7 Personalised Anniversary gift Ideas

7 Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Husband!!

You believe your hubby is the best man for you in the world. He is the ideal person with whom you share different kinds of emotions like joy, love, sorry & grief etc. Together you guys must have faced a lot of ups and down but he never failed to take good care of you & your needs in the years of relationship. Thus, he deserves the best Anniversary gift on this earth. Here are some of the great ideas for online anniversary gifts for husband
 1. Photo Key Chain
A Photo key chain is a purposeful & innovative gift. If your hubby often forgets where he keeps his car/bike keys, present a key chain on this Anniversary. He would be able take good care of important keys in a trendy way of course. Personalize an ordinary key chain with an image, text, name of his initials. They are also available in various shapes like heart shape, star shape, squared, rounded and crescent shape etc. Go for this thoughtful anniversary gift & help him to carry cherished memories with him always.

2. Crystal Pen Stand
Beautiful crystal pen stands are quite popular in demand by online buyers. This amazing crystal piece can be personalised with his name or favourite image. This type of gifts can gel with any place whether at bed side table or office desk. Your husband would love to carry it even on long business tours.

3. Magic Mug
A wonderful magical photo mug is the perfect way to cherish lovely moments while sipping hot beverages at the same time. Its magical aspect lies in the fact that after pouring hot liquid inside gradually the image emerges on the walls of the mug. This creative mug can be customized in a number of ways with texts, photographs, and sweet one-liners.

4. Personalised mouse pad or Mobile cover
Mouse pad & mobile cover are everyday usage products. Computer & mobile phones have become indispensable part of our daily lives. Hence, a mouse pad/mobile cover can remind & relive those sweet moments every day. This kind of anniversary gift would be an exciting gift for your husband.

5. Personalised Wrist Band
A lovely looking wrist band is the loveliest way to express your love for him. Wrist band offered in online shops are made up of quality stuffs, comfortable to wear and durable in nature. These trendy bands can be personalised with images and texts of your choice.

6. Personalised Photo Sipper
These bottles are made up of single piece of aluminum metal to make sure there are no leakages. Your hubby can carry water, beverage or fruit juices during gym sessions or travelling. This bottle can also be personalised by favourite pictures or texts.

7. Personalized Photo Cake
This would be a yummilicious gift for your hubby, who is fond of sweet delights. Online anniversary cakes are offered in number of regular flavors like chocolate truffle, black forest, and vanilla pineapple cakes etc. You can also order for rare flavors like German cake, black current and grapefruits etc. So these are some of the anniversary gifts for him you can consider. For more ideas, log on to Giftalove.com. It offers beautiful online anniversary flowers, cakes, chocolates, greeting cards & personalized gifts. 

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Top 10 Lucky Bamboo Plants That Can Change Your Life!!

Home decoration has become a common trend because every individual like to decorate his/her home with different kind of attractive objects and unique centerpieces. Good lucks plants are one of them. They are not only attractive but also consider bringing positive energy in the house.

There are a lot of online lucky plants are been offered by eCommerce portals. These includes Bonsai plant, Peace lily, four leaf clover, Boston fern, & many more. However, bonsai plant is the most popular good luck plants found in household & offices. 
Kind of luck associated with lucky bamboo plants is linked with the number of stalks bunched together in an arrangement. The number of bamboo stalks determines the type of energy attracted into your home as well as life. More number of stalks in the bamboo arrangement ensures greater chances of receiving blessings & good luck from the universe.

1. Two Bamboo Stalks 
Two stalk bamboo plants are often send as an expression of love. This number also is known to double one’s luck.

2. Three Bamboo Stalks 
The bamboo plant of three stalks arrangement is one of the most preferred numbers of combinations to have indoors. It brings three kinds of luck that are happiness, wealth & long life.

3. Four Bamboo Stalks
In the Feng Shui language, the term used as “Four” sounds pretty similar to the term used for death. The number four has been considered to bring negative energy in one’s life. Thus, a four stalk bamboo plant is not found in Feng Shui and never ever gifted as a present. If somebody does so it would be interpreted as that person is giving the recipient a death wish.

