7 Splendid Colourful Roses and their Significances!!

Roses are the most common flowers known worldwide. There are more than hundreds species of roses found in nature. There are many hybrid varieties of roses as well. The common meaning of rose is love but different colors of roses have special meanings. Roses are also the most popular flowers found with online floral stores. Nowadays, people can send Online flowers in India with the help of express flowers delivery.
They can also get same day flowers delivery all across India and overseas. Here is the list of roses and there significances.

1.    Red Roses

Red roses are the traditional symbol of love and passion. Red color of roses conveys the romantic feeling of love. Red roses are given to girlfriend, wife, husband and boyfriend. Send online red roses in heart shapes, designer red rose bouquets, red rose baskets and hampers. Red roses are suitable to present as birthday gift for girlfriend, anniversary gift for wife or husband.

2.    Dark Pink Roses

Dark pink roses are the symbol of appreciation and gratitude. They are commonly given for paying tribute to parents, teachers and elder ones. If you want to say thanks to your parents, send dark pink rose bunches. Online florists have extensive network of delivery all across Indian cities.

3.    Light Pink Roses

Light pink roses appear appealing innocent and attractive. They stand for admiration & sympathy. This attractive color of rose expresses beauty and elegance. If you want to impress that girl next door or your female colleagues, then send light pink roses to them.

4.    Yellow Roses

Yellow is a bright & chirpy colour. Yellow roses appear eye catchy and set out a message of friendship. Yellow roses are perfect to show companionship and lasting friendship. It is also ideal to cheer up your best friend. Congratulate your friend by sending yellow roses. Get same day delivery of yellow roses at door steps.

5.    White Roses

White roses connote purity, innocence, honor and remembrance. They are given on sad occasions like demise, death anniversary and offering condolences. White roses are also used for Christian wedding functions and ceremonies. White blooms are combined with purple flowers and used for party decorations.

6.    Purple Roses

Purple roses are the symbol of enchantment & enthrallment. They are given to special friend or relatives to express warm & friendly emotions. Purple roses are also popularly used for making elegant floral bunches.

7.    Orange Roses

Orange roses stand for enthusiasm & captivation. It promotes new friendship and relationship.

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Tasty Recipe of Holi Gujiya – Easy & Simple to Make

Holi is a grand Indian festival of happiness. This festival is celebrated together with family, friends and loved ones in colorful mood. Holi festival is celebrated during late winters and onset of spring in India. This colorful festival transcends above caste, creed and social status.

This year Holi will be celebrated on 23rd of March 2016. People exchange warm greetings of Holi. They play Holi with colourful abirs. Holi sweets and gifts are exchanged among family, neighborhood and friends. Those who are unable to visit their family on Holi can send online Holi gifts for loved ones.

Celebrate this festival with delightful sweets rich in Indian flavours. Make delicious Gujiya for Holi at home to give a mouthwatering treat to your family, friends and guests. Check out the simple recipe of Gujiya.

Ingredients for Outer covering
  • Refined flour – 1 cup
  • Water – ¼ cup + 1 tablespoon
  • Pure Ghee 1 tablespoon For kniding the dough
  • Salt – a pinch
For Stuffing
  • Khoya - ½ cup
  • 4 Chopped Cashew nuts
  • 4 Chopped Almonds
  • 12-15 Raisins
  • 1 tablespoon of Grated coconut 
  • ¼ teaspoon of Cardamom powder
  • A pinch of grated nutmeg
  • 3 tablespoon of sugar in powdered form
  • 500 grams of Ghee or refined oil for frying
Recipe instructions
  • Start with making the stuffing of Gujiya. Heat Khoya in a pan on medium flames.
  • Continue to stir till it gets melted without sticking on the bottom of the pan 
  • Cook stuffing till it becomes light brown in colour.
  • Remove it to a cooling bowl. So that the Khoya gets cool down faster.
  • Make the Gujiya dough while Khoya is cooling
  • Mix refine flour with pinch of salt. Put ghee and gently rub it into flour using fingertips. It will become like breadcrumb in texture. Start adding water as required at a time. 
  • Knead it into stiff but soft dough. Cover it and keep aside for 15 minutes. 
  • Now khoya has become warm. Add sugar, nutmeg, cashews, almonds, cardamom powder and raisins.
  • Mix it well on the fingertips and smoothen out all the lumps. 
  • Start making Gujiya balls by making one flatten disc at a time. Roll into four inches of diameter circle using rolling pin and broad. 
  • Put a tablespoon of Khoya stuffing around the center.
  • Apply little water around the edges of the disc using your finger.
  • Fold it into half circle and seal the edges by pressing. You can also use gujiya mould for shaping gujiya. 
  • Make all the gujiya one by one and cover them with kitchen towel to prevent from drying out.
  • Heat the oil or ghee in deep bottom pan on medium heat for frying.
  • Once the oil is hot enough, then fry a few at a time, flip in between for even golden browning colour.
  • Take out the gujiya once it is golden brown and crispy from all sides
  • keep it on the paper towel and lined plate for soaking extra oil
  • Let all the gujiya get cool completely before serving. Outer layer will become nice and crispy.
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Astounding Holi Gifting Ideas to Make It a Colorful Celebration for You!

