Send Lumba Rakhi to India for your Bhabhi with Blessings!

Are you hunting for something special for your bhabhi, this Raksha Badnhan? Do you want to recreate a saga of memories on the most auspicious occasion of Rakhi? If yes, look no further than Lumba Rakhi meant especially for bhaabhis!
As the name suggests, it’s meant specifically for ladies, hence name lumba rakhi. Let’s understand it here:
These are special thread of love symbolizing love and affection. It is adorned with a decorated thread that sisters tie on their bhaabhi’s writs. It is either tied on the writs or the bangle of her. In the Marwari terms Lumba stands for bangle, hence, the rakhi that is tied on a lady’s bangle is called lumba rakhi.
Although it’s a Marwari ritual but these days it has become more popular than ever and in all communities. At present, unmarried women tie it on each other’s wrists, but it is particularly associated with Raksha Bandhan.
Implication Of Lumba Rakhi
If you’re wondering what is the importance of Lumba Rakhi then it has a long list of significance. First, it fortifies the relationship between joint family. As it was a social norm in the Marwari community, it has been adopted widely across all communities. It lays the foundation of strong family norms. Hence, by tying a thread to your brother’s wife, you are simply strengthening your association with your family members especially brother and his wife.
A luma rakhi also denotes that one who wears it is the better-half of your brother. In Indian culture wife is said ‘ardhangini’ means better half who shares everything her husband has to do and bear. Did you recall any auspicious ritual being completed without your brother’s wife? Yes, no worshipping or ritual is performed without your brother’s wife if he is married. As the festival of Raksha Bandhan is religious, hence, by tying lumba rakhi you give due importance to your sister-in-law.
When you wrap this auspicious thread around your sister-in-law’s wrist then you wish her security in her relationship. It’s a good omen for her married life. Security both emotionally and financially is what husband provides along with his family to the girl he married. By tying a rakhi, you let your bhaabhi know that she’s an integral part of your family and that you care for her security in every aspect.
So, send rakhi to India online this Raksha Bandhan 2016, and let your bhabhi know she’s the one you care about! 

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