Adorable Gifting Ideas for Mom to Make It a Momentous Mother’s Day!

With Mother’s Day inching closer what is your planning in order to adore your loving mom on this very fortunate of your life. Well you can look for online gifts for Mothers Day as on the online gifting pylons you can easily send Mothers Day Gifts to Bangalore or any other city in just few clicks.

This day must be taken as an opportunity to pay homage to your mom, express your heart and convey your mom that how much you love her. And if you can present such a lovely gesture on this day than this will be treat liking an icing on the cake.

Getting right gift for your mom can do miracles on your celebration of this day, and the online platforms are best when it comes to choosing best Mothers Day Gifts 2016 so you can adore your mom in love and respect for her. Here you can find some of the classiest and coolest Mother’s Day Gifts that will surely admired by your mom.

Flowers for Mother’s Day:

Flowers are the best accolade when it comes to the celebration of such fortunate occasions. Plus flowers are the best when it comes to conveying your best wishes and regards to someone special. And what’s more prominent that Mother’s Day Flowers as a bestowal to your mom for this most adoring occasion of your life.

Adorable Flowery Combo:

If Flowers are not enough then you can present some super awesome flowery combo for this day. On the auspicious day dedicated to motherhood present these combos such as Teddy N Flower Combo, Flowers Arrangement for Mother, Mother’s Day Orchid Gifts, Express Your Love Combo and plenty more adorable gifts to choose from.

Cushions and Warm Gestures:

Warm gestures for such warm occasions can be a great bestowal when it comes to occasion like Mother’s Day. This day is fully dedicated to Mother’s and the celebration. So on this very fortunate day of your life presents this catalogue which is inclusive of gifts such as Abstract Printed Cushions, Khadi Oil N Plant for Mom, Breakfast Combo, Motherly Love Combo and many more gifts.

Mother’s Day Gift Hampers:

Hampers are always adorable when it comes to presenting them on some most auspicious occasions and for this reason if you wish to adore your mom present this catalogue. The catalogue is inclusive of gifts such as Mom Spa Gift Hampers, Resting Ganesha N Cushion Hamper, Branded Towel Gift for Mom Hamper and many more gifts under this category.

Visit and adore your mom in love and respect for her, order adorable Mothers Day gifts for her get your product delivered at your doorsteps for free. Choose an amazing Mother’s Day gesture and adore your mom from the wide and exclusive range of gifts present on the above portal.

Present Adorable Anniversary Gifts to Wife in Order to Adore Her to the Fullest!

If your Anniversary is inching closer and this year you are willing to celebrate it a never done manner. Then visit the online gifting pylons such as Giftalove, and avail various astonishing catalogues such as Anniversary Gifts for wife in order to adore her on this very special day your life.

Anniversaries are the occasions when you can celebrate the intimacy between you and your life partner, so take this opportunity for thanksgiving and congratulating your soul mate. And you can easily do the same by presenting an auspicious gift that will reflect the aura of your Anniversary perfectly well.

Here you can find some of the most amazing Anniversary Gift Ideas Online so that you can adore her with the precious gifts. Thus present your wife with the most amazing gift online and make her feel special on this special day. You can make the occasion momentous by presenting a righteous gift to your wife.

Jewelry for Wife:-

Women absolutely loves the Jewelry Gesture and they fond of it, if you can present her with some of the most amazing jewelry gift than you can make the most of this day.
So this day make her happy by presenting some a cool classic Jewelry Hamper such as Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets, Necklace Sets, Pendants, Jewelry Box and many more to choose from.

Personal Care Accessories for Her:-

Well this catalogue is the most desired ones as every ones desire amazing personal care products to be gifted by their loved.
In order to fulfill her desire you can present her with this catalogue which is inclusive of gifts such as Cosmetics N Perfumes, Scarf, Mobile Pouch, Spa Hampers, Clutches N Handbags and plenty more accessories that you can present her.

Adorable Anniversary Flowers:-

Flowers are the wondrous gifts that are provided by the nature to us, there is nothing as sensual and beautiful as flowers. So use the beauty and charm of adorable flowers to adore her to the most. Present her with some of the most exciting flowers and their arrangements.

Flowery arrangements such as Heart Shape, Mixed Hues, Flower Bunches and Glass Vase Arrangements are best for such occasions.

On this most fortunate and sensual day of the year make her happy wholeheartedly by gifting these wonderful gifts. Visit and get exposed to some of the most adoring gestures that are meant for classy celebrations such as Anniversaries.

6 Lovely Birthday Gifts Ideas for Boyfriend!!

When it comes to choose, birthday gifts for boyfriend it may seems to be a very difficult task. Birthday is an annual occurrence thereby he deserves unique birthday gifts. Buying gifts for your prince charming can be a daunting task. Gift should be purchased as per his temperament, personality, interests and tastes. With little bit of research and patience, find unique and unforgettable gifts.

Here are some birthday gift ideas that can be presented to your boyfriend:

1.       Personalized Desktop

For your corporate boyfriend, you can get personalized desk stop. He would like to spend hours in his office/home working in computer. Thus, you can consider gifting him personalized desktop. There are great ranges of personalized desktop available in the market. Personalized desk stop comes with modern features like clock, thermometer and digital calendar.

2.       Shower Radio

If your boyfriend is a bathroom singer or enjoy music while taking shower, you can consider gifting him shower radio that comes in innumerable stylish designs.

3.       Heart Shape Mobile Jack

Get unique mobile jack in heart shape from online stores. Both of you can enjoy listening music, videos and watching movies with great convenience. You can also consider buying other mobile accessories like personalized mobile covers and Bluetooth head sets.