Friends Holi is on the Calendar from now on, so what is your planning to make this auspicious day memorable dedicated to colors. With Holi Gifts 2016 catalogue on the gifting pylons such as Giftalove you can make this special extra special.

 You can send amazing gifts to India Online and other places in just a single click from these gifting pylons. Online gifting platform offers a great deal that can be beneficial for you, you can make the most of this day by presenting amazing gifts that are dedicated to the festival of colors.
Here are certain gifting ideas that are meant for adding some more stars into your celebration of this special day. Since this day is dedicated to colors and celebration of brotherhood to the most, your gift must reflect that too. This year look for some amazing options that are specially chosen to adore the significant persons in your lives.
Colorful Hampers For This Colorful Day:
This colorful day can be made more colorful by presenting some colorful hampers, which are meant for making the celebration of Holi a blast. This category is inclusive of some colorful hampers such that Pure Devine Hamper, Holi Colors Hampers, Herbal Holi Hampers, Authentic Holi Flavor Hampers and many others as a colorful gesture.
Holi Gift Combos as Perfect Holi Gift:
Gift combos are highly adorable and can be best when it comes to celebration of any occasion dedicated to warmth between any relationships. With these amazing combos N all you can make this Holi a memorable one for yourself and your friends or family. Some combos are Splash Holi Combo, Herbal Gulal N Sweet Combo, Appetizing Holi Combo, Cool Holi Combo and Coconut Barfi with Gulal Combo.
Colorful Cushions N Printed Greeting Cards:
Cushions and Printed Greeting Cards can be a most appreciable gesture for this special day dedicated to colors and all. This Catalogue comes very handy as they are trendy gifts; thereby if you present these you can clearly adore your recipient with all your love and sensibility towards him/her. This catalogue is inclusive of gifts such as Art Work Cushions N Greetings, Personalized Art Cushion n Greetings and many such options to choose from.
Sweets N Delicacies for This Special Day:
Sweets N Delicacies are the sweetest gesture one can present with all your love and emotion. On this auspicious festival which is centuries old you can presents sweet as they symbolizes prosperity. On each and every special occasion sweets can add more and more stars so that you can make the most of this occasion. This category is inclusive of ideas such as Gulab Jamun combo, Soan Papdi, Holi Delight Kaju Katli and many other sweet gestures.
Gulal N Others Colors as a Colorful Gift:
Gulal as a gesture for this day meant for celebration with colors can be a perfect gesture as far as Holi is concerned. Gulal can be presented as in various styles and types so that your gesture will look decorative and thoughtful. You can look for options such as Holi Color Buckets, Smashing Holi Hampers, and Gulal Hampers’ and plenty such colorful hampers for this special day.
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8 Beautiful Indoor Ornamental Flowering Plants!

Flowers are the most fresh and natural beauty on earth. They look aesthetically appealing and charming. These day’s people can get online flower delivery in India. Avail same day flower delivery at various destinations across India.

