Lumba Rakhi – The Most Appropriate Thread to Convey Your Love and Gratitude to Bhabhi

Raksha Bandhan is a special festival celebrated every year with much pomp and fair in India. This festival endorses the divine bond shared by siblings and on this promising occasion siblings express their respect for the never-dying relationship with gifts and wishes. It is also a day to re-ignite and revive the bonding and love of brother and sister. This festival travels beyond factors such as distance, caste, religion or creed. 

Lumba Rakhi

What is Lumba Rakhi?
As we know Raksha Bandhan is a festival of siblinghood where the bond and love of siblings are displayed in magnificent way. On this occasion tying of Rakhi or holy thread on the wrist of brother is a traditional practice. These days sister also tie Rakhi on the wrist of her bhabhi or sister-in-law and this special kind of Rakhi used for sister-in-law is called Lumba Rakhi. This colourful decked lumba Rakhi is meant especially for sister-in-law.

Lumba Rakhi is similar to bangle and is used as bangle. It is specially designed for bhabhi and hence, has a special of its own. Rakhi or sacred thread in olden days was tied only on the wrist of brother but with changing time, the manner and style of celebration changes. Now, when brother got married, sister will show her love and thankfulness to her bhabhi by tying lumba Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan.
Significance of Lumba Rakhi...

•    Tying of this Rakhi on the wrist of sister-in-law signifies that acceptance of her in the family. It is an act of welcoming sister-in-law into the sanctuary of family.

•    Lumba Rakhi also signifies oneness. This Rakhi also means that sister-in-law has become a part of the family. This act signifies the closeness of a sister with her bhabhi.

•    Tying this Rakhi on the wrist of bhabhi by sister also is an act of thankfulness and gratitude. If you want to express your love and gratitude to your brother’s wife then you can display your feelings through a lumba Rakhi.

•    This Rakhi is a also a gesture of respect for one’s brother as now he is married and in solidarity with one’s brother this Rakhi is tied to express one’s respect and regard towards one’s brother and sister-in-law.

•    Tying this Rakhi on the wrist of bhabhi is also a sign of strengthening the bond with them. Re-committing and reviving the love and respect among one’s bhaiya bhabhi and other siblings.

Tying Lumba Rakhi as the emerging practice on Raksha Bandhan
Now, with the advent of hi-tech and internet celebrating Rakhi with siblings has become more fun and livelier. You can find Rakhi of different fashion, style and pattern. They way and attitude of celebrating this festival has evolved a lot. One of the popular practices of the day is tying lumba Rakhi on bhabhi or sending lumba Rakhi for bhabhi living far from us.

Raksha Bandhan is also a time for sister to show her appreciation towards her bhabhi and strengthening the bond with them. In present days, you will see sisters buying and tying lumba Rakhi on the wrist of her sis-in-law. This practice which was rarely seen before has become a popular trend.

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