Look for the Exciting Baisakhi Gift Options on Giftalove.com

The major festival of Sikhs is round the corner so looking for the exciting Baisakhi gifts is quite obvious. So this time, wish your family and friends by sending Baisakhi Gifts to India that adds more joy to the festival of your dear ones.

Baisakhi is one of the major festivals of Sikhs in India, which is celebrated with lots of excitement and enthusiasm in Punjab. Apart from the state of Punjab, Baisakhi is also celebrated where there is a population of Sikh Diaspora. The actual spelling is ‘Vaisakhi’ but it is referred as Baisakhi or ‘Vasakhi’ by the people.

The festival of Baisakhi is of great importance among the Sikh people because of many reasons. It is the festival that is marked as the time for harvesting rabi crops. For the people belonging to the farming community of Punjab as well as Haryana, the festival of Baisakhi is a celebration for the start of a New Year.

This is the reason that on Baisakhi, farmers offer prayers to God and thank them for the bountiful crop and for good times ahead. Moreover, wearing new clothes as well as singing and dancing by performing joyful gidda and bhangra are the major highlights of the celebration of the fest.

Besides, the festival of Baisakhi is also known for it’s another religious significance as this was in the tear 1699 that Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru organized the foundation of Panth Khalsa, which is the Order of the Pure Ones.

So when the festival is of such importance and is marked as a New Year among the Sikh followers, so the addition of the ritual of exchanging gifts is very obvious to happen. Thus below are some of the exciting gift ideas that are perfect to greet your dear one on Baisakhi. These are:

• Box of Sweets: On the festival of Baisakhi, it can be nothing better than gifting box delicious sweets. Since, it’s the festival of New Year celebration, so sweets can be best way of greeting your dear ones and making them feel special.

• Clothing and Accessories: Since Baisakhi is the festival for the celebration of the New Year among the Sikhs and wearing new clothes is a ritual of the fest, so gifting clothing and accessories is one of the best option. Be it your family members or your dear ones, gifting clothes and other accessories to them reflects the love and affection you hold for them.

• Dry Fruits: Another excellent gift option for Baisakhi is a box of Dry Fruits. It is one of those gifting option which is suitable for almost every occasion and ideal gift for Baisakhi. In fact, your dear ones will love the thought of gifting a hamper of something healthy and nutritious to them. You can opt for the pack or box of mixed dry fruits or box including different types of dry fruits.

• Flowers and Chocolate Hampers: On Baisakhi, something pleasing and colorful like a bouquet of flowers and delicious like chocolates can simply lift up the mood for the festive celebration. So just buy a nice bouquet of flowers and club it with a branded chocolate box and greet your loved ones on Baisakhi.

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Exotic Flowers to Greet on Special Eves

Same day flowers delivery in Pune, glad to hear this? Well, anyone would be happy to hear this and moreover will be surprised as rarely such service is offered by any company.

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Fresh and pretty flowers are classic and lovely way to express love for someone. Yes, be it your father, mother, sister, brother, friend, husband or wife, anyone on the planet, flowers can be used as a pretty gift to convey warm wishes.

Red rose is the flower which is highly considered and goes well with all the occasions.

Yes friends, don’t you like those scarlet and blossomed red roses and when it is received from any loved one, then definitely it is very special.

Do you know that flower is a universal thing which is loved and adored by everyone? No one can say no to it, be it a young girl or old man. That is why it is being used immensely as a gift option since long time back.

Remember those big, stunning and aromatic bouquets that are gifted in someone’s wedding or birthday? Ufff… I just love it. You know what, there are no other pricey thing can beat the charm of pretty flowers. Yes, this is very true that we all know very well.

Friends, do you get confused when it comes to buying gifts for someone? This is usually we go through unless and until we don’t know the likes and dislikes of the person.

But is it good asking every time what you like, what you don’t like before buying something for anyone? It just ruins the surprising element, isn’t it? And there is also a fear of not appreciating the chosen gift wholeheartedly.