4.       Personalized Photo Frames

Personalized photo frames are amazing birthday gifts. You can create your own master piece by putting your thinking cap on. You might have spent some memorable moments with him. Compile wonderful pictures with him from your last holiday destination. Get it engraved on personalized frame with beautiful gift wrap it. You can also consider giving other personalized gifts like Key chains, Mobile Case, Personalized Mouse Pad and Personalized Pen Set.

5.       Romantic Red Velvet Cake

Birthday celebration is incomplete without tasty cakes. Get Red Velvet Cake for your boyfriend and celebrate sweet moments. Check out awesome collection of cakes at Explore rich, sugary and creamy delights on Birthday. If he has any other favorite cake flavors then get it on his birthday.

6.       Midnight Delivery of Flowers & Romantic Card

Let this Birthday to be the most memorable birthday for him. Book your order for mid night delivery of an extravagant red rose bouquets along with a lovely greeting card. Fresh flowers are like by men as well. Stunning red roses are symbol for romance and happiness. They would help to win his heart again. Send a dozen, two dozen or 50 or 100 red rose bouquets online.

These are six amazing birthday gifts ideas for boyfriend. Log on to and check out impressive Birthday gifts online. This is one of the most searched gifting websites in India. It has vast network of delivery all across Delhi NCRs, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad and many more cities. Check out birthday gifts for boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, parents and so on.

Best 6 Useful Gifts for Working Mom- to Make her Feel Special!!

Mother’s Day is celebrated internationally every year on second Sunday of May month. This year it would be celebrated on 8th of May 2016. Don’t let it go this day. It is a great occasion to surprise your mom by giving amazing Mother’s Day gifts. Working moms have multi-tasking skills and great ability. Choose exciting and amazing gifts for working mom.

If your mom is staying away in Mumbai then get Mother’s Day gifts delivery to Mumbai via online stores. Check out here some amazing gift ideas as Mother’s Day gifts.

1.    Makeup Gift Set

Working mom would love to appear beautiful and attractive. Your mom may not have time to go to the shop for buying makeup for her. Buy her a nice makeup kit on this Mother’s Day.

2.    Spa Kit

Working moms hardly have time for themselves. They have to juggle with professional as well as with personal life. Your loving mom may not have time to go to the Spa Parlour. Gift her nice self do it Spa Hamper including body massage oil, scented candles, essential oils, bathing soaps and bubbles. She would appreciate this gift from the bottom of her heart.

3.    A Chic Organizer

Working moms needs to organise their personal and professional work. Thus, buy an electronic organizer for your multitasking mom. She would be able to write down things and manage her responsibilities in a better way.

4.    Green Tea Set

Green tea contains a number of health benefits. Your stressed out mom would love to sip hot cup of tea after a hectic day. Get here premium quality of green tea of reputed brands. There are many herbal tea flavours available in the market such as Chamomile tea, Lavender tea, Orange tea and so on.

5.    Commuting Music Player

If your mom spends hours a day commuting to her work place then how about giving her a MP3 player loaded with her favourite music! She would enjoy her journey everyday from home to office and vice versa.

6.    Digital Photo Keychain
Let her cherish all special moments spent with dear ones all the time. Gift her pocket size digital keychain and make her feel happy.

So these are six amazing Mother’s Day gift ideas. Log on to and explore thousands of Mother’s Day gift hamper. This website has amazing catalogues of gifts for working mom, homemaker mom, diva mom and special mom. Send Mother’s Day gifts to Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune.

Magnificent Flowers and the Ways by Which They Are Presented As a Gesture to Make the Most of Upcoming Occasions!

Flowers are wonderful when presented as a symbol of your hearty feelings and true love. They are considered as the gift of nature that anyone can present for expressing their warm wishes in any of the occasions. With online gifting pylons you can send flowers to India and abroad in just a single click.
Now the question may arise in your mind that why flowers are considered as a best gift and often suited for most of the occasions. Well the answer lies in the fact that this pristine gesture of nature is considered as token of gestures that are provided to mankind by nature plus that charismatic beauty of flowers and their blissfulness adds to the cause to the fullest.

Such as flowery gestures can be a treat for most of us, and thereby flowers are presented to most of the occasions irrespective of the celebratory mood your recipient had. Now another question may comes to your mind that what are those floral gestures by which you can actually adore your loving recipient to the most.
Designer Floral Bouquet:
Well this catalogue is best known for flowers that are presented on classy occasions such as Anniversary or special kind of celebratory party. These kinds of bouquets are best known for their presentation and alluring charm that brings joy and happiness to any of the occasions.
Heart Shape Arrangements:
Heart Shape Floral Arrangements are best known for celebration of most sensual and romantic occasions with your significant someone. These gestures are best suited when presented with all your love and hearty feelings towards your partner.
Mixed Flowers Bouquet:
Mixed Flowers looks very elegant and cool when presented to most of the auspicious occasions, such a gestures can be presented with all your love to most of your recipients of any age group. Mixed flowers together bring alluring blissfulness to the time they presented and thereby add extra charisma into it.
Lovely Roses:
Roses are the best accolade to the most romantic intimate celebrations, such as gesture can win hearts for your when presented into warm manner with right style. Such a gesture thereby can be most spectacular when it comes to and comes handy in most of the occasions.
Glass Vase Arrangements:
Irrespective of the others this gesture of yours can add admiring charm and blissfulness to any of the occasions. They are widely available on online podiums where you can also avail express flower delivery( ) of these majestic products. So this year on the occasions of upcoming festival present this and your loved ones.
Floral Basket Arrangements:
What’s more beautiful than Floral Basket? Baskets are certainly mostly adorable and majority of people loves to receive these arrangements. These are most admirable and thereby we can conclude that they are the most terrific way to convey your true or genuine message of love to your loved ones.
Visit where you can get variety of gifts that are particularly made for surprising your partner in amazements, and avail free shipping on each and every product that you are eyeing to buy in just a single click. So this year go online for the coming occasions and adore your lady love with all your love and affection towards her with a floral gesture.

