8 Exquisite Red Wine as Valentine’s Day Gifts!!

Red wines are considered to have aphrodisiac properties. They are given as Valentine Day Gifts as well. 14th February is fast approaching. You must be in search of best valentine gifts hamper for your partner. There are many types of red wine found in nature. Read this article to known about different types of red wines.
1.    Syrah (or Shiraz) Red wine
This special red wine is originated from Syria. It has typical taste and enriched aroma. This red wine is extracted from wild black fruit (also known as blackcurrant). It comes with overtones of black pepper spice and roasted meat. The flavours of sensations in the red wine are often complemented by warm alcohol and tannins. This variety of red wine comes with deepest and darkest reds. It has intense flavours and great longevity.
2.    Merlot Red Wine
This red wine has softness of Merlot. It is also called as new red-wine by drinkers. It has typical scents that include plum, black cherry, plums and herbal flavours. The Merlot type of red wine is less tannic in taste.
3.    Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine
This special variety of red wine is full-bodied and firm. It is gripping when young and rich in quality. When the red wine grows old the polyphenols fades away. The super rich texture of this wine is simply tantalizing. Sometimes this variety of wine comes with blend of bell pepper or vanilla essence. 
4.    Malbec Red Wine
Malbec’s red wine has exquisite aroma. It is easy to drink and contains taste of plums, berries and spice. This special variety of red wine is blended with cabernet sauvignon, merlot and petit verdot. It has many health benefits.
5.    Pinot noir Red Wine
This flavour of wine has soft tannins and delicate in nature. It has low levels of poly-phenols. It is aromatic in nature and carries pleasing flavours of cherry, strawberry and plum.
6.    Zinfandel Red wine
It is known as the world’s most versatile grape wine. It has heavy red colour and rich in tastes. Te freshness of red wine depends upon the age and heaviness of wine. It is popularly taken with pasta, pizza and barbecued/grilled meats. It has special flavours of berry and pepper.
7.    Sangiovese
This red wine is known for its primary style. It has medium-bodied and fresh berry and plum flavors.
8.    Barbera
Barbera wines are versatile in nature. They are used in many culinary dishes. It tastes juicy in nature like black cherry and plum fruit. This exclusive red wine has silky texture and excellent acidity.
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