So, in this case rely on exotic flowers. Yes, it will not only surprise him or her as well as delight your dear one. And it will also greet the person in the desired manner keeping the essence of the occasion alive.

Try it and then see the reaction of the receiver. You’ll get load of applauds and appreciation in return.

Thus friends, go to this site and benefit the same day flowers delivery in Pune on festivals and special days

Why Buy Birthday Cakes Online?

Birthdays are always incomplete without a cake. It really hard to imagine a birthday bash with a nicely decorated cake with adds more fun and joy to the celebration. So if it s your dear one’s birthday, you can buy birthday cakes online and make it the biggest surprise.

From past many years, cakes have played an inevitable role in the celebration of birthdays. This is why every birthday celebration without a cake cutting ceremony is referred incomplete. Now it’s really hard to imagine a celebration of a birthday without a cake that is adds more joy and fun to the celebration.

The yummy taste of cakes is enough to make everybody go crazy for getting the biggest bite of it. Moreover the beautiful icing done on the cakes is worth admiring.

 The grown importance cakes in bringing more fun to the celebration have made it an inevitable part of every celebration. Be it an anniversary bash, farewell party, wedding reception or any other celebration, cakes have become a part of every occasion or event of celebration.

Therefore with the growing popularity of cakes, more number of people has paved their way for the cake making and selling business. Apart from the bakery shops, you can now buy cakes from online gifting portals too. This is because many cake making companies have indulged into selling their vast variety of cakes online.

Usually we prefer buying cakes from the nearby bakery shops but online buying of cakes comes with various benefits. So below are few benefits of buying cakes online:

Multiple Choices: When you plan to buy cakes online, you are available with plenty of options. The options are not only regarding the variety of cakes to choose from but also the company to buy it from.

Time saving: We are generally lead a hectic lifestyle, so sparing that extra time to step out and search the best bakery across the town becomes a problematic thing. Buying cakes online helps in saving your time and efforts. With just few clicks or a call you can place an order for the most suitable birthday cake by making a choice from their vast catalogue.

Home Delivery: One of the major benefits of buying birthday cakes online is the home delivery facility that reduces your efforts and time in bringing it to home. Moreover, if you are out of town but want to make your dear ones feel special on their birthday; you can get that delivered to their home and offer them a surprise even being far away from them.

So this time buy birthday cake online to surprise your loved one on their special day. For making it more special you can even buy birthday flowers online and greet them the best way.

Get flowers Delivered on Same Day

Giftalove.com is one of the leading sites to buy as well as to avail same day flowers delivery in Bangalore.

Yes friends are you planning for the same then think about it. Not only Bangalore as well as other cities of the country can also be sent fresh and pretty flowers anytime.

Same day flowers delivery in Mumbai is benefitted through this site by enormous number of people to convey warm wishes to friends, family and relatives.

Friends, do you know that flower is the only thing that goes very well as a gift item with all events.

Since the long time back, flowers always have been using to enhance the charm and auspiciousness of any festival.

Indian rituals and traditional festivals are immensely embraced with naturally beautiful flowers. Not only traditional, even modern eves like Valentine’s Day, mother’s day, father’s day etc are also dedicated with this delicate and pretty thing.

Hey friends, what’s your favorite flower? Mine is tuberose and rose. Both are awesome to see as well as refreshing to inhale. Marigold, tuberose, rose are generally used in worships and any other Indian rituals. These floral species are considered to be very vital as well as auspicious. Generally, Indian weddings or prayer can be seen with attractive arrangement using these flowers.

I tell you what; there are times when we get into trouble. Why? Because of choosing the best and attractive gifts as per the occasion, isn’t it?

I go through this situation very often and do you know what is the best solution I have come across for this? A big and beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Yes, it is not only stunning as well as elegant to give someone.

Yes friends, do you what was the reaction of the receiver? My friend was very happy as it lifted up her mood and she simply loved those blossomed red roses.

This is the charm of the flowers you know. It never ever fails to impress anyone with its pleasing appearance and enchanting aroma.

