Send Lumba Rakhi to India for your Bhabhi with Blessings!

Are you hunting for something special for your bhabhi, this Raksha Badnhan? Do you want to recreate a saga of memories on the most auspicious occasion of Rakhi? If yes, look no further than Lumba Rakhi meant especially for bhaabhis!
As the name suggests, it’s meant specifically for ladies, hence name lumba rakhi. Let’s understand it here:
These are special thread of love symbolizing love and affection. It is adorned with a decorated thread that sisters tie on their bhaabhi’s writs. It is either tied on the writs or the bangle of her. In the Marwari terms Lumba stands for bangle, hence, the rakhi that is tied on a lady’s bangle is called lumba rakhi.
Although it’s a Marwari ritual but these days it has become more popular than ever and in all communities. At present, unmarried women tie it on each other’s wrists, but it is particularly associated with Raksha Bandhan.
Implication Of Lumba Rakhi
If you’re wondering what is the importance of Lumba Rakhi then it has a long list of significance. First, it fortifies the relationship between joint family. As it was a social norm in the Marwari community, it has been adopted widely across all communities. It lays the foundation of strong family norms. Hence, by tying a thread to your brother’s wife, you are simply strengthening your association with your family members especially brother and his wife.
A luma rakhi also denotes that one who wears it is the better-half of your brother. In Indian culture wife is said ‘ardhangini’ means better half who shares everything her husband has to do and bear. Did you recall any auspicious ritual being completed without your brother’s wife? Yes, no worshipping or ritual is performed without your brother’s wife if he is married. As the festival of Raksha Bandhan is religious, hence, by tying lumba rakhi you give due importance to your sister-in-law.
When you wrap this auspicious thread around your sister-in-law’s wrist then you wish her security in her relationship. It’s a good omen for her married life. Security both emotionally and financially is what husband provides along with his family to the girl he married. By tying a rakhi, you let your bhaabhi know that she’s an integral part of your family and that you care for her security in every aspect.
So, send rakhi to India online this Raksha Bandhan 2016, and let your bhabhi know she’s the one you care about! 

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A lonely brother sitting in USA and wondering what it was like to sit all dressed up and let her sister tie a Rakhi on his hand and celebrating this joyous occasion together with the family. This was the scenario before the online portals took over the occasions by a storm, and now that lonely brother is welcomed by the fragrance of the love of his sister through Rakhi sent to him online.

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This is the day where the bond of brother and sister is invigorated and they both feel the love that they share over the years despite of all the fights and arguments that they have. They realize that family is the most important element in the world. Now due to working conditions and changing lifestyle of people, staying together as a family is quite difficult, but the love that they have for each other is still irrevocable.

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How to Make Bhabi Feel Special on Raksha Bandhan?

The popular festival Rakhi, known as Raksha bandhan is an important and unique celebration of India. The tying of the sacred thread of Rakhion brother’s wrist by the sister is the integral part of this sacred ritual. The festival is an important part of the Indian culture and can be traced back to the historical times when the Rajput and Maratha queens used to send Rakhi threads to Mughal emperors for reconciliation and peace. The celebration not only brings siblings together but also strengthens the bond of family.

The tradition of tying Rakhi to brother along with his wife is customarily practiced in Rajasthan. That special Rakhi is known as Lumba Rakhi. Gradually over the time, this custom has come to be practiced in other parts of India. So, this time if you are staying far-away from your sister-in-law and want to send Rakhi to India online to surprise her, you can do that without any worry by sending her Rakhiand Rakhigifts to India via online. is one such mega online portal where you can avail exciting plethora of gifting options for your dear Sister-in-law. From trendy to traditional and classic to designer, choose that perfect one from the amazingly designed, vibrant collection of the website. In their assortment of Lumba Rakhi for Bhabi, you’ll find stylish designs including panchaglee which consists of a baju band, a big Rakhi, a small Rakhi and a trendy bangle.
The catalogue also boasts of traditional Hath phool Lumba Rakhi. The characteristics that make Lumba Rakhi immensely popular are its glittering decoration. Sequin work, Zari work, and handicraft done on Lumba add to its gorgeousness. The dazzling crystals, small tinkets, etc. studded on them makes them drool-worthy. These Rakhis come in variety price range to suit every pocket.
You’ll find a wide array of Lumba Rakhis like Rudraksha style Rakhi, Shree Ganesha Rakhi, Stone-studded Om Rakhi, stunning silver Rakhi, golden Rakhi, premium white stone Rakhi and many more. Also Rakhi sets like set of 3 designer Rakhi, set of five Sparkling Rakhi, Om and fancy Rakhi, 3 gorgeous Rakhi set, 5 unique designer Rakhi set, glittering set of 5 Rakhi, marvellous 8 premium stone Rakhi are to name a few from their massive collection.
To make your day even more special and memorable for years to come, has also introduced some cool new sets of Rakhi combos featuring delightful assortment of gifts with beautiful Rakhis. Rakhi combos like ethnic Rakhi thali, Rakhi with chocolates, Rakhi with flowers, stunning silver Rakhi with Soan Papdi set, Rakhi with greeting cards, Rakhi with dry fruits, Rakhi with sweets etc. You can also personalize your Rakhi combos clubbing it with the gift items of your choice.
Rakhi commemorates the celebration of the wonderful relationship with your loved ones and you need not deprive yourself of the joy, as breaking the barriers of miles, enables you to send Rakhi to India or any part of the world. With online delivery services being super-fastand free shipping service, it is just a matter of clicks to send your love across miles.