Flowers are also grown inside for decoration purpose as ornamental plants. Here are some ornamental plants varieties.
1.    African Violet
African violets are considered as easiest to grow at home. They produce flowers year-round with no effort. African Violets are selected from hundreds of varieties and forms. Most popular varieties are variegated foliage, ruffled and white-edged blossoms. African violet likes warm temperature and filtered sunlight to grow. Avoid giving water on the fuzzy leaves. Cold water often leads to light brown spots.
2.    Hibiscus
Tropical hibiscus is the common variety of hibiscus found in tropical region. This is a shrubby and upright plant having 8 inches in diameter. Individual blooms lasts for sometime but whole plant grows through spring. Tropical hibiscus needs soil that has uniform moisture and blooms. 
3.    Flowering Maple
Flowering maple looks aesthetically beautiful when grows indoors. It has red, pink, orange and yellow flowers with leaves that look like festive lanterns. Most of the varieties are found to have splotched or variegated foliage.
4.    Peace Lily
Peace lily flowering plant is an easy-care plant at indoors. These plants have Feng Shui significance and known to spread prosperity and happiness. It grows well at low intensity of light and low humidity. Flower plant consists of showy spoon-shape, white spike of creamy white petals. It bloom profusely in summer, but many varieties of peace lily are found to bloom throughout the year. The glossy and lance-shape leaves are attractive in appearance.
5.    Anthurium
Anthuriums flowers blooms in beautiful shades of red, pink, lavender, or white. It lasts for 2 months or more. These are long-lasting cut flower and needs a medium & bright sunlight to bloom well. It can be grown as a foliage plant with less light intensity.
6.    Oxalis
Oxalis flowers bear triangular shape and clover-like purple leaves. It has constant show of pink & white blossoms. Bring indoor oxalis which has plain green foliage with or without glittering edges. Oxalis grows from small bulbils in moist soil.
7.    Jasmine
There are many different varieties of jasmine flowers. Many fully bloomed jasmine flowers are easiest to grow. They grow in plenty of light & moisture.
8.    Kaffir Lily
This variety of lily is commonly known as clivia. It blooms very well in winters having clusters up to 20 inches in length and yellow tubular blooms. Clivia flower thrives well when exposed to cool and dry conditions. Thus it need low temperature and found widely in temperate climates.
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Convey Love and Hearty Wishes with Online Personalized Gifts from Giftalove!

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Best 7 Personalized Gift Suggestions to Make Someone Feel Special!

The soul motto of gifting is conveying love to someone dear and loving. Thus what you choose for gifting is what matters the most. So if every time to go for gifts shopping, the search for that most affectionate and special gift makes you confused then Personalized Gifts is what you must look up for.
At nearby gift stores, shopping malls or other gift shopping places, we usually come across thousands of gifts to make a choice from. Besides this we get confused over while making a selection for the most appropriate one. After all everyone desires to gift best to dear ones on special moments. 

Personalized Gifts holds the magic of being one of the most affectionate, memorable and special gift to make special one feel special. So be it’s a gift to express love to someone special, show a thankful gesture, to affirm friendship, to honor parents, to congratulate success or encourage younger ones, a Personalized gift is perfect gifting option for all time.
Thus here is a guide on some of the Best Personalized Gifts to choose gifting and surprising dear ones with:
Photo Frame:
Well photo frames have always been one of the most affectionate gift options to name. And when it comes with a touch of personalization it turns into a more special and affectionate gift as it features memorable photos of the receiver to cherish forever.
Photo/Text Cushion:
Undoubtedly cushions have become one of the most popular as well as trending gift option these days. And if it comes after getting personalized with a memorable photograph with loved ones for the receiver then it is undoubtedly will be the most affectionate gifts or a memorable token of love.
Photo Coffee Mugs:
Another name for most trending personalized gift is Coffee mug. It is one of the most preferred personalized gifting option as well as because of being a reasonable gifting options as well. A mug featuring a lovely picture and few lines dedicated to receiver is sure to make his/her feel special and loved and that too without spending a lot on it.
Table Tops:
If you are willing to gift a special token of love to someone loving and dear on any special celebration then Personalized Table top is one you must choose for gifting.  It can be a crystal Table top with laser engraved picture, a glass table top, a wooden table top that you can choose to gift brother, Boss, mother, friend, colleague and others.
Greeting Card:
Apart from materialistic things, greeting cards can also be personalized with images and text these days. For the ones willing to express heartily feelings to someone dear on special day of celebration, a greeting card personalized with best photographs and quotes is sure to leave the receiver spell bound.
Well if it is to impress someone very special and dear to you on a special occasions or celebration, a canvas personalized with a memorable picture of dear one is sure to be the most amazing gift choice to make.  It can be personalized with photo and text both.
Shot Glasses:
If it to name one of the funkiest personalized gifting option that is meant to surprise friends, colleagues, cousins and dear ones then Personalized Shot glasses set is what you must choose. These days it is one of the most trending and preferred gifting options to choose and gift.
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9 Popular Types of Flowers to Give on Valentine’s Day!!

