Presents Some Pointers for a Safe & Secure Diwali Celebration

With the festival of lights, Diwali round the corner, gives you some piece of advices to keep in mind while indulging a glittering Diwali festivity.

Diwali has just approached. And while you are still thinking over the guest list, there are some pointers you need to keep in mind while throwing a grand Diwali party. Traditionally, the celebration calls for delicacies prepared with rich ingredients, lots of fireworks, worship and elaborate outfits. The grander the home décor or Diwali decoration, the better it outfits the mood of the celebration. But, with lots of people today opting for contemporary Diwali festivity over the traditional ones, to cut back on everything over-the-top, here are some pointers you need to remember while planning such Diwali bash.

Gifts Galore : When we talk about gifting this Deepawali, it’s always wiser to put some consideration into your presents. All your gifts should have a personal touch. It’s shouldn’t be like you just rushed into a store & picked up the first stuff on sale.

Keep in mind that, at the end of the day, it’s not the quantity or price that counts, but how much thoughtfulness you have put in to make the recipient feel special.

Do not stick just with the traditional gifts, but try something unique like pooja thali, Diwali decorations, showpieces, designer candles, etc. as gifting purposes.

In case, you have ended up with the idea of gifting sweets, take every person’s preference into consideration. Rather than investing in half kilo of motichoor ka laddoos, send small portion of assorted sweets that will include something for everyone. Some nice gifting ideas would be flower bouquets or arrangements that have pleasant fragrance. Candle holders, diyas, lanterns, etc. would also make great gift choices.

Safe, Secure & Eco-Friendly Diwali :

This year on Diwali go eco-friendly. Go plastic free and opt for eco-friendly papers for gift packaging. Diwali celebration is incomplete without crackers and patakhas. Avoid noisy fireworks and switch to noiseless crackers and less smokey ones.

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Decorate your home with earth-friendly earthen lamps instead of electric lamps to conserve electricity. Decorate your home with beautiful flowers to give it a fragrant yet attractive look.


Gifting is an integral part of Diwali where people exchange gifts with their loved ones, relatives and families. The festival of lights and most celebrated festival of Hindus that continues for five days, Diwali is meant to be rejoiced with great gusto. On this specific day, all family members gather together, indulge into food sharing, perform Mahalaxmi puja and endow gifts with each other and in the evening enjoy the fest by bursting crackers.

However, if someone you love most or any of your family member is not in the city or has moved to any other location for any reason then you should not worry because you can still make this festival enchanting for them by endowing them some beautiful Diwali gift items that are great indeed and recipient won’t be able to deny the beauty of such gifts. suggests top 5 diwali gifts that you can send to your dear ones to wish this diwali. Let’s find them below-

1- Dryfruits N Ganesha - Dryfruits N Ganesha is indeed an auspicious gift that you can send to your loved ones who are looking for something special this diwali. It’s a beautiful arrangement that includes a beautiful bag loaded with healthy dryfruits and two twin diyas that re lit with the style. It would simply be an awesome gift for your dear ones. Let’s find them now!
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2- Pan Shape Leaf Hamper - The Pan shaped leaf hamper includes a Pan shaped plate that is made up of a glittering material and look awesome in appearance. This Pan leaf is filled with ferrero broacher chocolates along with 5 decorative diyas that you include into Deewali decoration.
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 3- Lightening Bottles - Let’s give an additional touch and enhance the beauty of your home décor this diwali by including the lightening bottles into your home decoration. Get four beautiful designed and colorful bottles that are having beautiful lights around them and look great indeed in terms of design. Let’s spark the beauty of your homes.
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4- Felicitous Ecstasy- Felicitous ecstasy is brighter and remains to be a smartest option to add into diwali puja. It’s a beautiful silver thali with intricate design along with golden color paint. This thali is having two idols of Laxmi and Ganesha and five colorful diyas that come in different colors such as orange, blue, green, red and saffron. Get then now! But it in just $11.65 INR/Rs.699
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5- Ganesha N Chocolates- Your loved ones will not have any reason to reject it. Just gift it to your loved ones who love chocolates. This gift pack comes up with a beautiful idol of Ganesha and loads of lip-smacking chocolates and five colorful diyas. It’s one of the most delectable gift that you send on the eve of diwali. Let’s buy them now!
Cost- $9.15 INR/Rs.549
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Top 10 Diwali Gifts to Bring Loads of Jollity in Loved Ones’ Lives!

