Some DIY Durga Puja Decoration Ideas for a Dazzling Home this Season!

Durga Puja is an important festival rejoiced with joy all over India. The festival is an auspicious celebration signifying the victory of good over evil. The festival is also renowned as Navaratri, dussehra, or Durgotsav. When we consider about any celebration or event, the first thing that strikes our mind is the decoration of our houses. Durga Puja decoration( isn’t all about renovation & new paint, but some thoughtfulness to endow the home a revamped look. With just a few Durga Puja decoration ideas you can add elegance & charm to your space and make it suitable for the festival.

Durga Puja Decoration Tips:

For home decoration for Durga Puja, utmost significance is given to cleanliness as Goddess Durga is welcomed to home during this festival. Simple home decoration ideas can bring a huge difference in your homely environ. Some small adornment planning beforehand will aid you in big way. The decoration of home during Dusshera can be done in many traditional ways. Below given are some of the tips by which you can add sheen to your home during this celebration.

• Diyas for Durga Puja: Diyas are traditional lamps that are especially lit for decoration purposes on festivals. You can come across elegant adorned diyas and simple diyas which can be placed in home for a more gorgeous look. Different types of earthen lamps are suitable for different purposes. With the commencement of festive season, markets and shops get flooded with decorative diyas of various designs, patterns and colors. You can buy diyas online for a more vivid range.

• Floral Decoration: Fresh flowers of various colors endow the living space a tranquil and soothing effect. They are soothing to eyes and lift up mood. A bunch of untied blooms in the exotic bouquets give the impression of being fresh and novel. For Durga Puja you can decorate your home with fresh flowers and endow a fragrant look to it. You can place flower vases, bouquets in your living space at different places and enhance the interiors.

• Rangoli: Well, this is made often to welcome the Goddess. In every household, during the festival of Durga Puja and Diwali, rangolis are made in various geometrical designs, ornamental designs and religious themes. The raw materials used in making rangoli include flower petals, colors, rice, pulse, and so on.

• Floating Candles: they serve as a functional item as they offer light, pleasant fragrance and cool look to your house at the same time. You can put a floating candle centerpiece in your indoor garden, on dining table or as a focal point in living room. You can place it at the space you like and add to your home’s beauty.

• Endow your Home a New Look by Rearranging Furniture: Incorrectly placed furniture makes the living space cluttered and messy. If possible, do not position your chairs, couches, desks, or dining tables against walls. When you rearrange the furniture of your home, ensure the corners are not close to the door or obtruding into high traffic regions. Do not opt for an arrangement that gives you stress. Before repositioning, make a sketch in a paper so as to get an idea.

Be it a religious celebration or community festival, decorations always play important part. Do not go for cleaning of your home in one day, it will leave you fully tired. Do it gradually, just a few days ago the main festival.

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By arranging lighting of your home, you can give it a traditional look. Add new curtains, wall hangings and door hangings to give your home a really renewed look during Durga Puja.

Finding out perfect Gifts ideas for her- A personal experience!

With my sister’s birthday coming u, I’m thinking a lot over the selection, of course, it’s about choosing right stuff. As per saying “Girls are complicated to understand” I’m also worried whether I would be successful with this or not. I've been assessing a lot up till now about what items would make great gifts or what would be a better Gifts For Her? Confusions, confusions & only confusions are there! As there’s a victory ahead the bunch of complications, I will have to move ahead to flourish over the dilemmas.

Especially while you are not able to flaunt your dearest sister with the ordinary gifts you need to be creative to make it special. Toys! Yes, first thing which I personally consider can be a great option for girls as a gift. You won’t believe it but it’s true. I still remember, last to last year I did the same and guess what? It worked; it worked a lot so now I am planning to retrieve the same smile on her face.

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If you think that toys only dominate the wish list of grown-up girls, you are wrong. If you don’t believe me then enter the bedroom of your sister once, you would love seeing your sister sleeping holding her big teddy and dolls around her. Isn’t it great! Well, girls always love to be treated as a child at least before their marriage. Their heart always refuses the factor of age hence you can’t get hold of the real age of any girl except your family member.

If your sister is studying and she still loves dolls, teddy etc then it’s a right time to leave an enchanting smile on her face gifting her some amazing stuffs. Give her some green toys and a tea set that will revive her childhood and make your emotionally happy. If you have a little girl at home then Piggy Paint is a MUST!!! This is as natural as mud and they mean it indeed. Don’t worry about the use of chemicals in such paints since they are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and odourless. Physical distances can’t detain you showering your love on her you can send gifts to india and abroad with a single mouse-click.

You can also go for vintage toys and games that have been made with a traditional touch. Your sister would love it due to their over flaunting designs along with some remarkable shades which are purely girlish. So if you are still confused over the selection of right gift then have a glimpse of such ideas shared above into this blog. This is fitted with the young girls yet at the same time you can also find gifts as the areas of interest and hobbies of your dear ladies. Shop for designer clothes, gadgets, cosmetic items and other sorts of exclusive gift items

Make your Daughter Feel like a Princess with These Unique Gift Ideas

Daughters are one of the sweetest, treasured and momentous gifts that God only gives to those who are aware of the importance of girls. Your cute daughter is like a blessing, she imbrues your life with the wonderful fusion of sweet and sour moments. She gives your life a new meaning and fills it with innumerable colors of love, care, affection and passion. Buy unique gifts for daughter at On this Daughter’s day, you can make your adorable princess feel special by giving her some special gifts. Now have a cursory glance on gift ideas for daughter, which can surely make your cutie pie feel loved.