Tasty Apple Gujya Recipe for Holi Festival– Simple & Easy to Make at Home!!

The season of spring and colours is fast approaching; Holi 2016 is around the corner. Celebrate the festival of colors by relishing on sweets. Spread happiness, joy and love by sharing traditional Indian sweets amongst friends, family and neighborhood.

Check out below the recipe of apple gujya:

Ingredients for Apple Gujya
For the outer shell

-    2 cups of whole wheat flour
-    ⅓ cup cold water
-    ⅓ cup melted ghee or butter
-    salt

For the apple-khoya filling:

-    1 cup crushed khoya/mava/evaporated milk
-    3-4 apples, peeled, cored and chopped
-    ½ tsp of cinnamon powder
-    ½ tsp of cardamom powder or crushed cardamom
-    2-3 tbsp of blanched  nuts - almonds, pistachios, cashew
-    2-3 tbsp sugar
-    oil for deep frying
-    11/2 cups of khoya/mava/evaporated milk
-    1 tsp of cardamom powder
-    1 cup of powdered sugar

Recipe instructions

-    Take a large bowl and seive the flour and salt together. Add the melted ghee or butter.
-    Rub the ghee in the flour with the fingertips till the mixture becomes like bread crumbs.
-    Add cold water gradually and knead the flour into smooth & elastic dough.
-    Cover and keep aside for 30-35 minutes.
-    Preparing the sweet stuffing by heating a medium sized pan.
-    Add the apples pieces along with sugar.
-    Keep stirring on a low flame for 10-12 minutes.
-    Add the spices powders and mix it well.
-    After 4-5 minutes, add the milk solids/khoya and stir the mixture.
-    The khoya would start melting
-    Continue stirring and add the blanched nuts and mix it well.
-    After melting and roasting the khoya with dry fruits, switch off the fire.
-    Keep this mixture aside till it become cools.
-    Prepare the gujiyas and make small sized balls of the dough.
-    Make round/puris, neither thick nor thin.
-    Stuff the puris with 2-3 tbsps of the apple-khoya filling on one side.
-    Apply water on one of the outer sides to cover and press the edges together.
-    Pleat the gujiya very well from top to end.
-    Prepare all the gujiyas in this way and keep them on a plate and cover them.
-    Heat oil/ghee for deep frying.
-    Deep fry the gujiyas in medium flames till they are golden browned from all sides.
-    Drain oil from the gujiyas on kitchen paper napkins for removing excessive oil.
-    Gujyas the ready to serve hot or warm.

So this is the tasty Holi gujya recipe. Log on to and buy gujia online. This is one of the reputed online gift stores. It has vast array of Holi gifts collection. Check out Holi gift packs, sweet hampers, herbal colours and greeting cards.

Anniversary Gifting Ideas That Will Make Your Celebration Sparkling!

Are you looking for some amazing Anniversary Gifts for Wife?  If yes, than look for online pylons such as Giftalove and get some amazing gifts that can adore your love on this special day. Anniversary is meant for celebration to intimacy between you and your soul mate.
You can awestruck her by your choice of gift that can make this very special day extra special. Adore the lady in your life with a perfect gift that can accolade this occasion to the most. Your choice of gifting must reflect your thoughtfulness and imaginative site, so this year make the most of this occasion which is on the verge.

On these online gifting gateways you can straight away send gifts to India Online and other places, so that you can share the sensual matter with us. This year you can make the day remarkable, all you need to do is choose a right gift and present it to her with all your love and conviction.

Anniversary Flowers:
This catalogue is very popular, as flowers are always a gesture which is adored by most of us. You can own that moment with a right choice of floral gesture that is as per likings of your loved. Flowers are best when it comes to sensual celebration as flowers are considered as gift of nature the bliss and charm will reflect back to your recipient.

Anniversary Basket Hampers:
Basket Hampers are always adorable by most of us, as the looks pretty spontaneous and beautiful. The lady in your life might be eyeing for a Basket Hamper and it may her desire to get a basket hamper from somewhere. All you need to do is just present her with a hamper as per her likings and adore her with all your love and emotions at that moment.

Anniversary Personalized Gifts: 
Personalized Gifts for such occasions are like icing on the cake as everyone want to see herself/herself around so a personalized gesture can do miracles for you. Personalised Gifts are most adored and can be great gesture to present on such special days belongs to couples. On this day if you planning to do something different than look for various options under this category.

Anniversary Cakes:
Cake adds perfect blend in party and party without it can’t be imagined. Anniversary Cake is no different, you need a cake for making your celebration of this Anniversary a blast and thus we can say that cake adds perfect flavor to any celebration or feast. You can present Anniversary Cake as a gesture so that you can make the most of this day.

Lucky Plants for Anniversary:
As per Indian tradition gifting lucky plants and spiritual stuffs are very popular, it is considered as the token of expressing their love and affection towards one person. This year present a blast so that you can add more and more stars into your celebration of your Anniversary. Gift her lucky plant and unveil your thoughtful site to the world.

Visit and avail free shipping of all the products you are eying to buy. Order online and get an exclusive range of handpicked items that will surely adore your lover in style.

All about Personalised Gifts and How to Present Those Gifts to Your Loved Ones!