Diwali- the Festival of Lights is one its way to bring loads of joy, jollity, cheerfulness snacks, fireworks, glittering diyas, and of course parties, merriment! Wait a minute? Did we miss anything to mention? Yes! The most important part of Diwali- Gifts!!! I know it’s not easy for you and you are perplexed what to buy & gift this season. After all, this celebration comes once in a year. So, I though I’ll make this task a little easier for you & tell you about some top products of which make an ultimate gifting option. Gifting sweets and dryfruits is passé. Wanna your gift to be stand out? Take a sneak peek look at below mentioned Diwali gifts…….

• Dryfruits N Ganesha - what could be better than gifting good luck & prosperity to loved ones? this beautiful combo of 200gm dryfruits filled stylishly in a tiny net pouch, one Ganesha idol and 2 decoartive diyas, is suitable to bring a smile on loved one’s face who is gonna receive this.

• Ganesha Illumination - Like this amazing gift, your loved ones’ face would gleam in joy! An attached set of seven metallic lamps with a traditional design together with a metallic idol of Lord Ganesha is really gonna win over your near and dear ones’ hearts this Diwali!

• Express -Diwali Double Celebration: It’s a delicious, scrumptious yet yummy hamper of a box of 140gm Cadbury Celebrations, a box of 240gm Cadbury Celebrations and an elegant Diwali greeting card, which makes this festival rejoicing for each and everyone out there.

 • Ganesha N Sweets -Your loved ones would jump in joy the moment when you gift them this exclusive hamper with a cute Ganesha Idol, 250gm Soan Papdi Pack and 2 decorative diyas.

• Felicitous Ecstasy - This auspicious thali is a great gift for loved ones out there to welcome the blessings of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha.

Ganesha N Chocolates -If you wanna gift something ethnic and delicious go for this hamper which features a statue of Lord Ganesha sitting cross-legged position, 200gm homemade chocolates and four decorative diyas.

Assorted Sweet- 1Kg - Diwali is perfect time to relish some sugary, syrupy delicacies. It’s time to munch on sweets. Let your loved ones enjoy this delicious assorted sweet gift pack of 1 kg.

• Chocolates in a Bag - Wanna try something unusual this Diwali? Go for this surprising gift sack full of mouth-watering chocolates containing 2 Dairy Milk of 18 gm each, 100 gm homemade assorted sugary treats and two 5 stars of 24 gm each! All these are packed in a jute bag which outwardly seems bizarre but chocolaty delights filled inside! I’m sure your loved ones’ would scream in joy after unpacking it!

• Golden Cards -  Got a lot of cards parties on the list? Wondering what to take along at inviter’s home since you can’t go empty handed during this festival. Here is the solution! The gold plated cards flexible and soft in hand and packed in a wooden box would definitely delight your loved ones. Let the game begin with this shimmering card!

• Lightening Bottles -  Add to your or your loved ones’ home décor with this amazing gift containing four illuminating bottles of 9 inches in height.

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So, this Diwali carry harmony, wealth, prosperity, success and happiness into your & your near and dear ones’ lives by gifting these top gift items.

Top Five Decoration Ideas to Give a Festive Look to your Home this Diwali!

The festival of light has arrived and just a few days are left to this grand celebration! Is your home up to the mark to rejoice this festival? Have you spruced up your home to welcome Goddess Lakshmi this auspicious day? Is there anything making your decoration( incomplete? Worry not, if you come across any such situation. Here I’m gonna help you out to make your home quite peppy for the celebration of Diwali. Just buckle up and continue reading……………

As we all know Diwali is the most awaited celebration in India as it brings happy days in one’s life. You just have to make the festival as beautiful as ever. Making your Deepawali days very special and rapturous can be done by creating an ambiance that unleashes divine, joyous feelings. Our home is the place where we spend the quality time of our lives. How to jazz up your home this Diwali? Here are some ideas which will help you out.

Diwali Decoration through Diyas and Candles :  Diwali means the festival of lights, so decorative diyas and candles are the major attractions of this festival. Either you can make decorative candles or diyas at home or opt for the designer ones available online. Place these Diwali decorations in your living room or the exterior wall. You can place these in your patio to sparkle light. For a more sensuous decoration add some aromatic candles at your living space.

Rangoli : Rangoli is one of the major attractions of Diwali. People love to draw images and figures on floors with the help of flowers, colorful sawdust or other materials. Do up the entrance of your home by making a beautiful rangoli and place a diya at the center to further jazz up its look.

