Romantic Ways You Can Celebrate the 1st Valentine Day with Your Fiancé

As a an engaged couple soon to be married, you and your romantic partner are quite likely to want to make this upcoming Valentine's Day one to remember forever. You can either do the conventional routine of gifting each other mushy cards, lots of flowers and chocolates, followed by a special dinner at an exclusive restaurant. Or, you can do something entirely unconventional, depending on your partner's special interests.

Here are a few ways to celebrate the festival of love before you tie the knot later in the year:

If You're Particular About Family: Invite all the couples on both sides of your families for a special celebration. Let each couple bring along a dish that you all can eat and on your part, you lay on the champagne and loads of chocolates. Amid all the chatter and love talk, ask the married couples to reveal their best secrets for a long and happy married life something you could use once you're married.

A Slideshow Of Memories: If yours has been a perfect and beautiful courtship with loads of photos taken on every occasion, why not buy him or her a digital photo frame?You can upload all your memorable photos in it and display them without the use of a tablet or computer. If you present it already preset with photos, it will seem magical to open it and find not just familiar photos of the both of you but also precious ones. Choose from a wide range of sizes, colours and shapes of digital photo frames. This would make a great gift on a day of love to relive the moments that were so special to you.

Bring In The Sentimentality In Your Celebrations: Perhaps, your wedding plans have already begun. Take a little time off from them and try and recall the one place in town that has a special meaning for you both. Or make that special dessert he loves so much that you had in the early part of your courtship. Think of that special something that will always be special to you and make it the central part of your celebrations this year.

Go Back To The Restaurant You First Met At: Isn't the first date restaurant special to couples? Well, you too can think of meeting up at the same restaurant and perhaps book the same table you sat at earlier. If you’re able to actually visit the place you went for your first date — and wouldn’t find it completely horrifying to spend time in now — that’s a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. But even if you can’t, you can still find a way to show her you remember even the earliest times in your relationship. Find a restaurant that serves similar food, for example, or bring her the same flowers you did then.

Send Her Loads Of Flowers: How does a dozen of long-stemmed red roses sound to you? Is it romantic enough for the woman of your life? Now that you know each other well, you know how completely delighted she's going to be, to receive them. Every woman likes to receive Valentine flowers, so you can always go flower shopping online and find the most beautiful bouquet for the light of your life.

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