What is your planning in order to celebrate the upcoming occasion? Are you looking to celebrate the coming occasion with personalized gifts? If yes, then are you looking for personalized photo frames online or some other kind of personalized gestures that can adore your loved ones to the most? Well you can look towards online gifting platforms and can adore your significant ones.

Now the question may arise in your mind that why personalized gifts pretty often are adored so much by most of the recipients. Knowing such a things can sought out the confusions in your minds and hence you can choose better personalized gestures so that you can awestruck your partner in complete surprise. Here you can find certain gifting ideas so that you can make the most of your coming occasion with personalized gifts.

Why Personalised Gesture:
This question may often strike your mind, but you are not getting the answer right. Always remember that personalized gifts are the most adored kinds of gifts and hence this gesture on an average can impact more than anything else. So you can present personalized gifts without thinking too much, as it will surely be adored by your loving recipients.

Why Personalised Gestures Are Adored So Much:
Personalised Gifts are adored so much that most of us loves to receive such gifts from our loved ones. This is so because Personalised Gestures can make an opportunity to celebrate you. Everyone loves to see their images imprinted here and there and for this reason personalized gifts click and connects more with most of the recipients.

How to Present a Personalised Gesture:
Now the question may arise in your mind that how we can present a personalized gesture to our loved ones. There is no rocket science in it, just try and find the right kind of personalized gifts that are as per the likings your loving recipient and at last present your recipient with that personalized gifts with all your love and affection towards them.

How Many Types Of Personalized Gifts Available Online:
Well the answer is, a great number of personalized gift are available on the digital podiums and also in the markets. Depending upon the likings of your loving one you can choose an options that can awestruck him/her completely. Certainly the choice of your gifts can reflect the amount of love and care your do for you significant person.

Choices of Personalised Gifts:
You can choose from large variety of gestures such as Personalized Photo Frames online and other online items like Personalised Caricatures, Personalised Mugs N Cushions, Personalised Greeting Cards, Personalized Poster N Canvas, Personalized Key Chains and Rotating Crystals etc. So in this way you can choose some adoring gifts that can make your upcoming occasion a blast and your recipients, may shower their love onto you after receiving such a hearty gesture.

Visit the gifting catalogue of and adore your loving recipient in style. Adore them with personalized gifts and make your day extra special with these personalized gestures. Order online and avail the free shipping of your entire personalized product in just a sole click.

5 Best Online Holi Gift Hamper Choices to Make and Greet Loved Ones!

Searching for the best array of online Holi gifts to greet your loved ones with wishes of ‘Happy Holi’? Well then this is the time for you to make your visit at the range of Online Holi Gifts at! The portal is a popular name for online gifting solutions and now has come up with a wide collection of online Holi Gifts. Read to know more about the range offerings for Holi 2016!

Every year Indians living across the country and worldwide, celebrate the cheerful festival of Holi with great fervor and excitement. Holi is the festival of colors and traditions which brings the arrival of spring season with new beginnings and happiness with it.

Thus like any other festival of India, people find exchanging and greeting loved ones with gifts as an excellent way of adding more fun and happiness into the festival of colors. So if the thought of Holi gifts is making you confused or if you are unable to locate the best place to buy Holi gifts online then has come up with its extensive catalogue of Holi Gifts online to cater your festive gifting needs with amazing offerings like:

Gujiya with Thandai Hampers:
If it is to name the most delightful eateries of Holi then Gujiya and thandai would be the answer of majority. Thus GiftaLove has come up with extensive catalogue for Gujiya and Thandai hampers that is inclusive of many attractive Gujiya and thandai hamper options to choose and buy online.

Colors and Sprays Hampers:
To add more into the festival of colors, the portal has come exclusive array of Colors and Sprays. These are not just excellent gifting option to add more fun and color element in the festival celebration of your loved ones but are also excellent thing to buy online to have fun with your loved on the celebration day. There are plenty of Holi Gulaal packs of different colors and quantities clubbed with premium quality color sprays.

Kurtas and Suits:
If you are looking up for unconventional yet much relevant Holi gift to cheer up your loved ones then the portal is to offeryou with its extensive catalogue of Kurtas and suits that is inclusive of many amazing Kurtas to wear and have a fun filled colorful play with Holi colors like Gulaal or wet Holi colors.

Colorful Flower Bouquets with Greeting Card:
If conveying heartily Holi wishes is the motto of your holi gifting then this is the perfect gifting option to choose. It’s a combo of beautiful and colorful flowers to represent the colorful hues of Holi and is clubbed with an attractive Greeting card to great loved ones with Holi wishes.

Dryfruits, Mithai and Thandai Hamper:
For the ones willing to greet loved ones with a big and most delightful Holi surprise, this hampers of Holi Dryfruits pack clubbed with Mithai or Gujiya with Thandai is an excellent gifting option. On the portal there is ample number of such attractive Holi gift combos to make choice for.

…and there is lot more to explore at to gear up with Holi gifting procedure. All that you need is to make a visit at the portal’s widest and impressive collection of Online Holi Gifts to buy best suitable one on time. However to wish loved ones residing far away in India, there is the facility to send Holi Gifts to India residing loved ones via prompt delivery service or Express Holi gifts delivery. There is also exclusive catalogue for Haldiram holi gifts too.

Celebrate The Festival of Colors Wholeheartedly And Adulate Your Loved Ones With Sweet Holi Gestures!

With the festivals of colors and brotherhood on the verge, one can clearly listen the celebratory music which is about to enter into your lives. The festival of colors and traditional Indian sweets is a perfect combo to celebrate this festival. With Holi sweets the celebration of festival can be enhanced upto certain notch and thereby can be celebrated in spirited manner with full excitement and enthusiasm.