Flowery Decoration : Decorating various nooks and corners of your home with flowers not just make your home look beautiful but also makes the ambiance soothing with pleasant fragrance. Take some flowers to make a garland, now use this garland on stair railings, handles and at the entrance. Put some rose petals as well as flowers in a glass bowl filled with water & place it at the dining table or in your living space. It will add to your interiors.

Decorative Lights: Pep up the interiors and exteriors of your house with decorative lights. Either you can choose a string or hanging light or go for customary one to add sparkle to your home.

Showpieces and Accessories: If there is no brightness in your interiors, and you don’t have time to get a new coat of paint onto it, give your interiors a sparkling look by repositioning furniture and adding some elegant showpieces. Wall hangings, door hangings, etc. can better be used to enhance the look of your home.

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Some ideas to give a new dimension to Bhai Dooj festivity

Bhai dooj is one of the festivals that predate Rakshabandhan because both of these two festivals commemorate the immense love and bond siblings have with each other in India. Among these two, Bhai Dooj and is more widely celebrated in Northern India. This is a day that brings together brothers and sisters who are split by distances and social obligations. As per the ritual, Sisters apply Tika on the forehead of their brothers and this is considered very propitious and is the main connotation of the fiesta apart from bhai dooj gifts and sweets.

Bhai dooj is generally celebrated in the month of October - November, just after 2 days of Diwali. Although the appropriate date is not fixed when it falls but as per the astrologers it falls on the new moon night. This festival strengthens the brother and sister’s bond and is vastly sacrosanct by Hindus. There are numbers of legends attached to this festival.

It is said that Yamraj who’s the god of death once paid a visit to his sister’s home, his sister Yamuna, to welcome his brother applied the vermilion Tilak on his forehead and also put a garland around him and wished him for his wellbeing. They both exchanged gifts with each other. Legend says that, Yamraj got so happy with this and Yamraj announced that anyone who gets vermilion Tilak on this auspicious day will never be thrown to hell after death. And, this is also the reason we call Bhai Dooj as Yama Dwitiya.

The festival is celebrated by full gusto by all Hindus across India, especially in North India. This auspicious Puja of bhai dooj is performed at the same place where deities are placed during Diwali Puja. Sisters arrange a fully decorated Bhai dooj Puja Thalis along with all sorts of required stuff. Sisters draw a Bhai Dooj Tilak on their brother’s head, perform Aarti, offer sweets and pray for their long life and prosperity.

In order to perform Aarti, Puja thalis are accompanied by an amazingly adorned Puja Thali that comprises roli and rice in specific Katoris. And, thalis are also decorated with colored grains, petals, leaves, pepper, buds, beads and sequins. Apart from this bhai dooj sweets are also the important part of Diwali celebration.
Bhaidooj, the festival signifies the immense bond of siblings. Apart from this all, exchanging gifts is also a vital part of diwali festival where both brothers and sisters exchange gifts with each other. If you are looking for some exclusive gifts to captivate your dear siblings then here’s a right opportunity for you to choose from the wide range of gift items from

The site is having an immense range of gift item that you can choose and send to your dear ones with quick online delivery. There are plentiful gift items such as apparel, traditional gifts, fashion accessories, beauty products, household items, kitchen appliances, flowers, chocolates, cakes, sweets and many more...


The festival of bhai dooj is round the corner and all siblings are in festivity mood. As the fest is meant to be celebrated with great enthusiast and gusto, you have to make different types of preparations. Apart from managing your individual persona you also need to consider about the gift items that you are going to present to your dearest brother and sister. It’s a pious festival of Hindus. The whole observance on this day denotes that the brother will protect the sister in all circumstances and the sister will bless him. If you are looking to surprise your dear siblings across India then go for some gift ideas that are all set to captivate the recipients.

There are multiple gift items that you can choose from to captivate your dear ones. If you are really don’t know what to gift to your dear ones then you can find some great suggestions here which are quite preferable and always ready to meet your desires. On the eve of Bhai dooj, shops are almost flooded with oodles of Bhai dooj gift items that you can deliver to your dear ones. These are divided into different categories that could be bought at cool prices and could also be sent to your dear ones with quick and swift online delivery.