Here is the list of most beautiful valentine flowers to give.
1.    Roses
Roses are the most beautiful flowers in the world. They are the popular flowers for Valentine’s Day. Roses smell amazing and appear lovely. That’s why they reserve the place of number one slot in the list. This blossom is also considered as the symbol of beauty & love. Roses are found in every climatic condition. This woody perennial shrub has hundreds of varieties. 
2.    Passion Flower
Passion flowers are perennial vine and it is purple blue & white in colors. It blooms with ten beautiful petals. It has over 50 species in nature and look exceptional beautiful. Passion flower also has great medicinal value.
3.    Gazania
Gazania flower is believed to be native to South Africa. It’s common name is ‘treasure flower’. The interesting thing about this bloom is that it is found in a variety of strange pattern as well as bright & brilliant colors. It comes in shades of pink, yellow, orange and dark red. The petals of this beautiful flower come in solo color and in various shades.
4.    Plumeria
Plumeria flower species is native to Brazil and Central America. This pretty blossom is found in several varieties. It has mesmerizing scent and beauty. Plumeria bear medium size flowers and come in different shades of vibrant colors such as red, pink, yellow and more.
5.    Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum is also known as “golden flower”. It has beautiful buttons and pompous. This beautiful flower has several types of meanings associated with it. This blossom comes in different kinds of forms. The traditional colour of this flower is found in red, white and purple. Chrysanthemum symbolizes long life, optimism, fidelity & joy.
6.    Orchids
Orchids appear mesmerizingly beautiful. It has over 25,000 species in nature. Orchid plant can easily get adapted to its environment. It is another popular flower for Valentine’s Day. Online flower stores have vast collection of designer bouquets in orchids.
7.    Tulip
From Asia to Africa, this flower is one of the most cultivated blooms. Various species of tulips and its hybrids are known for exceptional beauty. Tulips are found in different colors and flower shapes. There are over 100 species of tulips found in nature. Buy and send tulips for your sweetheart and impress them on this valentine.
8.    Calla Lily
These beautiful flowers are native to South Africa. Calla Liles are uniquely designed by Mother Nature. It comes in a number of colors like shades of pink, green, yellow, purple and many more colors. Calla lily signifies magnificence and beauty. It is extensively used in flower arrangements, floral bouquets and decorative purposes. It is native to South Africa.
9.    Bird of paradise
Bird of paradise is an exotic flower and it is named so due to its shape. It is also named as crane flower. Its unique shape and vibrant colors make it the most exquisite blooms. Bird of Paradise is unanimously the most beautiful blooms present in the world. This multicolored bloom has no fragrance.
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Surprise Your Loving One with Best Teddy Day Gift Online!

Are you still clueless about the idea of giving Teddy Day surprise to your beloved? Well then you need to explore the widest collection of online Teddy Day Gifts at https://www.giftalove.com/teddy-day ! The range is full of adorable and cute Teddy Day Gifts to get the best idea. One can explore and buy Teddy Day gifts for the cutest love confessions to make for someone loving. So hurry now!

Exceptional Gifting Ideas to Make Your Valentine’s Week Peerless!

Valentine’s Week has started with a positive ambiance, and this week can be ended with a positive vibe too. Amazed? Well the answer is by choosing a perfect Valentine Gift for your recipient. You can look towards online gifting pylons and avail free Valentine gifts delivery in Bangalore or anywhere in India.

