Here’s what to Gift to your Vegetarian Friend on his/her Birthday!

If you have a vegetarian friend in your life and his/her birthday is just around the corner, you must have been preparing hard for this day, that will make his/her special day full of fun . Some health conscious gifts can be one of the ideal birthday gift ideas for the one who is vegan or something that promotes vegetarianism will also be appreciated by them.

There are many health conscious kitchen necessities available in the market that you can easily give to your friend who is in a darn need to develop a healthy lifestyle. Vegetarian booklets are also available in the bulk amount that you can give on someone’s birthday. Try to search some vegetarian specialty online store and find some desirable gift for your friend. If you are facing problem in selecting gifts, then below are some ideas that will help you out:

Subscriptions of Vegetarian Magazine
For vegetarian people, you need to be little choosy. What about the idea of vegetarian magazines?? You can give it as a birthday gift to your vegetarian friend. Make sure that the magazines are full of incredible recipe ideas, health care information and tips to become healthy. He/she definitely love this idea and if he/she is a good reader, then it’s a perfect birthday gift one can give.

Home-made Soymilk Maker
With the help of handy soymilk makers, one can quickly and easily make soymilk in a short span of time. To add some flavor, all you need is adequate soybeans, vanilla and water. Gifting this to your vegetarian friend is quite a good idea that will also help in making the soymilk free of preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Vegetarian Cookery Books
If you want a really simple gift for your vegetarian friend, a famous chef’s cookbook is one of the perfect birthday gift ideas. There are so many chefs who write their own recipe book and these books are easily available in market. If he/she loves to cook, this will make a great gift for your friend.

Do some Charity to a NGO Working to Promote Vegetarian
Doing some charity on your friend’s birthday is an awesome idea to make him feel blessed to have you on his/her side. If he/she is kind hearted person, then this idea of celebration will surely be loved. There are many organization and NGO’s that are working in the field of making people vegetarian and promoting vegetarianism altogether. You can donate some food or money to help them out.

A perfect Sprout Maker for your Friend
Regular consumption of sprouts can make your body healthy. If your vegetarian friend is not well and need some energy, then gifting a sprout maker is a great idea. I am sure he/she will never expect this as a birthday gift, but sometimes thinking out of the box can be worthy. With the help of sprout maker, your friend can grow different types of healthy sprouts like broccoli, beans and more in just few days. This will make your friend’s food habit a healthier one.

These are some of the perfect birthday gift ideas for all the vegetarian people out there!! Choosing such gifts doesn’t need lots of planning, as there are many portals that offer such gifts at a favorable price. is also one of the well-known gifting sites that offer varieties of options like birthday gifts for brother, sister and friends and other types of occasional based gifts. Moreover, this portal provides express delivery option to send gifts to India ( ), abroad and anywhere you want.


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