There are plentiful gift plentiful gift items that you can send to your lovable siblings. Here you have a wide range of gift items for both him and her so look them below- Bhai dooj gifts for brother Your brother may be of different mood and different style statement so make sure that you better know about what he likes or what he hates more importantly? What stuffs he would love completely depend on what does he likes? There are numbers of gift items you can chose for your brothers like- jeans, t-shirt, gadget accessories , fashion accessories, sport items, fitness items. if he loves cricket then you can gift him a fully prepared cricket kit that he would simply love. For the boys who are quite studious, you can gift out some famous nobles, story books, written by his favorite author. For the tech savvy brother, you can gift smartphone, iPhone, iPod, earphones etc. Just choose from the wide range of Bhai Dooj gifts for your dearest brothers to make this fest ever enchanting and memorable for him. Bhai Dooj gifts for sisters While you are up on your mark to send any gift to your sister don’t forget the fact that you are gonna choose gift for a girl. Finding gifts for girl is indeed a tough deal to perform so make sure that you are making a right selection. Make sure that you are better aware with the likes and dislikes of your dearest sister. As you have grown up with her, you will be better aware with her areas of interest and hobbies. There are multiple gift items to choose for sisters’ like- apparel, cosmetic items, jewelery and lot more. Let’s choose from such wide range of gift items and let them be delivered to your dear ones quickly.

Bring Curves of Happiness on Dear Ones’ Face by Sending Diwali Gifts Online!

One of the fortunate times of the year, Deepawali also called the Festival of Lights brings with it family reunions & smiling curves on faces. With no more time wasting, people are seen contemplating so as to what special can be gifted this Diwali on 3rd November 2013. Decoding all these concerns, presents you the ultimate gift ideas this Diwali.
• Diwali Decoration:
Deepawali festival signifies the importance of Goddess Lakshmi bringing wealth & prosperity. People bejeweled as well as renovate their houses with paint, antiques as well as other home décor items. To save on time, decorative items can be bought easily through this gifting portal.
• Jewelry:
 Dhanteras falling a day before Diwali celebration marks the significance of gold & silver in bringing prosperity and good fortune. It’s also a great time to present some elegant jewelry pieces to loved ones especially women. You can Send Diwali Gifts to India for her in terms of exclusive pieces of trinkets like anklets, necklace, earrings, and many more.
• Chocolates:
An all-time favorite gift for Diwali celebration is chocolates. Different types of flavors, types and varieties are available these days. This Diwali 2013, if you wanna give a lip smacking surprise to your loved ones, just send them beautiful packages of Diwali Chocolates.
• Dry Fruits:
Same as chocolates, dry fruits too are an evergreen Diwali gift. You can send dry fruits to India on Diwali in different packages as well as packs. For a bit more creative gift, you can opt for dry fruit hampers comprising different flavors and dry fruits like cashews, nuts, chestnuts, almonds, raisins and so on.
• Crackers & Candles:
 Diwali is all about fireworks, lights and merriment. Crackers are the soul of this celebration. In order to captivate the younger members of your family, you can send crackers. You can even encourage them to take part in the celebration with full swing by sending candles too.
• Sweets:
Satiate your loved ones’ sweet tooth with exotic tastes and varieties of sweets. With this online gifting portal, Diwali Sweets can be delivered within a few clicks of mouse. You can opt for sweets like laddoos, pedas, soan papdi, rasgullas, and many more.
• Flowers:
 Flowers can be used to deck the home, make rangoli or even gifted to loved ones as ultimate token of love. In gifting world, flowers hold important place. From bouquets to baskets, heart shaped arrangements to simple bunches; you can send flowers to India on the occasion of Diwali. So, the gift ideas are there, just pick the one which attracts you most and let your wishes add spark to your loved ones’ life!

Send Bhaidooj Gifts to India to keep the essence of festival unaffected with Geographical Distances

In India, the immense bond of brother and sister’s love is hyped with glory with the celebration of Bhai Dooj. The name Bhaidooj is abbreviated with two different words i.e. Bhai and Dooj where Bhai means brother and Dooj means the second day after the new moon. The fest is observed two days after Diwali to relish this special relationship. To commemorate this festival with full fervor, sisters get up early in the morning and make preparations for the festivities. And, sweets and delicious meal is prepared to celebrate the fest.

Sister invites her brother at her place and treats him with scrumptious meal. Before that amazing feasting, sister performs a traditional ritual where she applies Tikka on the forehead of her brother and prays to god for his good health and prosperity. Instead of this grand feasting and performing such a great ritual, brother in turn also showers his love and blessings on their sisters by endowing them some beautiful gift Provides a wide range of bhaidooj gifts.

