8 Beautiful Indoor Ornamental Flowering Plants!

Flowers are the most fresh and natural beauty on earth. They look aesthetically appealing and charming. These day’s people can get online flower delivery in India. Avail same day flower delivery at various destinations across India.

Flowers are also grown inside for decoration purpose as ornamental plants. Here are some ornamental plants varieties.
1.    African Violet
African violets are considered as easiest to grow at home. They produce flowers year-round with no effort. African Violets are selected from hundreds of varieties and forms. Most popular varieties are variegated foliage, ruffled and white-edged blossoms. African violet likes warm temperature and filtered sunlight to grow. Avoid giving water on the fuzzy leaves. Cold water often leads to light brown spots.
2.    Hibiscus
Tropical hibiscus is the common variety of hibiscus found in tropical region. This is a shrubby and upright plant having 8 inches in diameter. Individual blooms lasts for sometime but whole plant grows through spring. Tropical hibiscus needs soil that has uniform moisture and blooms. 
3.    Flowering Maple
Flowering maple looks aesthetically beautiful when grows indoors. It has red, pink, orange and yellow flowers with leaves that look like festive lanterns. Most of the varieties are found to have splotched or variegated foliage.
4.    Peace Lily
Peace lily flowering plant is an easy-care plant at indoors. These plants have Feng Shui significance and known to spread prosperity and happiness. It grows well at low intensity of light and low humidity. Flower plant consists of showy spoon-shape, white spike of creamy white petals. It bloom profusely in summer, but many varieties of peace lily are found to bloom throughout the year. The glossy and lance-shape leaves are attractive in appearance.
5.    Anthurium
Anthuriums flowers blooms in beautiful shades of red, pink, lavender, or white. It lasts for 2 months or more. These are long-lasting cut flower and needs a medium & bright sunlight to bloom well. It can be grown as a foliage plant with less light intensity.
6.    Oxalis
Oxalis flowers bear triangular shape and clover-like purple leaves. It has constant show of pink & white blossoms. Bring indoor oxalis which has plain green foliage with or without glittering edges. Oxalis grows from small bulbils in moist soil.
7.    Jasmine
There are many different varieties of jasmine flowers. Many fully bloomed jasmine flowers are easiest to grow. They grow in plenty of light & moisture.
8.    Kaffir Lily
This variety of lily is commonly known as clivia. It blooms very well in winters having clusters up to 20 inches in length and yellow tubular blooms. Clivia flower thrives well when exposed to cool and dry conditions. Thus it need low temperature and found widely in temperate climates.
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