Rare Gift Ideas and Gifting Tips for Choosing Rakhi Gifts 2016 the Best Way

Rakhi is an Indian festival that is not centred on religious figures. Instead it celebrates purely the religion of love and companionship that a brother and sister shares among them. Like all festivals in this country, the celebration is never complete without giving gifts. At times it might seem like a chore in our busy life selecting gifts and then packing them. Whenever you feel compelled to go for rakhi gift shopping, remember the inscrutable feeling of elation on your sibling’s face on opening your gift. 

There are many rakhi gifts in 2016; however taking time out to select the appropriate gift is what actually makes a difference. Here are some tips that you make your gift stand out, if you wish to delight your brother staying abroad. Send Rakhi with sweets to USA with the ease of online shopping.
•    Choose An Innovative Wrapping
Appearance plays a big role in ensuring that a simple gift becomes vibrant and eye catching. Ditch the traditional wrapping paper and choose innovative things like kids art work, newspaper, food packaging or even simple newspaper to add some special flavour to your gift.

•    Accompany Gifts with Thoughtful Cards
No matter how expensive a gift you buy, a card never goes out of fashion or fails to impress. The best way to do so is to send a handmade card when you send your rakhi with sweets to your brother. A handmade card can best describe your emotions and shall be cherished forever. If you do not find time to make a handmade card, you can just punch a hole in a ribbon or make a flower ribbon and send it as a gift tag.

•    Gift Something Local
When we think local, one of the few things that comes to our mind is a local delicacy. When you send gifts to USA try to include food items that are not easily available in USA and can be preserved for a long period of time. There can be nothing better than gifting your loved ones a taste of their own land.

•    Think Out Of The Box
Honestly there are very few people who would like to get same old repetitive teddy bears and perfumes as rakhi gifts for 2016. Instead of repeating the same things over and over again, try something different like wine glasses, ceramic gifts, expandable vases, herb growing kits, letterpress coasters, whiskey stones and electric wine bottle openers along with rakhi.

•    Consider Your Common Interests
Since you grew up as siblings, sharing the same room and similar lifestyle, it is quite obvious that you would have a lot of similarity in terms of choices and likes. So, this Raksha Bandhan instead of sending rakhi with sweets, send your sibling DVD’s of some common movie series that you both enjoyed or tickets to games of his favourite club. Remember people value experiences more than gifts that come wrapped in cardboard boxes.
These are some unique and out of the box ideas, with which we hope you shall be able to surprise your brother or sister and enjoy a unique and special Raksha Bandhan this year.


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