 Bhai Dooj is celebration in many parts of Indian and mainly in Northern India. Each state has its own way and tradition of celebrating this fest, but the essence of the festival remains impervious to the transform in name. This fest is no more or less than a tribute to the love and care shared between siblings.

In every state, the fest of Bhai dooj is celebrated with different names that vary as-
• Bhai Tika or Bhai Teeka in Nepal
• Bhai Phota or Bhai Fota in West Bengal
• Bhathru Dwithiya or Bhatri Ditya
• Yamadwitheya, Bhav Bij/Bhau beej in Maharashtra and Goa
• Bhai Beej/Bhai Bij in Gujarat

Bhai Dooj is also called as ‘Yama Dwitiya’ due to a strange legend behind this. As per this legend, it’s alleged that on this day Yamraj the death of God, visited his sister Yamuna and she heartily welcomed his brother and applied Auspicious Tilak on his forehead. She then offered him scrumptious meal. Yamraj got overwhelmed with this and declared this fest as the boon. Hence the fest if celebrated with great enthusiast and zeal. It’s said that anyone who receives Tilak on his forehead on this day is never thrown to hell after death and lives a prosperous long life. Now , you can send bhai dooj tikka online to Your dear brother. Today in the modern era, gifting had turned out to be the integral part of this fest where brothers always tend to captivate their sisters with some exclusive gift items.

 So if you also don’t want to keep the essence of festival unaffected with Geographical Distances and looking to enchant your loved once then you can now send bhai dooj gifts to india to your loved ones who’ve settled to different parts of the country (India) and other nations. You can also send bhai dooj gifts to usa , Uk etc.

There is a huge list of category for Bhai Dooj Gifts you can choose from. So let’s just move ahead and pay a visit to one of the leading e-gifting portal of India that is known to endow shoppers with some amazing gifts.

Buy some Dazzling Diwali Diyas online to send your loved ones who’ve settled UK

Diwali is all around the corner and will bring loads of prosperity and auspiciousness hence people are also buffs to delight this fest with full hype. It’s such an important and most celebrated festival of Hindus that is meant to be celebrated along with the large scale of cheerfulness.
 In order to commemorate this fest in the way it should be rejoiced, we have to prepare a lot that include- home cleaning, decoration, shopping for new stuffs and all. Amid all such activities you can’t deny gifting that is also a major part of Diwali celebration. Gifting is the major part of diwali celebration that you can’t avoid an you have to send some beautiful gift items to your dear e ones who are far off to you or have settled to different cities or countries like UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Australia etc.
 There used to be a time when geographical distance were spoil the charm of Diwali celebration but today, scenario is bit different and you can easily connect your hearts and can share your emotions and wishes to your loved ones.
 As gifting is an important part of diwali festival, you have to gift some expressive gift items to your loved ones. There are plentiful gifting items that you can endow to your family members, friends, associates, etc. If you’re confused and don’t know what you should gift this diwali then Dazzling Diwali Diyas are just here to help you out with this. This year, let’s convey your Happy Deepawali wishes with r Dazzling Diyas which are harmonizing with bamboo less incense sticks these propitious gifts feels rather complete.
They are packed festive red gift box our and tied up with sparkling red cover ribbon. They are the most delightful Diwali Gifts for business, family and friends. Such Diyas are crafted from the premium excellence porcelains once casted into stunning star shape, individual pieces walk through an exceptional and specialized method of electro-plating.
During this manufacturing procedure, layers of metal in microns are encrusted on diyas whirling porcelain diyas into elegant and glittering diyas. The coating which is made to these diyas is rather resilient it doesn’t turn spotted or black with the flames while it’s lighted. The electronic plate on pottery is extremely dedicated art and an intricate procedure reason why this new craft is limited to comfy porcelain yields. The gift boxes of these Diyas are also given a much preference and given some great designs so that it could captivate the recipients. You can Send Diwali Gifts to UK along with such Diyas with quick delivery. They could easily be sent in India as well as world. This easy to pack and strapping gift box is quite easy to be placed in courier without the need of extra padding. Wish you a very Happy Deepawali from Team!!

Pamper your Wife this Karwa Chauth by Gifting an Elegant Piece of Jewelry

The annual celebration of marital bliss is here once again! Have you done needful arrangements for this festival? Karwa Chauth is an age-old annual celebration rejoiced by married Hindu women. It is the day on which women keep a day long fast with full dedication and stern rituals for the sake of their husbands’ long life and prosperity.