Rare Gift Ideas and Gifting Tips for Choosing Rakhi Gifts 2016 the Best Way

Rakhi is an Indian festival that is not centred on religious figures. Instead it celebrates purely the religion of love and companionship that a brother and sister shares among them. Like all festivals in this country, the celebration is never complete without giving gifts. At times it might seem like a chore in our busy life selecting gifts and then packing them. Whenever you feel compelled to go for rakhi gift shopping, remember the inscrutable feeling of elation on your sibling’s face on opening your gift. 

There are many rakhi gifts in 2016; however taking time out to select the appropriate gift is what actually makes a difference. Here are some tips that you make your gift stand out, if you wish to delight your brother staying abroad. Send Rakhi with sweets to USA with the ease of online shopping.
•    Choose An Innovative Wrapping
Appearance plays a big role in ensuring that a simple gift becomes vibrant and eye catching. Ditch the traditional wrapping paper and choose innovative things like kids art work, newspaper, food packaging or even simple newspaper to add some special flavour to your gift.

•    Accompany Gifts with Thoughtful Cards
No matter how expensive a gift you buy, a card never goes out of fashion or fails to impress. The best way to do so is to send a handmade card when you send your rakhi with sweets to your brother. A handmade card can best describe your emotions and shall be cherished forever. If you do not find time to make a handmade card, you can just punch a hole in a ribbon or make a flower ribbon and send it as a gift tag.

•    Gift Something Local
When we think local, one of the few things that comes to our mind is a local delicacy. When you send gifts to USA try to include food items that are not easily available in USA and can be preserved for a long period of time. There can be nothing better than gifting your loved ones a taste of their own land.

•    Think Out Of The Box
Honestly there are very few people who would like to get same old repetitive teddy bears and perfumes as rakhi gifts for 2016. Instead of repeating the same things over and over again, try something different like wine glasses, ceramic gifts, expandable vases, herb growing kits, letterpress coasters, whiskey stones and electric wine bottle openers along with rakhi.

•    Consider Your Common Interests
Since you grew up as siblings, sharing the same room and similar lifestyle, it is quite obvious that you would have a lot of similarity in terms of choices and likes. So, this Raksha Bandhan instead of sending rakhi with sweets, send your sibling DVD’s of some common movie series that you both enjoyed or tickets to games of his favourite club. Remember people value experiences more than gifts that come wrapped in cardboard boxes.
These are some unique and out of the box ideas, with which we hope you shall be able to surprise your brother or sister and enjoy a unique and special Raksha Bandhan this year.

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Best Choice of Rakhi Gifts to Send to USA!

Rakhi is an important festival in India, claiming its position right after Diwali, Dushera and Holi. It is a festival that is believed to be traditionally a celebration of love between a brother and a sister. Just like any festivals in India gifts form an integral part of rakhi. Gifts that are exchanged are a symbol of love and appreciation and not a means of showcasing your bank account. If you are in college or have limited income, here some gift ideas which you can use while sending rakhi gifts to USA.

Personalized Gift - Personalized gift items do not cost much, yet they leave a long lasting impact on the mind and hearts of the receiver. More these gifts are easily available and are very easy to customise. You can customise gifts like coffee mugs, ladies wallets, or even Smartphone covers with a picture of your sibling. If you wish to send something more customised, you can opt for customized pillow covers, cushion or wall clock. The best part is you need to run to different places to get these items. You can order them on the internet when you buy online rakhi.

Flowers- Flowers are one thing that never goes out of fashion. They may not last long, but have the power the make anyone smile. Flowers fortunately do not cost much and there are many companies worldwide like Giftalove who delivers flowers along with rakhi with dry fruit combo packs. You can choose and customise the type of flower you would like to send to your brother and sister. You can even create a bouquet consisting of different flowers to give them a pleasant surprise. For stunning flowers visit at

Books- this is one of the most underrated gifts on Rakshabandhan mainly because people do not read a lot. However if you have a brother or sister who is a avid reader , then there can be no better gift than gifting them a good book. You can send a book online through any web store or utilise the same that you would be using to buy online rakhi.

Imitation jewellery- It is a misnomer to assume that imitation jewellery is only worn by women. Of course women wear them more than men, there are many cute and trendy jewellery which you can gift your brother as well for Rakshabandhan. Metal pendants, bracelets, cufflinks are wonderful gifts which you can customise and send to your siblings

Gift Basket – Gift basket are another great and cost effective idea, where you can put a little of everything that your siblings like , you can pack a  rakhi with dry fruits, along with teddy bears chocolates, cosmetics, perfumes, shavings essentials and many other such things and create a unique combo , that would not only be useful but also very innovative.

Besides these inexpensive gifts, you can opt for soft toys, cakes and mementos, which are easily available online.