 Colorful Stoles.
All girls on this planet want to look good all the time. If your daughter loves to stay in vogue then you can gift her nice stoles of her choice. If you are working mom and you hardly get time to do shopping then online shopping portals, which are speckled over web can ease your task. You can riffle through the online collection of stoles available at these e-shops at any point of time and buy them without facing any problem.

In the list of daughter’s day gift ideas, chocolates hit the chart. These sweet delights are the wonderful ways to say that “I Care for you”. Chocolates are the most delectable gifting options, which go well with a number of occasions. Cut in exquisite shape and packed nicely in attractive wrappers, these sweet treats can easily delight your charming princess. These days, you can buy chocolates of several common as well as unusual flavors like mint, wine, rum, ginger, black sesame and a lot more. So get some beautifully packed hampers of chocolates for your daughter on this coming Daughter’s day.

Home Décor Items
If your daughter is married then home décor items are the marvelous gifting options for her. You can endow her with some eye catching show pieces. A range of home décor items like flower vases, Fen-Shui pieces, wall paintings, sculptures etc are available round the clock at online gift shops. There is no need to walk from one shop to another to make a collection, just by riffling through the online gamut of gifts of a single virtual gifting portals, you can make your gift shopping easy and fast.

Floral Gifts
An option that is classical and can easily bring a sweet smile on the face of the recipient, flowers are the best ways to wish her Happy Daughter’s Day. A ravishing and extensive collection of floral presents can be seen at gifting sites. These flowery gifts are crafted specially by experts by using fresh flowers of several varieties like roses, daisies, gerberas etc.

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Now it’s the time to treat your sweet, cute and adorable daughter like a princess. So, get on your laptop and buy these lovely presents and make her feel special with these sweet surprises.

Send Gifts Online, discuss some meaningful ideas!

Emotions, , love and feelings some of the invisible but worthy deeds are the way portray how much you value to your ones. Special people need special attention always hence we can’t just go simplistic while arranging gift for them. If you’re someone bound in a relationship then it’s time to prove it via gifts.

Generally, due to our busy life schedule and loads of pressure of work, we don’t get time to express our regards and desires to our loved ones but occasion comes when we get opportunity to portray our desires through materials. Though, not all individuals are materialistic but still, if you give them something that’s close to their heart then it would prove to be auspicious and help you change the scenario.

Birthday Gifts For Girlfriend

This post includes some heart throbbing gift ideas to captivate your loved one be it your girlfriend or boyfriend

Gifts for Girlfriend- Your girlfriend can be very special for you but how many times you make her realize that she’s plays a significant role in your life? Well, love is something that’s need to be expressed sometime hence gifts are the best ways to do that so. Many occasions falls when you get opportunity to give a gift to your girlfriend like valentine day, birthday and so on.

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 As per the taste and area of interest of your boyfriend you can find a huge range of gifts to wish. In order to do that, all you need to do that is just visit at the website and choose from the wide range of gifts you want to send to your boyfriend online who is far off to you. 

Flowers Deliver in Delhi through Virtual Stores- An Easiest Path to Convey Emotions!

By now, everyone is aware of the fact that internet saves time and money in terms of shopping. An aleatory demand of gifting can only be accomplished with this source hence many of us consider it as a magic stick due to its rapid approach. Geographical gaps are now more barriers for individuals and create no issues in the connectivity. You can easily covey your messages, regards to your loved ones availing the technology’s advancement where internet is supreme.

Flowers Delivery in Delhi

Send flowers in Delhi through Gift a Love is a trenched department of virtual shopping that exhibit multiple categories of gifting items where it also works as online florists. Visiting here on this site, you can find different species of flowers which are blend of uniqueness. They claim to contain freshest flowers and offer the promptest services but it’s you who choose out of the best stuffs. We have correlated with some of the most gossiped gifting portal on internet that is complimented for its fresh flowers delivery.  

Send Flowers online without bothering about the location

No matter where you dwell or where you want to send such flowers to your dear ones. Even if they are on different land, you should not take the stress of this. No need to visit manual stores, consuming precious time or getting into the bromidic tasks. Just visit at, choose flowers of your own choice from a vast range of assortment and click on it for Flowers Delivery in Delhi

Via their creativity along with a fresh approach, you can choose some of the best ideas to do lot more with the flowers. Such flowers are not just restricted to any particular occasion but could be endowed to commemorate all events be it a marriage, birthday, festival or even for the condolence purposes as well. Check out the site to find out unique range of flowers to gift your loved ones. It’s a pioneering online florist and Gifts portal that endows you with a cost effective and guaranteed Flower delivery Delhi. 

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