On this very day married women cuddle in traditional attires & come up with their best of traditional trinkets like bangles, necklaces, and other jewelries. Wearing traditional jewelry on Karwa Chauth is one of its sole essences, which women relish with full fervor. With the festive zeal, exchanging gifts on Karwa Chauth also goes hand in hand. Husbands salute the dedication of their wives by presenting some special gifts. If you wanna add to her festivity, buy her some pieces of Jewelry for Karwa Chauth. Women love jewelries and a gift comprising a unique piece of trinket will really take her excitement to utmost level. If you really desire to pamper your wife, then jewelry can be the best Karwa Chauth gift.

Women have this exclusive bond with jewelry items & are yearn by them immensely. You can find a wide array of pearl to diamond, gold and silver jewelries falling into varying price tags. If you cannot afford an expensive jewelry in any of precious materials, you can go for fashionable ones. Fashion jewelry can be well suited to ladies with elegant taste. If you are wondering where to buy jewelry for Karwa Chauth, then worry not.
There is a gifting portal which is known for their amazing ranges of jewelries and that is This site features a range of jewelries from earrings to necklaces, anklets and bracelets. Customers looking for fashionable jewelries would find an extensive range which will take their breath away. Apart from jewelries for Karwa Chauth, you will find Karwa Chauth pooja thali, baya, sargi, flowers, cakes, chocolates, gift hampers, dry fruits, sweets and a lot more. Gifts given on this very special day are tokens of love as well as marital bond between a husband and his wife. A gift given on this day not just fosters relationship but becomes an emblem of togetherness forever.

Karwa Chauth shopping goes online this year in full swing

Festive season is right here! Months of October and November will bring folks closer to variegated festivals. It’s a time when people will come to know why India is called the land of fairs and festivals. Observing the fast approaching festivals, people are appearing to be more enthusiasts and indulging into shopping in a full swing.

Karwa chauth gift hampers

This year, the online acquisition for the celebratory season, especially for Karwa Chauth which is on 22nd October 2013, is witnessing a spur due to NRIs and the people who are staying far away to their relatives.
Online shopping doesn’t only help shoppers in buying high quality Karwa Chauth Gifts at affordable prices but can also allow them to send the same to their relatives who are staying in abroad countries like- Australia, Canada, UAE and so on.

Big hit of the season- 

What’s the big hit on the eve of Karva Chauth are the provisions for sending online Sargi (pre-fating food) and Baya along with new clothes, sarees, bangles, henna, jewellery, chocolates, sweets and flowers which are available online in different ranges and styles.

Karva chauth is a festival in which all married Hindu women starve full day long to derive marital bliss. It’s believed that the marital bliss earned through this fast add to the longevity of husbands.

The online shopping of new apparels, traditional bangles, exotic henna, in vogue jewellery, lip-smacking chocolates and flowers is intensifying due to the vast availability on the web. Each store this season is swelling with the infinite range of products. Specially decorated Karwa Chauth Gift Hampers are also available with the blend of amazing items such as dry fruits, Baya, and Sargi. Chocolates for Karva Chauth have befallen a desired option as a Karwa Chauth Gift Idea mainly among newlyweds and youngsters. .

Online Shopping Sites- Delivering happiness not Gifts

Yes, online shopping portals don’t only deliver gifts to your relatives living far off to home but send your heartiest wishes, the form of your love and affection within timeframe manner. For some reasons, if you’re failed to reach to your dear one, you can send Karwa Chauth Gifts to Australia and other locations quickly.

Just send beautiful gifts to your beloved wife with e-gifting portals and connect with her on a webcam during the festive evening after she receives gifts on the occasion. It’s a great opportunity for you to send your love to your dearest wife who’s starving for you there in other country. Make her day with amazing gift items. It’s simply another way to describe your heartiest feelings.


What else could be the best Karwa Chauth Gifts to present wives?

Karwa Chauth is indeed a great festival that has great significance. This is the day dedicated holistically to the spouse. On this very special day, married women observe a full day fast to seek the prayers for their husbands longevity and prosperity. She carries the whole day without taking any food and sometime eve a single drop of food so you can imagine how tough or sturdy this fast is?
In the current era, men are also joining the hands of women and observe this fast equally. They believe that when they being can observe full day fast for our wellbeing, why not we? This shows the intense bonding between spouses. Apart from take participation in the evening puja ceremony, gifting is also an integral part of this festival, where women keep a day long fast for their husbands; hubbies in return captivate their beloved wives with some amazing Karwa Chauth Gifts.