4. Five Bamboo Stalks
Five bamboo stalks is consider to bring overall energy in term of health. These are healthy body, healthy mind, healthy relationship, healthy career and healthy life. The five stalk bamboo reinforces each of these 5 areas of your life.

5. Six Bamboo Stalks
The term “Six” in the Feng Shui language sounds similar to the word luck. Six stalks plant of bamboo brings prosperity and luck to accumulate more wealth.

6. Seven Bamboo Stalks 
Seven stalks of bamboo plant are known to bestow good health to the receiver. It also improves the overall aura of surroundings.

7. Eight Bamboo Stalks
In terms of Feng Shui belief number eight plays a very positive role in working of laws of attraction. Eight sounds similar to the word used for flourish or thrive. Eight bamboo stalks can also improve fertility. Therefore, if you & your spouse are planning to extend your family, have 8 stock bamboo plants in your indoor.

8. Nine Bamboo Stalks
This number of stalks is the symbol for good fortune and bestows good luck to the receiver of a nine stalk plant.

9. Ten Bamboo Stalks
If someone has a 10 stalk bamboo arrangement then his/her life will be pretty stable and satisfied. The gesture behind giving 10 bamboo stalk plant is wish for a perfect life. This means the sender wants you to have everything in life as per your goals and desire.

10. Twenty-One Bamboo Stalks
If you have been gifted a plant with this number of bamboo stalks, then the well wishes for you are being strongly delivered in form of this good luck plant. 21 Bamboo stalks bring an overall blessing for great health and enduring wealth.

So, these are the popular significances of different numbers of bamboo stalk plants. Log on to www.giftalove.com buy good luck plants & bring lady luck in your life. 

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5 Most Sought After Ideas for Online Anniversary Gifts!

Is it your dear ones anniversary date to whom you are willing to gift something special and affectionate? Or is it your anniversary date and you are not getting the right idea to gift a surprise to your sweet loving spouse. So whatever is your need to search for an anniversary gift, buying anniversary gifts online is an excellent idea for all. In fact there is plethora of options that you can buy online. For ideas to buy anniversary gifts, read the blog further.

Anniversary celebration is the most special day for every married couple. After all it is the celebration of years of togetherness that every couple celebrates on their marriage date every year. No matter if its 1st anniversary or 50th anniversary, the craze of celebrating the day is same among all.

So to make this special day more special for the couples, near and dear ones come up with their gifts and greets. In fact anniversary is a great time to show affection and care for couples to each other by gifting. Also anniversary gifts come with lots of good wishes for the couples wrapped with love. Thus it is always important to make choice for an affectionate, thoughtful or useful gift options.

Well the thought may confuse you many times whenever you search for an anniversary gift either for your beloved sweetheart or for your dear ones. In fact searching out boring and common gifts stuffs at nearby gift stores may also not help you out in coming up with something impressive and affectionate. Thus here are few ideas on online anniversary gifts options that you can choose buying and also surprising your dear ones with online delivery service. So here is what you can choose gifting:

A Personalized Couple Coffee Mug
We you are searching an impressive anniversary gifting option for your dear one’s anniversary celebration, then gifting a personalized couple coffee mug would be a great idea. Just get two plain coffee mugs printed with nice picture of couple or with a funky text.

A Basket of Assorted Chocolates
Chocolates may sound you as a common gift option but it is one of the most preferred gifting options for anniversaries. For the couples who are celebrating their years of togetherness, sharing those old memories together with chocolates can make them enjoy many romantic moments together. In fact chocolates will definitely add ore sweetness in the festival celebration.

Personalized Canvas
For the couples in joy of celebrating their marriage anniversary, the best way of turning their celebration more joyous is by gifting them a Personalized Photo Canvas. Personalized gifts hold the charm of making other feel special. Thus a personalized canvas featuring a big picture of the couple with a dedicated text is sure to make them feel special & loved.

A Couple Figurines
For your dear ones celebrating their anniversary it’s time to gift something relevant that can depict their togetherness and what can be better gifting option for them then a couple figurine. Here you can make a choice for any kind of couple figurine.