 Online pylons such as Giftalove can be very handy in terms of choosing a right gift for your loved ones, as on such portal you get exposed to plenty of gifting option from where you can choose the best. You can also avail free home deliveries at the doorsteps of your loved ones in just a single click. Here are certain unique gift ideas that are quoted for your help.
Lucky Plants as a Thoughtful Gesture:
Plants can be a wonderful gesture when it comes to presenting a thoughtful gift. Such a gesture unveils your thoughtful side, as presenting a plant symbolizes token of warmness and tenderness. For your Eco-friendly recipient this is certainly a wonderful gift which can make their day amazing.
Home Décor as a Perfect Gesture:
Home Décor is not a conventional idea when it comes to gifting, usually people by it on their own as do not consider that as a token of appreciation or something else. This year you can be imaginative and original and can look towards Home Décor options that look trendy and cool.
Lovely Basket Arrangements as Adorable Gesture:
Basket Arrangements are one of the most substantial gestures that people pretty often exchange in romantic occasions. It can be either a floral basket or basket full of hampers, well whatever it is it will always be considerable as a gift.
Food Gift Basket as a Foodie Gesture:
A foodie person loves to receive a food hamper, as they are palpable for them. If you present them with such a foodie gesture then he/she will get super excited by it and may shower their love on you. Make your foodie partner’s day memorable by presenting a basket full of eatables.
Shirts & T-shirts as Desirable Gesture:
Clothing as a gift is always an apparent gesture to present. Clothing desires of a person are unlimited and presenting such as gesture you can add something to wardrobe full of desires. Amaze your recipient this year by choosing a wonderful gift that he/she is desirous of.
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Say it Aloud and Romantically with Propose Day Gifts!

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Cool Teddy Day Gifting Ideas To Make Your Celebration Extra Special!

On the auspicious and the most cute day of the year i.e. Teddy Day what are you thinking to present to your loved ones? Surely, Teddy Bear is the most popular Teddy Day gift that anyone can present to their loved ones. As per symbolism Teddy is the most adorable, cute and innocence gift that one can present to express the tenderness of their heart.
You can adore the lady or the man in your life this Teddy Day by presenting some alluring teddy day gifts that will certainly be appreciable as your effort will reflect your heartening feelings to him/her. Always remember that a teddy is always an astonishing gesture for girls. This year you can look for certain Teddy Day combos and ideas that can adore your love for your loved ones.
Adorable Teddy Bear to Adore Her:
Teddy Bears are always adorable by girls, and they are one of the most cute and innocent gesture that one can present to their loved ones. A cute teddy with either of flowers and chocolates can be a wonderful gesture that can surely be appreciated by your lovers. You can look for options like Kissing Couple on Boat, Adorable Pink Teddy, Cute Teddy and Red Heart Gift, Gooey Brown Teddy and plenty of options under this catalogue.
Teddy Combo to Unveil Your Thoughtful Site:
Cute teddy looks extra cute in combos with either of cakes, chocolate, or flowers. It is fully dependent on the likings of your partner, and what he/she desires the most. Combo can bring smile to the faces of your special someone and can be taken as a warm gesture form your side to express your hearty feelings to him/her. You can look for gifting options such as Love Cushions and Teddy Combo, Colorful Flowers and Teddy combo, Teddy with Chocolate Combo and many other gifts.
Teddy Day Gift Hampers:
Teddy Day gift hampers can be presented to bring smiles on the faces of your loved ones. Hampers are always considered to be the most thoughtful and cheerful gifts that can awestruck anyone. You can with this catalogue if your want to adore your partner in an all new style. You can look for many gifting hampers as per the persona of your partner, options such as Teddy with Chocolate Hampers, Teddy and Foodie Hamper, Pink Teddy Hamper and plenty more gifts to adore your lover.
Make your celebration memorable with the wide range of gifts online, on the gifting portal such as Giftalove.com and order valentine gifts in just a single click to make this special day extra special.