But, in most of the cases, when it comes to endow gifts to women, mean always remain to be confused and tend to find out the solution to impress their wives. If you are also the one dealing with the then e-gifting portal or virtual shopping sites can really help you out with this. As the festival is rapidly approaching, online shopping portals have also pulled their sleeves off to help you in best possible manner. Grab some clues at

A sub-division of Gift A Love that is a most prestigious e-gifting portal of India is able to accomplish your all karwa chauth related gift requirements. They have a great range of specified list that is dedicated to this fest like-

karwa chauth pooja thali
• Sargi Wishes to Saas
• Jewelry for Karwa Chauth
• Karwa Chauth Fresh Fruits/dryfruits
• Karwa chauth gift hampers
• Karwa Chauth Teddy Bears etc
Above mentioned is just the glimpse of what gift a love provides. You can find even more special gifts here at super cool prices. As the site deals gifting specifically, you can get some great gift items to captivate your lovable wife who’s expecting for something special this karwa chauth. Apart from these related gifts you can also go for the general gift items that could be found on like- give her a beautiful saree with amazing design, color and pattern.
You can also go for the designer saree that no doubt, prove to be bit high in budget and worth a lot. Jewelery gifts are also available where you can find bangles, earrings, necklace, pendant and other type of jewelery(Jewelry for Karwa Chauth) in various metals such as gold, silver, diamond etc. These gifts could be found at the website. Price is also clearly mentioned below each product. Apart from buying them, you can also send them to your loved ones who are living in far off countries or cities such as Australia, Canada, UK, USA etc. Just choose the product you want to send, make online payment and it will be delivered to your dear ones with quick online delivery.

Cool & Surprising Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas to Surprise the Special Lady living in USA!

Karwa Chauth, like all Indian festivals, is a tome to indulge in festivities. It is celebrated on the fourth day of Kartik month, nine days before Diwali according to Hindu calendar. Married Hindu women have been following this auspicious festival since it began. The legend of this festival is associated with the dedication and loyalty of Queen Veervati and her legendary fast. Since, then this festival has been observed by married women to protect their husband from troubles and seek long life marital bliss. You can Karwa Chauth Gifts to India through our website

Since no festival in India is said to be complete without gift exchanging and fun making, Karwa Chauth too rejoices the festive fervor with gift exchange. This Karwa Chauth I’m sending some cool gifts to my sister-in-law who is recently in USA. If you too are looking for something amazing this Karwa Chauth then keep reading as I’m going to get you some gift ideas by which you can send amazing Karwa Chauth Gifts to USA.
I’m going to get you an idea about personal care gifts.

• Manicure Set:  A manicure set having nail clipper, cuticle pusher, nail file, and a nail brush would make a good pick. These tools are used to glorify nails & improve their appearance. Often women are very particular regarding their appearance and nails. Having a manicure set at home will definitely help them improve their personality and keep their nails in shape. So, gift your daughter, sister-in-law or daughter-in-law a manicure set and bring a hundred watt smile on her face!

• Makeup Kits: Every woman craves for cosmetics, and a makeup kit in this sense is really going to spell bind her. You can buy a makeup kit of famous brands and send it to USA to astonish your lovely lady. It can be presented to anyone whether sister, daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, or sister-in-law on Karwa Chauth.

• Gift Spa Baskets: In women’s gifting section, spa gift baskets also make brilliant gifts. Spa gives relaxing & reviving experience. Attending a spa on regular basis isn’t an affordable affair, however having some spa essentials at home may make the expenses cut to a greater extent! By presenting a spa gift basket on Karwa Chauth, you are giving an opportunity to the recipient to enjoy costly spa at home!

• Perfumes & Fragrances:  An exquisitely wrapped bottle of fragrance would make good gift for an occasion like this. Perfumes & fragrances are believed to be some inevitable gift items that people love to receive and give. To heighten the festive spirit of your recipient this Karwa Chauth, you send send perfumes as gifts to USA to your loved ones.

• Personal Grooming Products:  A set of organic personal grooming products like body wash, moisturizer, lotions, lip balms, etc. also make ultimate gifts. For a woman what would be a surprising Karwa Chauth gift than this?

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So, why to wait? Just pick the desired gift out of aforesaid gift items and send to win your loved ones’ heart!

Birthday Gifts- Go for the ideas that are cool indeed!