I suggest you, when you feel low due to something, just look at those budding beautiful flowers or pretty roses and inhale its sweet aroma. It is 100% guaranteed that it will switch your depressed mood to cheerful mood.

Thus friends, bring fresh and pretty flowers in your life as well as go for same day flowers delivery in Bangalore to covey love and affection to your dear ones.

Epitomize Your Love with Lovely Mother Day Gifts

Hey friends, are you planning to Send Mothers day gifts to UK? Then come to giftalove.com and see the exclusive collection of gifts and products especially meant to serve the mother’s day.

Beautiful Mothers Day Gifts tribute our mothers in most touching and heartiest way.

Hey friends, do you have any specific or out of the box idea to make your mother special on this coming mother’s day. No, you even haven’t thought about it yet? Hmm...Don’t you think that you are running late as it is on 30th march guys. Just few days to go.

Ok, not to worry. Let me fix your problem. I know, in today’s hectic life we barely get any time to do something for our loved ones but don’t miss this opportunity as it is a matter of mother.

There are many amazing as well as super cool gift items to make your mom proud of your choice and feel good regarding your concern for them.

Let’s start with flowers. Yes, no one can say no to it. A woman loves flowers and feel themselves connected with it. So, make your mother feel special and beautiful with the beauty and aroma of flowers.

Hmm…another option can be jewelry. Yes friends, this is not something new or surprising as we all know that ladies love wearing beautiful ornaments. Stone studded earrings or fine classic neckpiece, give it any of these to your mom and make her look at her best on mother’s day.

Chocolates and teddy bears, yes guys, both these are cute and heart-melting way to show off your love for mother. Share and sweeten her mouth with assorted range of chocolates to strengthen the bond.

Other things such as creative handicrafts, perfumes, bags, attractive accessories, cosmetics etc are likable options to present to your mom as the token of love on mother’s day.

Mother is the only person on the earth who dedicates its life completely to her children. Her life revolves around the happiness and necessities of kids and makes each and every possible effort to fulfill it.

You may give anything to your mother lovingly and of course, she’ll too appreciate it wholeheartedly as mother cannot ever say no to her kid for anything.

Thus friends, send mother day gifts to UK to make her feel on the top of the world. I mean, who would not like to receive lovingly and caringly chosen gifts from her children.

Top 3 Personalized Birthday Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones

Got the invitation of your dearest friend’s birthday but puzzled with the idea of what to gift her that he/she would cherish through our lifetime. How about personalized birthday gifts? Being customized with quotes, pictures or slogans, personalized gifts turn out as the most special gifts on birthdays.

Whether you are a kid, teenager, adult or old aged person, gifts have always been the most exciting as well as attracting thing to you. The reason for this excitement towards gifts is the curiousness of knowing that what is inside the beautifully wrapped box that is offered to you from your dear one.

On birthdays, this excitement just doubles as you are sure to be gifted with best gifts from your buddies, family member and relatives too. It is so people choose the best gift for their dear ones on their birthdays because birthday is the most special day of one’s life.

However, getting puzzled up with the idea of the best gift for your dear one’s birthday is likely to happen with anyone. Gift shops may offer you with plenty of ideas to gift your dear ones on his her birthday. But what if you are into a very busy lifestyle and having no time to step out to a gift shop? This is the time, when buying online birthday gifts.

But what actually you are looking into the gifting websites or gift shops to gift your dear one on his/her birthday? The idea can be a personalized birthday gift which is very much popular gift option now days. So here is the list of top 3 personalized birthday gifts. Just scroll down the page for it.

Personalized Coffee Mug: After the growing trend of gifting coffee mugs on various occasions. These have turned out for personalized birthday gifts as well. Be it for your daughter, brother, friend, mother or husband or any buddy else, personalized gift can do wonders in making the receiver feel very special to have you in his/her life.

Personalized Cushion: Cushions have now turned as one of the most sought after birthday gift when being personalized with quotes, picture or any personal thought. Moreover, he/she would love to get such a special birthday gift from you.