Set of Decorative Aroma Candles
If it is to gift something to express your love for the ones celebrating their anniversary, gifting a set of decorative and aromatic candles can be a great idea. Not only this would be an excellent decorating thing also their aroma is sure to light up the mood of the couples in sharing a romantic time together.

However to make an online purchase for online gifts, you can log on to Giftalove.com that is now offering an exquisite collection of Anniversary gifts at amazing price point. Also the company is offering a lucrative and wide range of gift categories for different occasions and celebrations falling round the year.

Four Great Advantages Offered by Online Flower Delivery Schemes!!

Flowers are extensively used by individuals across the globe to convey various kinds of feelings such as love, appreciation, passion, friendliness, gratitude, respect, good luck, sorry, thanks & condolences as well. Thus, from celebrating joyous occasions like birthdays, wedding day, anniversaries, to sad occasions like funerals, flowers can be used in all occasions.

Several leading online flower delivery portals are available on the web today. People can order for flowers delivery in Pune
There are four amazing benefits you can get with sending flowers online. Ranging from a plethora of choices to convenience associated with, door step delivery and unique arrangements are the reasons explained elaborately below:

1. Countless floral choices
The first and foremost reason that can motivate any online shopper to send flowers online to Pune is the countless variety of beautiful blossoms & floral arrangements are been offered. You can choose from simple traditional bouquets to stunning arrangements from online florists. Moreover, the broad collection of flowers species available online is comparatively greater than that provided by a local flower shops. Online florists offer both seasonal as well as exotic flowers range throughout the year.

2. Convenience
Convenience is undoubtedly another biggest aspect that can motivate online customers to opt for online flower delivery service. You can see the entire catalogues of flowers at a single platform, book order and get all the arrangements done by shipping service for sending flowers to any part of the world. Thus, you can get customized product as per your taste and at any time around the day, round the year.

3. Doorstep Delivery
Online flower shops not only provide the convenience of shopping flowers from the comfort of home, but also offer prompt doorstep delivery service. Some of the reputed flower shops in India provide smart options of express delivery (i.e. same day delivery of flowers) as well as next day delivery in the desired locations. Timing of shipping services is very crucial on important occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Thus, late arrival of flowers can spoil the fun. Efficient online delivery scheme proves to be the best choice.

4. New and unique ideas
Along with variety of floral species and convenience, the online floral portals are also offers fresh and unique floret ideas. There are several occasion which demands creative ideas. For instance taste fully designed floral bouquet for your mother on Mothers’ Day can make the occasion even extra special. If you wish to do present flowers in a unique & stunning way to your loves ones, then order blooms from an online florist.

So these are four amazing benefits of buying flowers online. Customers who are looking to buy flowers for special occasions can log on to www.giftalove.com. This is one of the reputed online flower stores in India, offering exclusively range of blossoms at great price.

6 Fabulous Benefits Offered By Online Florists While Buying Flowers!!

Are you looking to surprise your loved ones staying in India? Just go head, select a bouquet of refreshing & lively flowers. Several numbers of online florists are ready to offers you services like flowers delivery in India from USA(https://www.giftalove.com/flowers) without any hassle.

Flowers have always been considered as all occasion/purpose gifts. Be it Birthday Celebration, Anniversaries, Wedding day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or wishing all the best or expressing condolence etc flowers can be send in a countless number of events. 
 We often like to decorate our home/work place with beautiful flowers on special occasions. At times even on no occasion days flowers are used to bring the freshness of nature inside the four walls of our work places. Here are some of the best reasons why to buy flowers from online flower stores.

1. Online flowers are convenient to buy
Online portals give you a lot of options to select the perfect bouquet from hundreds of floret arrangements & styles. Referring to an online florist can ease your job of purchasing flowers. The website of a renowned flower shops display large of digital images of floral bouquets. This enables the online buyer to select an appropriate bouquet instantly. You can place order in online florists in any time of the day & night, unlike local flower store where you need to wait for shop opening time & availability of specific kind of flowers.