With the traditional Indian sweets and colorful Gulaal this festival can be celebrated in spirited way with blissful manner and all. On this day there is a tradition of exchanging sweets and playing the festival with Gulaal. There are so many gifting ideas and all by which you can make this day grand and can make this day a most memorable one.

Now the question is what are those wondrous gifts that can be presented on the occasion of this colorful day and thereby can bring smiles and charm onto the faces of your loved ones? Well the is not hard to find as gifting is always associated with heart and for this reason whatever true gesture you will present to your loved ones. You will definitely succeed in this quest of finding the right gift if you go by your heart and look for gestures which are as per likings of your loved ones.

One of the most important things while choosing a gift for this day or any other day is to keep an account of the occasion and what it reflects. Like there are always different gifts for festivals than that of personal occasions, in this regard if you wish to succeed and wanted to choose a righteous gift. In order to do so look to find the righteous gesture as per the likings and desire of your loved ones and thereby you can easily find the heartiest gesture so that you can adore them to the fullest.

Since Holi the festival is associated with colors and your entire gift must reflect the same and hence find the right gift so that you can make the most of this wonderful gesture in order to make the most of this day. Finding the right kind of gestures is not the tiresome process and hence presents them with the most adoring gestures which are as per your likings if you won’t be able to know or find what the likings of your recipient are.

Some of the most amazing Holi gifts are Adorable Holi Hampers, Delectable Holi Gifts, Special Holi Gifts, Alluring Holi Gestures, Sweet Holi Delicacies and plenty more Holi gifts to choose from. Look for these gifting options and make you Holi most memorable one. Fill the day with joy and happiness and celebrate the festival of colors whole heartedly in spirit and enthusiasm.

Visit and get some of the most amazing Holi gifting catalogues and Holi Sweets catalogue so that you can make the most of this day. Present your loved ones with these amazing gifts so that they get adored and celebrate Holi to the fullest. Go online and send Holi Gifts to India and abroad in the single click.

How to Make Holi Colors Naturally at Home!

This Holi avoid using synthetic Holi colours and chemical dyes in this Holi. If you are wondering how to make natural Holi colors at home then read then blog.

Green Dry Colour: 
  1. Mehendi and henna powder can be used either separately or blended together in equal quantity of any flour to get vibrant green shade.
  2. Crushed tender leaves of the Wheat plant are also used for attaining natural green Holi colour.
  3. Dry and finely powdered leaves of Gulmohur tree are also used for a green Holi colour.
Green Wet colour: 
  1. Dissolve two teaspoons of Mehendi in one litre of water and stir it well.
  2. Add two teaspoons of Henna powder in one litre of water and stir it well. You can also add more henna powder as per desired intensity of colour.
  3. Green colour of holi can also be achieved by mixing fine paste of leaves like palak (spinach), tomato leaves, coriander / dhaniya, mint / pudina in water.
Red Dry Colour:
  1. Red Sandal Wood Powder (Raktachandan), Lalchandan has a beautiful red colour. It is very beneficial for the skin. This can be used in place of Red Gulal.
  2. Dried flowers of red hibiscus are powdered to make a beautiful red colour. To increase the quantity, add white flour to it.
Red Wet Colour:
  1. Put two teaspoons of Red Sandalwood powder in 1 litre of water and boil it. Cool and use it.
  2. Peels of Pomegranate boiled in water. Lovely red colour water is obtained. 
Yellow Dry Colour:
  1. Mix four teaspoons of Turmeric (haldi) powder with double quantity of besan (gram flour).
  2. Besan can be substituted by any other flour like wheat flour, rice flour, maida, arra rot (ground nut) powder and fuller's earth (multani mitti).
Yellow Wet Colour 
  1. Two teaspoon of haldi is disolved in two litres of water and stir well. Boil this water to increase the concentration of colour and further dilute for bulk qauntity.
  2. Soak Marigold / Gainda (Tagetus erecta) flowers and Amaltas (Cassia fistula) in water. Boil and leave it for overnight.
Blue Dry Colour
  1. Dried flowers of Jacaranda are grinded to obtain a beautiful blue colour. It can be used as blue gulal.
  2. The blue Hibiscus is also dried and powdered just like red hibiscus.
Blue Wet Colour 
  1. Crushed berries (fruits) of Indigo plant are added to water and obtain desired color strength. It can be boiled in water to attain rich dark blue colour.
Magenta Wet Colour
  1. Peel Beet root and overnight soak in 1 litre of water for a brilliant magenta colour.
  2. Boil the peels of pink onions in water and get orangish-pink colour.
Saffron Wet Colour
  1. Boil flower petals of red Semul or Silk Cotton flowers in water for attaining saffron colour.
Brown Wet Colour
  1.  Kattha (Acacia catechu), when mixed in water gives deep brownish colour.
  2. Boil 20-25 Tea or Coffee leaves in 1 litre of water. Cool and use.
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Get Flowers Delivery for a Number of Occasions - Anytime, Anywhere!!

Designer flower bouquets when given to someone special can express more than just flowers bunch. Flower delivery can change the mood on the recipient. You would be surprised to count the number of occasions when we can gift flowers to people. Flowers can be given on birthday, wedding functions, marriage anniversary, farewell, baby shower, death anniversary, offering condolences and many more occasions. 