Personalized Photo Frame: Now must be thinking that how a photo frames can be a newest thing to get personalized with a picture as these have always been the personalized gift item. The answer to this is the addition of personalized pictures over a photo frame that can be arranged with timely series of pictures of togetherness with the person from the starting or years back till present.

These where just few personalized birthday gift ideas, yours creativity can explore many new ideas to offer your dear friend with a personalized birthday gift.

Buy Pichkari Online to Let Your Kids Indulge into Ocean of fun this Holi 2014

Holi, the festival of colors is all about having fun, not just with friends but also for the people who have hostility against you. They would never be the same once you splatter them with the colours of love.

Everyone by coming together indulges into the grand festival of Holi, so what are you all waiting for? Let’s go ahead and pick up a perfect holi gifts

for that best friend, worst enemy, loving family member or sulking relative and prevail their hearts ceaselessly.

If it’s about Holi, there are few certain stuffs which you can’t ignore and they are somewhat continued throughout the year such as Gulal, pichkari, water guns, Gujiya, Bhang etc. In India, Holi is incomplete without them.

If you have kids at your home and looking to make this day quite special for them, nothing can be a best idea than the splashing Holi Pichkari and Water Guns.

Find them with little creative approach

While you make a clear decision on buying Holi Pichkari for your endearing and little naughty kids you have to think like them so that you can come up with some better ideas. Kids have their own taste, likes and dislikes so before you buy Holi pichkari for them make sure that they better suit their interest. Keep their interest in mind by observing them, what they are interested in.

Types of Holi Pichkari & Water Gun You Should Give Your Kids

If you are planning to buy Holi Pichkari Online for your lovely kids then check out these suggestions first…

Holi Angry Bird Water Gun Round: Angry Bird is a famous game character which is very popular among kids. Your kid may also be found engaged playing angry bird in the evening in free hours, is he? If so then Angry Bird Water Gun will surely do wonders for you. You can endow your kids with the Funky Angry Bird Water Gun. Apart from this you can amalgamate with splashing colors an Gujiya.

Holi Superb Air Pressure Water Gun: Made with the high quality plastic and attractive design and colors, this superb Air pressure water gun is all set to amaze your dearest kids this Holi. Let them indulge into the huge celebration. This is surely gonna make them feel special.

Holi Laser Air Pressure Gun: Set your kids free this Holi! Let’s indulge them into amazing and slashing festival of colors this year in a great manner. This gun has a laser light as well as pointer and could be used as the normal fighting gun as well as water gun with the battery operated.

Pressure Gun Pichkari with Two Triggers and Two Nozzles: This Holi is gonna be more cheerful and memorable as these pressure Gun Pichkari with Two Triggers and Tow Nozzles will let your kids enroll into the full day celebration. This comes up with the good storage trunk where your kids can store a good amount of colored water. The more colorful water would be inside the more you will be able to enjoy it.

Wish you & your Kids a very Happy Holi!

Even Wikipedia cannot Tell You about Holi Water Guns

Hello guys, how are you? Are you also in search for big  and stylish water guns to stand outside on that special day. Then friends, come to GiftaLove.com and Holi Gifts. Yes, big and super cool holi pichkaris are simply awesome and fun to play with.

Hey friends, feast of color is going to be in our life very soon on 17th march and we all are already very excited to be part of this fun filled day. Holi is a festival of colors and it is played wholeheartedly with our friends, family and relatives. 

You know what, Big and trendy Holi water guns are in fashion and it is also immensely stocked out by the sellers 3-4  days before the festival.  

Many followers of this blog may not be aware of water guns, even Wikipedia cannot tell you about holi water guns. Water guns or pichkaris are used on Holi to shoot colored water on others. Especially, kids love to play with cute big as well as small pichkaris to throw stunningly colored water on strangers’ walking down the street.

Other than playing with colors and water, holi is also enjoyed with various delicious and mouthwatering sweets, drinks and snacks. Gujiya, namkeens, laddoo, fried vegetables, hot mixtures are the things that are rejoiced on this spectacular day.