2. Fine Quality of online flowers
Reputed online florists make sure to maintain a stock of fresh & pristine flowers. They also ensure consumer satisfaction by delivering the finest quality flowers in good condition. Therefore, by ordering flowers online, one can be rest assured that the blossoms will be delivered as fresh as appeared in the digital catalogue of the website at the time of placing order. Reputed online florists usually have their own flower gardens or tie ups with horticulturists from where fresh and pristine qualities of flowers are delivered in desired destination.

3. Prompt delivery services
Sometimes you happen to remember your friend's birthday or a relative wedding day on the day itself. In such circumstances when customers have only a couple of hours to place order and deliver the bouquet, only an online florist can resolve your problem. Prompt & express deliveries are promised by reputed online flower shops.

4. Fast transaction system
Online shoppers can buy flowers from an online floral store through fast & secured way of transaction. You just need to click on your mouse & follow the online process. Well known florists are considered to offer best customer services at fastest time possible. They are always ready to respond for every single query of the customers.

5. Appropriate floral arrangements
You do not have to worry about floral patterns when shopping flowers from online stores. The online florists have countless gorgeous blossoms bouquets that are suitable for different kind of occasions. All you need to do is search through the virtual photographs and pick a refreshing floral basket or hamper. You can find traditional bouquets of roses, carnations, daisies, orchids, lilies, gerberas snapdragons and a variety of seasonal as well as exotic flowers. These flowers bouquets are designed & arranged by professional florists in breathtakingly beautiful arrangements.

6. Extra Goodies
Reputed online florist also offers their customers whether they would like to add extra delights along with their order. For instance you can send Birthday flowers with Birthday cakes, or assorted chocolates, cute teddy bears & gourmet cookies etc. Your friend would be absolutely excited to receive flowers accompanied with these goodies. Flowers help us to express our deepest feelings. We use sympathy plants for celebrating the happiest moments of our lives. To impress someone we need flowers. Flowers are also given as a sign of gratitude.

So these are six top benefits of buying flowers from online shops. You can log on to www.giftalove.com & select beautiful bunches of blooms for your loved ones staying in any part of India.

Five Fantastic Women's Day Surprises for Her!!

Each year March 8th is marked as International Women's Day to celebrate & acknowledges the contribution of all strong, courageous and multitasking women worldwide. Are you planning to celebrate Women Day 2015 and looking for special gift ideas? You can find a lot of Women’s Day Gifts ideas in online portals.

As the day is fast approaching, you might get confused about how to make it memorable & special for the special lady in your life. If so, then continue to read below for getting some popular gift choices to make the Women Day truly exciting for her. Check out these excellent five gift surprises to celebrate Women’s Day in a unique way.

1. Flowers Bouquet with a Lovely Note 
On this unique day, make her realize how important she is in your life. Flowers are considered to be close to the heart of woman. Blossoms can always successfully spellbind any woman with their refreshing and charming fragrances. Thus, you can pick up any beautiful bunch of flowers for your woman. Ensure she is not allergic to flowers. Go ahead and endow her with mesmerizing and nicely arranged bouquet of florets. Considering the sentiments of your relationship with her, also attach a note on the top of the bouquet to convey what you exactly feel for her.

2. Personal Diary 
We know that women have good memory and remember the all significant dates on their finger tips very well. One of the popular reasons which help them to remember all important events is because most of them prefer to write daily incidents. If your special woman also loves to maintain a record of events in a diary, gift her one to make her jot down all the special incidents & events in it.

3. Candle light dinner 
You may be wondering that the idea of candle light dinner is apt for the girlfriend & wife. You are wrong as you can also arrange warm & nice
candle light evening dinner for your mother, sisters, friends or even little kids. Kids can also join their mom for a candle light dinner. It will definitely turn into a nice & exciting family outing for all. Planning an elegant candle light dinner with her favourite dishes for your woman will surely delight her.

