10 Stunning Types of Flowers for Your Hanging Pot Garden!!

Buy online flower in India for special occasions. Have you tried flowers for improving home/office decor. Flowers make any place lively and uplift the mood of the onlooker. Flowers boost up confidence and bring positivity in mind. Here are some beautiful flowers options:
1.       Petunia
Petunias are popular flowers found in hanging gardens. They are small petal flowers and found in many colours like red, pink and purple. They grow on hot and wet summers.
2.       Portulaca
Portulaca is commonly known as moss rose. It needs direct exposure of sun for most of the time. Its petals close up when placed out of sun. Gardeners grown moss rose along with heat sun tolerant and heat resistant plants like wandering Jew.
3.       Begonia
Begonia plant and its flowers are quite sturdy and can be grown in any climate. It has tubular structure and pendulous flowers just like fuchsias. It can tolerate heat & humidity of the summer. These flowers resemble roses and found in many colours.
4.        Fuchsia
Fuchsia is a cold loving flower. They cannot survive in moist summers and love shades. They are perennial flowering plants and widely used in hanging gardens located in hills.
5.       Lantana
Lantanas are wild & woody shrubs. They can grow profusely in frost free area. The vibrant flowers of lantana are easy to grow and attract butterflies. Use yellow or white lantana flower breed for growing in the garden. Select a sterile variety that doesn’t produce berries.
6.       Lobelia
This flowering plant grows well in moderate temperature. This electric blue flower comes with contrasting white fillers and green foliages look very appealing.
7.       Million Bells
They are the close cousins of petunia. This floral plant does not produce any seed. Million bells need moist soil to grow and make your hanging pot vivid.
8.       Pelargonium
The common name of this flower is geranium. Pelargonium plant is annuals where as true geranium are perennials. The bold & bright texture of flowers looks bright and vibrant.
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