Flowers bring positive thoughts and sense of happiness. Flowers are used for decoration purposes. It changes the indoor aura and appearance. Flowers are given on both formal and informal ceremonies and occasions.
Fresh flowers can deliver various types of feelings and emotions. It is used to convey best wishes, love, affection, friendship and sympathy as well. Flowers are also bought & sent for funeral services. One can buy flowers for different occasions and events via online too. There are several online portals, who offer timely delivery of fresh flowers at various locations. People can send flowers to Pune with great convenience. Get online delivery of flowers in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Noida and many more cities. Online shoppers can also avail international flower shipping in US, UK, Canada and other international countries.
Let your sweetheart know how much you love and care for them. Get special roses and orchids for them. Send heart shape bouquet along with green foliages and set the mood for a romantic dinner date. Find great variety of pristine flower bouquets in impressive range at online floral shops.
Buy online tulips, sunflowers, orchids, lilies and gerberas. The colour of the bloom also determines the kind of emotions you want to convey. For instance red colored blooms denotes love, yellow stand for friendship and orange blossoms stand for love at first sight.
They would remain opened for 24*7 hours a day. Buy flowers of your choice within your budget. There are unlimited catalogue of flowers online. People can buy online flowers anywhere and anytime. They have safe mode of payment gateways and prompt delivery service in metropolitan cities.
Brighten up your best friend’s day by sending cheery sunflowers and lift their spirit. Wish get well soon to your ailing grandparent by sending fresh lilies. Avail flower delivery service without any hassles and impress your loved ones.
Lovely flowers can add charm and beauty to any household. You can choose flower arrangements in traditional or contemporary style. Fresh flowers are thoughtful gesture and deliver any kind of emotions that words would fail to express.
Say it with flower delivery and bring joy of happiness to that special someone. If you are in a hurry then opt for same day flower delivery. Also avail midnight flower delivery in special occasions like birthday and anniversary. Who does not love to celebrate their special occasions in life with colorful flowers! Thus next time when you are confused about choosing a gift, opt for flower bouquet.
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Sensible Holi Gifts That Are Meant for Adoration to the Fullest!

If you are thinking to adore your loved ones with some of the amazing online Holi Gifts then visit the coolest gifting gateways such as Giftalove. On these gifting gateways you can easily find some of the most adored gesture can also adore your loved ones to the fullest.

In order to do so visit these gifting pylons and get accessed to some of the wondrous Holi gifts that are meant adoration to the fullest. With the most amazing choices of Holi Gifts you can surely add on the celebration of this magnificent festival dedicated to colors and fun.

Here you can find certain gifting ideas so that you can choose from variety of amazing gifts and can surprise your lover to the most. In order to avail hearty gestures for this day explore the site as much as you can and choose a righteous gift as per the choice of your recipients.

Sweet Delicacies for Holi:

Holi is the festival of colors and sweetness, and the sweetness of this festival can be further increased by presenting a Sweet Delicate Gesture. Such a gesture of your can adore your loved ones to the fullest and thereby can add lots of fun and happiness into their celebrations.
Present them with Gujiya Surprise, Kaju Barfi Roll, Peda Hamper, Haldiram Holi Gifts, Authentic Holi Flavors, Herbal Gulal and Sweets and many others.

Special Combo for Holi:

The festival of colors and happiness must be celebrated with spirit and enthusiasm, and for this reason the festival of colors has its own importance. Some of the amazing gifting combos can do miracles as far as the celebration of this festival is concerned.
Present your loved ones with some special combos such as Delectable Holi Combo, Stylish Holi Combo, Authentic Holi Combo, Appetizing Holi Combo and plenty more gifting combos to choose from.

Adorable Holi Hampers:

Hampers are always considered to be a wondrous gesture and for this reason this can be the best gift you can present to your loved ones. With hampers you can celebrate your Holi with lots of colors and happiness. Such gifts can be playful and best accolade for Holi the festival.

You can present Hampers such as Holi Gujiya Hamper, Excellent Holi Hamper, Buckets of Color Hamper, Stunning Holi Hamper, Smashing Holi Hamper, Holi Soan Papdi Hamper and plenty more.

Special Holi Gifts:

You can add few more colors into your celebration of this colorful festival and mark this day as the one of the most memorable day of the year. This catalogue can do wonders for you and for this reason they are the most popular one among the youth and teenagers.

These gestures are inclusive of gifts such as Flask N Shot Glasses, Stylish Holi Chic, Greetings for Special Occasions, Art Work Cushion and plenty more to choose from.

Premium Holi Gifts:

This catalogue can be very impressive and can make your celebration a blast, with this catalogue one can easy filled the moment with joy, happiness and classiness. This catalogue can be used to adore any of the recipients to the fullest.

The catalogue is inclusive of gifs such as true Color basket, Soft Toys, Holi Tray and many other such items that can bring smiles to your recipients face.

Visit and adore your loved ones with some amazing holi gifts that are meant for such occasions only. Go online and avail doorstep deliveries on all your products.

Celebrate The Festival of Colors Enthusiastically By Presenting Some of The Wondrous Gestures!

With the festival of colors Holi is inching closer what is your planning for this special day? How are you planning to celebrate this auspicious festival this year? Well you can add more and more stars into your celebration of this special day by presenting some adorable Holi Gifts 2016 to your loved ones.

Celebrate Holi in Enthusiastic Manner:

Holi can be celebrated in the most enthusiastic with some amazing online Holi Gifts that are meant for such celebrations only. The benefit of going online is that, you can send gifts to India online or gifts to some other places worldwide in just a single click on the mouse of your desktop.

Look for Adorable Holi Gifts Online:

Holi the festival which is dedicated to colors and celebration of brotherhood to the fullest, this day can therefore be celebrated in spirited manner with some adorable gifts that are specially chosen for such occasions. You can also look for online catalogues such and Haldiram Holi gifts ( and others in order to make the most of this day.

Colorful Holi Gifts:

This colorful festival can be celebrated in colorful way by choosing some of the gifts that are considered as the perfect gesture that can accolade such occasions. This catalogue is inclusive of gifting options such as Adorable Mixed Color Kit, Holi Splash, Bucket of Colors, Holi Color Bucket and many others.