4. Cook Delicious Meal for her
If your lady is bit introvert & shy to openly celebrate such special moments in a public place (say at restaurant) then you can prepare a sumptuous meal for her at home. Give her a break from kitchen for a day. Whether she is your kind mother, sweet sister, wonderful wife or lovely girlfriend they would be absolutely surprised if you cook for them. She would also admire this fact the irrespective of your hectic professional schedule; you made a special effort in the kitchen. Make sure that you jot down the recipes prior and aware of all the kitchen ware & spices placed in the kitchen selves.

5. Take out her for Shopping
All women love shopping. So your lady will love to shop as well. Carry your credit cards and take her out for a shopping treat. This is the all time hit, fit and impeccable idea to impress any woman. Make sure that you get her stuffs that she actually needs. So these are some of the best way to surprise her on Women’s Day. If you’re away from home & really can’t visit her on this day, then send her online special gifts from Giftalove.com. Here you can buy & deliver flowers, chocolates, teddies, jewelry, cosmetics baskets & personalized gifts for her.

Five Best Selling Women’s Day Gifts!!

Women play the leading role in all walks of life in the present society. There is a special day marked annually for admiring women's contribution in various domains like economy, politics, sciences, research & development, field of literature or being a smart homemaker. 8th March, is celebrated as International Women’s Day.

So on this coming Women’s Day let the every special woman in your life feel how important her presence is in the family/ work places. Every woman certainly deserves affection, appreciation and utmost respect in form of wonderful Women’s day gifts.

If your hectic work schedule does not permit you taking out some time & choosing gifts from local markets or shopping malls, then you can buy special gifts online for your mother, wife, sister, female colleagues and the special lady in your life.

Here are some unique gift choices to send online for celebrating Women’s Day in a memorable way.

1.    Cosmetics & Beauty Products
Women just love to spend hours in front of mirror in order to look beautiful & charming. They have natural liking for branded cosmetics & beauty care products like lip colors, lip balms, eye & face makeup, body moisturizer, hair shampoos & conditioners, all kinds of skin care products etc. Online gift portals offers attractive range of cosmetic hampers, Spa hampers & grooming kits for women. They would be an ideal Women’s Day gifts & can also be delivered online.

2.     Women's Health Products
Modern women are quite health conscious. They truly understand that beauty does not lie only in skin deep. Eating healthy can actually help to lead to a beautiful & healthy life style. Your aging mother may need some extra health supplements or your girl friend may prefer diet bars in place of chocolates/ sweets. Modern women have also become fitness freak and would try to keep themselves in great shape. So, for a fitness conscious female friend or family member, you can gift them gym membership or exercising machines. You can also choose gifts from plenty of women's health products that are available in market.

3.    Kitchenware
Almost all women do cook daily in spite of the fact that they have numerous works to manage in the outer world. It is their caring nature to manage kitchen for entire family every day. Let the smart & multitasking homemaker at your home rest for one day and try out cooking special dishes for her. You can also get her gifts like a microwave, fruit juice maker, coffee maker or various kinds of kitchenware items to make her regular kitchen task easy.

4.    Dresses & Accessories
Women like to follow the ongoing trend & fashion. Most of the ladies have fascination for stylish apparels, jewellery and designer accessories. If you’re searching gift for a very special lady, say, your wife or sister, you are likely to know her preferences for shopping. Surprise her by presenting stuffs like trendy tops, designer sarees, other dresses materials and useful accessories such as handbags, beautiful clutches, sunglasses, scarves etc. She will undoubtedly appreciate your gift. Do figure out whether she likes traditional clothes or fashionable outfits and get Women's Day gifts suitably.

5.    General Women's Day gifts
For normal greeting, you can prefer to choose flowers with a greeting card, chocolates bouquets and sweets/cookies for those ladies who like delicious treats. If your woman prefers to keep decorative centre pieces at home interiors, then choosing home décor products can definitely make her happy. Many women are avid book readers and fond of classic literature. Meaningful books on feminism can make them joyful & excited.

So these are five popular best selling online gifts for your woman to make this Women’s Day special for her. Log on to Giftalove for getting extraordinary gifts choices for her. Here you can choose from stunning floral bouquets to mouth watering chocolates, cute stuffed toys, personalized gifts & many more gift items.