Do you remember thandai. Yes, it is awesomely  refreshing as well as bit intoxicating drink which is the most important part of this occasion. Without it, holi is dull and low. It is prepared using few special ingredients such as almonds, fennel seeds, magaztari seeds or watermelon kernel, rose petals, pepper, vetiver seeds, cardamom, saffron, milk and sugar.  Mixing all these stuffs together,  yummy and divine thandai  drink can be prepared. Hey, you have got the ultimate recipe of thandai!!! So try it.

Holi gifts makes this occasion of color more colorful. Yes friends, just imagine how you would feel if someone gives you adorable and lovely gift on this festival. You’ll feel immensely good and content, right? So, give your loved ones same pleasure and happiness with caringly and lovingly chosen holi gifts and products.

When it comes to purchasing anything from market, many people are caught in fever. Obviously, I mean who likes to visit shop to shop and walk miles in the market with intention to get the most appropriate gift for the festivals. I guess no one and even not me.

Thus the solution to this problem is shopping online. Yes friends, it is an amazing experience. Through giftalove.com, you can order ample of gifts and souvenirs to color up the holi more vibrant and bright for others. At one stop, different aromatic colors and gulal, Gujiya and namkeens, pichkaris, holi flowers, stylish suits and kurtas and lots more other gifts hampers are accessible on just single click.

Now we are relieved from working hard on hunting the most suitable holi gifts as well as our energy will be saved for the colorful play, dance and music on Holi.  

Hence all girls and boys, get ready to lose your energy and to do lots of craziness and fun on the feast of color with your friends and family. 

Top 5 Gift Ideas to make this year’s Women’s Day Special for Her

Women’s day, the most special day celebrated to honor the strong efforts, achievements as well as many sacrifices done by every women for the society is celebrated across the globe on 8th March.
Whether it’s your mother, sister, friend, daughter, wife, aunt, colleague or any subordinate; women in your life, they can never be replaced from any of the roles they play in our life.

So with approaching Women’s day, it is the time when they need to get honored for the achievements, contributions and struggles, she do for the society and making the world a better place to live.

Though, marking one day is not enough in honoring women’s for their immense efforts and struggles but can be made special in many ways. There can be many ways in expressing and telling her that how precious and special she is to you and the society with many surprises on this Women’s day.

Ideas can be many in making the day special for a woman apart from offering gifts. Since women love small helps and attention that their dear ones give them throughout the day, so if you miss all those helps and attention she deserves from you, then this Women’s day plan something different for her.

·        If planning to greet your wife or mother get up early and in the morning and wish her ‘Happy Women’s Day’ with a tray of bed tea for both. She would definitely love this small effort of yours on this special day. Moreover, the joy can be doubled if you place a surprise gift on the tray of tea cups for her.

·        If it’s your sister, then a small gift can do wonders in making her happy and expressing her special presence into your life. It can be a teddy, a jewelry piece, a makeup kit, trendy bangles, box of chocolates and lot more. Remember to tag a note with all your special feelings for her and wishing her ‘Happy Women’s day’.

·        For daughter, pampering her with lots of hugs and kisses is the best way of bringing a smile and blush on her face. Moreover a beautifully wrapped gift with anything she likes the most or what she is demanding recently can be a great surprise.

·        When it’s your friend or colleague, whom you want to greet on Women’s day in a special way, then a nicely wrapped bouquet or bunch of flowers can do wonders in making her feel very special.

·        If it’s your beloved, whom you are planning to offer something really meaningful on this Women’s day, then bouquet of flowers, a piece of jewelry or anything that she loves can be an excellent thing in offering respect to her love and support in your life. Moreover, a Women’s day greeting can be added with any kind of gift you offer her.

So, plan to make this Women’s day a surprise for the most special women in your life with Women’s day gifts this year. You can buy Womens Day Gift Hampers and can surprise her with all love and care she deserves from you. Moreover, you can even buy Gifts for Womens Day to her workplace and make her feel special among others.