Holi Gift Combos:

This Festival can be celebrated to the great effect with some of the Holi Gift Combo that is meant for surprising your recipient. Holi Gift Combo catalogue is inclusive of gifts such as Chocolate Holi Combo, Cute Holi Combo, Cute Holi Combo, Crazy Holi Combo,  Stylish Holi Combo, and plenty others.

Holi Gift Hampers:

Holi Hampers are always adorable by most of us, and presenting a gift hampers on this auspicious occasion can be fantastic and most adorable way to celebrate this festival of colors. Holi Hampers are inclusive of options such as Delectable Holi Hampers, Herbal Holi Hampers and many others of this kind.
Special Holi Gifts:

If this year you’re looking for something different that you can present to your loved ones than you can look towards this catalogue which is inclusive of gifts such as Art Work Cushion Cover, Special Holi Cushion Cover, Adorable Holi Special and many such gifts to make this auspicious day memorable.
Sweet Delicacies for This Day:
Holi can also be celebrated with traditional Indian Sweets as a gesture and thereby this is the most adored gifts that you can present. Plus if you look at the Indian Tradition we always presented sweets on such specials occasions from years. So this year look to adore your loved one with traditional way of gifting.

So, this year make your Holi remarkable by making your family members and friends happy by presenting them with these adorable gestures. Make your recipient happy by choosing adorable gifts that can make your day a blast. For online gifting options visit and adore your loved ones in style.

Mother’s Day Celebration and Gifting Ideas!

Mother’s Day is dedicated to celebration of motherhood, on this auspicious day what are your planning to make this very special day extra special. If you are thinking to adore you mom with a classy gift than you can visit on the online gifting gateways such as where you can find catalogues such as gifts for homemaker moms and so on.

Look Mother’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate motherhood, this year you can do certain things so that you can make your celebration of Mother’s Day a memorable one. This year you can look for some unconventional and thoughtful gifts so that you can awestruck your mom in surprise and make most this day. Here are certain gifting ideas so that you can add few more into your celebration of Mother’s Day.

Go online and look for shipping sections such as Mother’s Day Gifts Delivery to Bangalore, Delhi, and Chennai and across the country so that you can send gifts to your recipient without any hassle. Mother’s Day must be celebrated in spirited manner so that your mom will never gonna forget this memorable day which is given by you to her.

Mother’s Day Flowers:

No doubt flowers are the most wondrous gesture nature has given us, so you can think of Flowers as a gesture on this Mother’s Day. Flowers are the best when it comes to conveying the message of love and showing how much you respect for her. Your message of love and respect can become loud with floral gesture as flowers will fill their beauty and charm to that moment.

Mother’s Day Personalised Gifts:

Personalised gifts are adorable irrespective of the occasion, if you are searching a personalized option for this day than you might get into tussle that what to present to her or what not to. Personalised gifts are always considered to be more appropriate for most of the occasions thereby you can present a great gesture so that it they means that we should leave.

Cakes for Mothers Day:

No doubt that without cakes your celebrations of most of the occasions are incomplete and therefore you can also gift her with a lovely cake. A cakey gesture must be applauded by many of us and your mom will love this if you present her with cake. You can look for cakey options if your wish make you celebration unique and mind blowing.

Mother’s Day Gift Hampers:

Gift hampers are always alluring and most of the people love to receive it a gesture. Hampers may inclusive of gifts such as Teddy N Chocolate Hamper, Flower N Teddy Hamper, and Teddy N Chocolate Hamper, Heart Shape Floral Hamper, Basket Hamper and many hampers to choose from. So, on this auspicious day of dedicated to mothers you can present this as a gesture of love and respect.

This day belongs to the mothers and thereby its celebration should be as bigger as the characteristics of women. On this very auspicious day present your mom with a lovely gift and make the most of this day. Mother’s Day must be celebrated in spirited manner so that this day will be marked as celebration of motherhood to the fullest.

10 Classy Personalized Gifts to Adore Your Nearest and Dearest!

Personalised Gifts are the most celebrated gesture, when it comes to celebration of any special and astonishing occasion or event. Personalised Mugs for Couples and other stuffs like this are considered to best options under personalized category.

Personalised gifts are best suited for occasions which are celebrated with nearest and dearest, with close friends and nearest colleagues. This year look for amazing personalized gifting options other than just mugs. You can actually present some other heart robbing personalized gesture that are specially chosen in order adore your love for your recipient.
On the online gifting pylons such as you can actually find some of the most amazing gifts so that you can the coming occasion of you’re a blast. On such online gateways you can actually send gifts to India and anywhere abroad.

Personalised Calendar & Posters:

Although Personalised Calendar’s & Posters are not the traditional gift which people exchanges, but this year you can look for some unique gift. Calendar is symbol of time and if you are present time to your recipient than there is bigger gesture that that.

Personalised Caricature:

Caricature looks astounding, but when it comes to gift what to give him/her many people don’t prefer it. Certainly caricature can be the best for such cases. Personalized Caricature can be even more suitable for many of the lovely occasions and these gestures can make their mark to the fullest to any of such occasions.

Personalised Clock:

Personalized Clock can be another beautiful gesture that can be presented as a thoughtful gesture to any of the recipient. Clocks are always adorable and it is significance of running time and motivates you to stop not till what you eye for is achieved. Present this gift and adore your love in style.

Personalised Greetings:

Greeting Cards are best known for wishes, from childhood we are fond of making Greeting Cards so for this reason personalized greeting card is even more appealing for your recipient.  You can wish your significant person to the fullest and can celebrate the coming occasion with Greetings.