8 Exquisite Red Wine as Valentine’s Day Gifts!!

Red wines are considered to have aphrodisiac properties. They are given as Valentine Day Gifts as well. 14th February is fast approaching. You must be in search of best valentine gifts hamper for your partner. There are many types of red wine found in nature. Read this article to known about different types of red wines.
1.    Syrah (or Shiraz) Red wine
This special red wine is originated from Syria. It has typical taste and enriched aroma. This red wine is extracted from wild black fruit (also known as blackcurrant). It comes with overtones of black pepper spice and roasted meat. The flavours of sensations in the red wine are often complemented by warm alcohol and tannins. This variety of red wine comes with deepest and darkest reds. It has intense flavours and great longevity.
2.    Merlot Red Wine
This red wine has softness of Merlot. It is also called as new red-wine by drinkers. It has typical scents that include plum, black cherry, plums and herbal flavours. The Merlot type of red wine is less tannic in taste.
3.    Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine
This special variety of red wine is full-bodied and firm. It is gripping when young and rich in quality. When the red wine grows old the polyphenols fades away. The super rich texture of this wine is simply tantalizing. Sometimes this variety of wine comes with blend of bell pepper or vanilla essence. 
4.    Malbec Red Wine
Malbec’s red wine has exquisite aroma. It is easy to drink and contains taste of plums, berries and spice. This special variety of red wine is blended with cabernet sauvignon, merlot and petit verdot. It has many health benefits.
5.    Pinot noir Red Wine
This flavour of wine has soft tannins and delicate in nature. It has low levels of poly-phenols. It is aromatic in nature and carries pleasing flavours of cherry, strawberry and plum.
6.    Zinfandel Red wine
It is known as the world’s most versatile grape wine. It has heavy red colour and rich in tastes. Te freshness of red wine depends upon the age and heaviness of wine. It is popularly taken with pasta, pizza and barbecued/grilled meats. It has special flavours of berry and pepper.
7.    Sangiovese
This red wine is known for its primary style. It has medium-bodied and fresh berry and plum flavors.
8.    Barbera
Barbera wines are versatile in nature. They are used in many culinary dishes. It tastes juicy in nature like black cherry and plum fruit. This exclusive red wine has silky texture and excellent acidity.
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Giftalove.com offers Wonderful Online Birthday Gifts!!

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Admire Your Special Someone with Special Gifts on this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day shopping can sometimes be more tiring than others. It is sometimes considered to be the toughest shopping, as pretty often people are unable to decide what he/she gonna present to their counterparts. Choosing Gifts for Valentine’s Day is not necessarily an easy job as sometimes you may get confused with humongous options that are accessible through various platforms.
Romantic Valentine Gift Hampers
Getting a perfect gift can sometimes be a challenging task, as it is not easy to decide what to gift or what not to. Look for options which presently into gifting traditions and options which are popular & thoughtful. Here you can find a wide variety of options that are available in order to awestruck your partner. 

Special Gifts Collection for Someone Special:
Your special someone must be awing for a special gesture from your side. This year you can make the most of this romantic week by presenting a wonderful gift to your partner. Adore your love for your partner in an all new style. Look for stylish gifting option for your partner that can compliment his/her personality and aura.

You can make your celebration a blast with the options like Celebration Cake, Affectionate Basket, and Stainless Steel Mugs, Personalized Pillows and Mugs and plenty other options to choose from.

Special Floral Arrangements to Charm Your Soul Mate:
Flowers traditionally is one of the most loved and adored gestures that you can present this year too, but with a different twist. Rather than going conventional in terms of flowers go with Special Floral Arrangements, so that you can fill the essence and charm of these beautiful flowers in your lives.

Roses, Tulips, Carnations, Daisies, and Calla are some of the flowers that are used as a gift to express your feelings to your loved ones. Look for Vase, Heart-Shape and Mixed Arrangements to make it a memorable day.

Especially Chosen Best Selling Gifts To Adore Your Love:
Trending Gifts can be a surplus advantage if you want to adore your partner with modern day gifting ideas. Best Sellers are best sellers as they are appreciated by majority and as they are unanimously popular among youths.

If your partner is no different a best seller this year and make it memorable moment for both of you. You can choose gifts like Solitaire, Jewelry, Personal Care Kit, A Basket Full of Chocolates, Aries Table Tops and a wide range of gifts especially for your beloved soul mate.

Special Valentine Gift Hampers to Cherish Special Moment with Him/her:
Valentine’s Gift Hampers can add another star to your celebration of this felicitous day of Valentine. Hampers are always adorable thereby they are used in most of the celebrations. They are perfectly elegant to fill warmth in you relationships.

As per the likings of your soul mate choose as a hamper; like if he/she is a foodie, choose a Food Hamper rather than any other hamper. Go for options such as Orange Hamper Sweet Box, Wallet Mug Lucky Bamboo, Deo & Table Top, Ever-shine Hampers and other cool hampers for your loved ones.

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