simply look alluring and charming.

3.    Oval Arrangement
Fully bloomed flowers are used at the centre in oval arrangement bouquets. The colour & size of the roses are generally reduced by folding the stems towards the sides. Buy & Send romantic rose bouquets via online shipping facility to all over Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore and other domestic cities.

4.     Horizontal Arrangement

A shallow flower vase is required and a single big rose is often the focus point. Usually, drooping red rose branches are added on each side. If your sweetheart is fond of adorable gifts then also give her a big brown teddy bear as well.

5.    Triangular Arrangement

This arrangement comes with tallest rose stems at the center with the tiny rose buds around the periphery to give a triangular shape. This rose arrangement is also found in wedding ceremonies for decoration. You can also choose to send online V’Day cakes in toothsome flavours like Chocolate cakes, vanilla cake, pineapple, cheese cake, rich almond choco fudge cake.

6.    Vertical Arrangement

Vertical arrangement of red roses looks elegant and enthralling. Long stem roses are used in this arrangement. Short fillers in white colour can also be used to give a natural look to the arrangement.

7.    Minimal Arrangements

This kind of floral bouquet uses very few numbers of roses and fully blossomed roses. The main attraction in this arrangement is around the centre. Apart from roses, other flowers like tulips, carnations and lilies can be used in this arrangement.

8.      Hogarth’s Curve/Lazy “S” Arrangement

In this special floral arrangement, roses are arranged in form of S shape. This looks different and special flower arrangement for Valentine day. You can also add other V’day gifts along with “S” rose bouquets.

So these are 8 different types of rose flower arrangements. Log on to www.giftalove.com/valentine and buy special valentine’s flowers, gifts, floral combos and personalised gifts.


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