Personalised Key Chains:

Key Chains will remain with you most of the times, than think of it as a gesture. You can present personalized key chains to your loving someone so that he /she will think about you every time they used that Key Chain. This gesture is also available in various kinds such as doubled side key chains etc.

Personalised Crystal Gifts:

Crystal Gifts looks very beautiful when presented with love and affection to any recipient. Personalised Crystal Gifts are pretty and looks classy and erotic ant the same time. This is a wondrous gesture which can be presented with love and affection to anyone irrespective of how close you are.

Some Other Unique Personalized Gifts:

This catalogue is inclusive of gifts other than those which are mentioned above. You can present such gestures to most of the occasions to most of the recipients. They are inclusive of options such as Great Mom Personalized Ceramic Tile, Personalized Puzzle Game, Personalised Leather Note and more options.

Visit GiftaLove and get these amazing personalized gifts delivered at your doorsteps or the doorsteps of your loved ones. With this pylon you can send gifts to India and across the globe in just a single click on your mouse.

Holi Gifts And Their Symbolic Importance On This Auspicious Day Dedicated To Colors And Celebration!

With the festival of Colors i.e. Holi is at the verge of coming what is your planning to make this Holi unforgettable. If you want to adore your loved ones on this auspicious festival and want to send Holi Gifts to India or any other significant place then you need to visit on gifting pylons such as Giftalove.

Holi is the festival of colors and it is dedicated to the celebration of brotherhood, on this auspicious occasion people pretty often rebinds their knots with their loved ones and close friends. Symbolically this festival is the significant occasion on which people strengthen their bonds and celebrate brotherhood.
With online Gifts you can astonish your loved ones to the most and can celebrate this festival enthusiastically. With certain gifting ideas and all you can make most of this occasion and can make your bonds or relationships stronger and stronger. Holi is associated with a famous Indian Mythological Tale and thus it is very significant festival in India. Symbolically Holi symbolizes victory of Good over Evil and for this reason the festival is prominent in this part of the world.
Holi as a festival is celebrate for few reasons some celebrate this festival as a symbolic interpretation of good over evil, while some to strengthen their bonds and many because of its Historic importance. So whatever ideology you follow, it doesn’t really matters as far as you are willing to celebrate this auspicious occasion and hence celebrating it in spirited manner is also very important.
On this day you can present N numbers of gifts but your gift must reflect the occasions and your own persona. On this auspicious day you can start certain rituals or can make some important promises in order to improve the individuality you have. So as this festival has symbolic importance takes this as an opportunity to bring some changes for betterment into the lives of your closed ones.
On the auspicious festival of Holi you can present Foodie Gestures if your recipient is foodie, traditionally on the occasion of this festival Traditional Indian Sweets such as Gulab Jamun, Gujiya, Kaju Katli and others are very popular and hence you can present these sweets as a gesture to express your love for him/her. This can certainly be adored by your recipients and appreciated by them to the most.
So on this festival look to revive the relationships that are not as frequent as others send Holi Wishes to your friends and relatives and make this special day extra special for them. You can also send Holi Gifts to India or abroad, and if you wanted to do so look towards online gifting pylons as there you might avail free shipping at the doorsteps of your loved ones.
Visit and make the most of this coming occasion by choosing some amazing gifts from the gifting catalogues of this portal. Get an amazing range of gifting options to choose from and adore your significant recipients on this auspicious festival of colors and brotherhood.

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So in your Holi shopping list Gujiya is on the top? Well then at you are deinately to come across an amazingly tasty and delightful range of Gujia for Holi Starting @ Rs. 340! Yes it’s true! You can now buy amazingly tasty and crunchy Gujia online at a very reasonable price of Rs. 340 online. So what are you still thinking? Hurry to place your orders right now!

3 Most Unconventional Personalized Gift Ideas to Surprise Someone Dear!

Gifting brings happiness and the joy doubles when it comes from someone very special. So being that special one for someone special of yours you need to make a choice for the most special gift. A personalized gift just matches to this need in the best way. To know more on unconventional Personalized Gift ideas read the blog further.

Gifting is an art all you need is to keep updating it with time and change in the trends of gifting. Today with the advancement in the technology, plethoras of new varieties of gift products make their entry in the market. However gift that gets maximum preference among the customers are the Heart touching and unique gifting options.

One gift that is perfect in both the ways is Personalized Gifts and advancement in technology is making the reach of personalized gifts wider with almost everything getting personalized with photos text, and more.

However 3 Most Unconventional Personalized Gift Choices to Make are:

Personalized Refrigerator Magnets:

For the ones looking up for unconventional gift option to impress someone dear then personalized Refrigerator Magnet is the best gift option to choose. These are available in different kinds of shapes and sizes to get personalized with image, text and more.

Personalized Caricature:

Many times we need a funky gift to cheer up someone very dear and close like friends, family, cousins and other. Thus for them a Personalized Caricature is the most perfect gift to choose and buy online. These are basically a kind of table tops of a cartoon character that is to be personalized with a face picture of the receiver.

Personalized Crystal Table Top:

For the ones in looking for a heart winning or a very special gift to convey love to the most loving couple, Personalized Crystal Table top is the gift option to make choice for. It is also a kind of table top made of crystal and available in different shapes to get personalized with a laser engraved picture or text. This is one of the most impressive and heart winning gifts to choose out of the range of Personalized Gifts.

There is lot more in the vast array of online Personalized Gifts to make choice from. All that one need is to explore the widest collection of Personalized Gifts range available at! There is lot more in the widest collection of gifts, flowers and cakes online on the portal. So start exploring right now!