In spite of being busy in our professional lives or running behind success, we have to take care of our special ones who are precious gems for us. We can’t abandon them at any cost hence it’s our responsibility to check for their importance. They can be our family members, colleagues, associates, friends etc. And, some of the occasions fall which endow us an opportunity to do something special for them. Though gifts don’t require any occasion to be endowed out but still, if given on any specific time, they can be over enchanting and can captivate the mood of our loved ones who have loads of expectations from us.

Birthday gifts for boyfriend

Let’s share some ideas to electrify your real dude with unique gifts. If it’s a birthday of your boyfriend cum prospective life partner, you need to plan something different than the usual gifts. You can’t just settle it with flowers or simply a pair of jeans and t-shirt. Do something unique. You need to extend your creativity this time. This should be best out of all years you have gifted to your lucky charm yet but the problem is, what to endow boyfriend as a birthday gift?

If you’re also bewildered in making decision or choosing the right stuff, you can find some valuable suggestions here looking into this blog. Birthday is specifically a day when your lucky charm born and you should be grateful to this occasion because of that you managed to find him on planet, haaa...haaa....haaa... jokes a part! Birthday plays an important role in everyone’s life and all want to make this day as memorable as possible. If you indeed want to celebrate this specific day in a historic manner then here you can get some help.

Arrange candle light dinner for him! 

Keep it secret, secret, even till the last day but make sure that he could spare time for that. Just make a candle light dinner arrangement for him. Shocked! Why??? Who says only boys can take their girls out for the candle light dinner? You can also do it and it will be a different experience for your dude. Ask for the hotel’s manager to adorn the dinner table with your boyfriend’s preferable dishes. Each cuisine should be of his choice. Don’t neglect his appetite and in between the dinner, ask him whether he needs something else. Give him full attention as he is rather precious for you. Just check it once- it will be simply awesome.

Give him his dream iPhone

He’s a geek and love iPhones. Is your bored with his old iPhone or planning to change it with the new one? Ok, now you’re on your mark. You’re almost there! Let’s do it by gifting him a new iPhone- possibly the extended version of what he’s using currently. Suppose if he’s using iPhone 4, make it with the 5 or if he’s using iPhone 5 then iPhone 6 is also there for you that is new in the market. It’ll be a most astounding and unexpected gift for your man. Don’t delay anymore. Just do it now and make his birthday even more special.
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Send Flower for Durga Puja and elate your Loved One’s Celebratory Mood!

In India festivals are rejoiced all through the year. The celebratory seasons are awaited excitedly by all as it brings along a time for lots of fun & merriment. However, nothing brings much excitement than the months of October & November that bring forth numerous festivals. Beginning from Dussehra, Durga Puja in the month of October and & ending with the five-day celebration Diwali is the perfect time to spend with near and dear ones. A number of legends are linked with each of these celebrations. For example, Durga Puja marks the victory of Goddess Durga over demon Mahisasura and the vitory of Lod Rama over Ravana. Therefore if you are wondering as to when is Durga Puja 2013, then it is going to be started on October 5. Wearing new clothes, eating delicious sweets, meeting family & friends are all major highlights of this festival.

However, if due to some professional responsibility you are unable to be with your dear ones on this celebration then make it up to them by sending flowers for durga Puja( It goes without saying that flowers are perfect medium to convey emotions and show gratitude. Thus, you can send flowers to India on Durga Puja by choosing from massive range of floral arrangements available on various gifting portals.

In Durga Puja gift section of a preferred site, you’ll find a splendid selection of endowments which your loved ones will be excited to receive. You can choose from exotic flower bouquets, mouth watering sweets, silver gifts and many more. Undoubtedly, any Indian festival seems incomplete without flair of mouth-watering delicacies; hence top gifting portals offer a variety of delicacies that will obviously be adulated by your loved ones. You can choose to send your loved ones traditional sweets, sweet hamper with flowers, Durga Puja thalis and many more. Sending Durga Puja thali on this very special day makes an ultimate yet traditional gift.

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Apart from that, some silver gifts or divine idols will be ultimate gifts as every Indian celebration begins by offering prayers to God. You can send your loved ones silver coins, holy idols, and silver thalis through a preferred site. With silver gifts a bouquet of flowers containing roses, gerberas, orchids, carnations, or other blooms will add more to their festivities. Hence, you can delight and enhance their festive spirit by sending a gift like this.

So, send flowers on Durga Puja this year and be a reason behind your loved ones’ million dollar smile!